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Discovering events

  • Create new discovery view that allows user to browse events based on location, time or category (UX session)
  • Show events listing with city, category and time filters in sidebar (UX session)
  • Provide RSS feed of an event query (UX session)
  • On event detail pages, show a list of similar events that are happening soon (UX session) [DONE]

Creating events

  • Change number of attendees from a dropdown to a text box
  • When creating an event, offer a pre-determined list of metrics
  • Create event form should allow user to specify the address or city first and attempt to determine the coordinates for that address automatically
  • Markdown editor and preview windows for nice looking event descriptions and reports. Use Github flavored Markdown, which is easier for adding newlines and links.

Managing events

  • Add dialog for change the date/time of an event (reschedule an event)
  • Allow for an event owner to specify co-organizers who can manage the event on the Portal
  • Allow non-Mozillians to mark their attendance at events
  • Only the event owner should be able to change event content once it is created.
  • Allow the event owner to indicate that they are helping another Mozillian organize the event and that the owner is not the organizer
  • Visually show the workflows of SOPs for events (Details, Swag, Budget, Paid)
  • Show the revision history for an event to deal with unwanted edits from others (note: can be solved with the above feature too)
  • Show event organizers the traffic sources for their event page (Direct, Facebook, Twitter)

Measuring events

  • Create a post-event report form that is completed by the organizer and measures if the planned metrics were achieved (UX session)
  • Allow event organizer to indicate number of people who showed up at an event
  • Allow event participants to check in when they arrive at an event

Improve events page

  • Integrate with third-party event services
  • Dynamically add "Makes" to an event page using the Webmaker Make API
  • When a user indicates they are attending an event, show a banner encouraging them to add the event to their calendar (UX session) [DONE]
  • Show media and metrics on detail page once event has happened (UX session)


  • Show actionable information and statistics about recent activities for Reps
  • Surface latest activities about mentees when you click or hover over their name
  • Country / community profiles with metrics about the people there and recent activities
  • Show stats for events per day/month/etc, percentage of events with swag/budget
  • Allow mentors to use check boxes to track their contact with mentees in regards to their reports


  • Allow Reps to upload photos directly to their reports
  • For email notifications letting a mentor know a mentee has edited their report, wait a set amount of time so only one email notification is sent out per day about a mentee editing their reports
  • Provide a way for mentors to quickly give feedback to mentees from the dashboard


  • Show recent activity (events, tweets, reports) and statistics
  • Subscribe to events that a specific Rep is involved with (similar to following someone on Plancast)
  • Display badges on profiles


  • Announce new features. Email Reps a few days before a feature is released, publish a blog post on release, and show an announcement on the Reps Portal.
  • Add messaging feature so you can easily send an email to one or more Reps. Includes an option to send messages individually (does not use CC field) or send to a group (multiple people in TO/CC line)
  • Portal Tour where you get a quick illustrated guide. Can be used to show new features. Similar to Gmail.
  • Create a Reps Get Involved page that explains the Reps program and how to work with Reps on your projects.
  • Show notifications in navigation. Similar to Facebook.
  • Send an email notification when someone adds a comment on profile or event pages
  • Allow users to request a Rep to speak at their event

Non-feature work

  • Better API docs and make them easily discoverable.
  • Document all the email notifications we currently send and what triggers them.
  • Package the portal so it can be easily used by other communities (like other FOSS projects)

Performance optimizations

  • Only send search requests after there has been 300ms with no "keyup" event trigger
  • Reduce HTTP requests for assets: 1) Build script to combine Tabzilla and ReMo CSS into one file 2) Script to combine the lazyloaded JS 3) "Defer" the JS for the ones we can afford to (same with async)


  • "WOW" peer-to-peer recognition. Could be used for selecting the Rep of the Month.
  • Rep of the Month nomination and voting system
  • Improve swag and budget request process (Henx made a proposal)

Valuable ideas outside of the Reps Portal

  • Create email addresses (outside the scope of Reps Portal development)
  • Create a centralized place for all Mozilla events (