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When: Q1/2012

The basic development of functionality for Mozilla Reps Portal.

Background info

Mozilla Reps program has been growing for over a year now. Scalability issues have started to be obvious within mediawiki and permission control has been difficult. Mentors of mozilla reps need tools to manage their mentees easily and efficiently.

During Q1, Reps team will deploy a new set of tools (collectively called Reps Portal) in order to accommodate the day to day needs of the program.

Phase 1 of the Roadmap will focus on replicating the functionality we already have on the wiki and streamline it for the Reps. Three versions will be deployed (0.1 to 0.3) with the first focusing on simple profiling of the reps. Once this is done we will focus (0.2) on getting dashboard for mentors and reps, to accommodate the mentoring tasks (reviewing reps reports, emailing notifications, getting the status of requests etc). Final stage (0.3) of phase 1 of Reps portal will be the creation of Events system, in order for Reps to manage their events and act as a primary reference for mozilla events (as Reps events are the most frequent ones)

De-duplication efforts

In the process of creating those new tools, some of their functionality could be paralleled with Community Tools ( efforts. We are in close contact with the team to make sure that there is no direct duplication and we are both working towards an integrated info-sharing-exchanging solution.

Release ReMo Portal

Priority Item Status
P1 Profiling [ON TRACK]
P1 Mentorship System [ON TRACK]
P1 Events System [ON TRACK]
P2 Labs [ON TRACK]


Throughout the development of Mozilla Reps portal, we give regular updates on the development and open calls for participation (especially through the labs part of the project).


The functionality to be delivered is described here:


  • Authentication
    • BrowserID
    • "Invitation system"
      • Create user accounts directly flag them as inactive. Users login with BrowserID and account gets activated.
      • Mentors have access to the invitation system
    • Bugzilla emails will be used to create BrowserID based accounts
  • Permission System
    • Editing permissions (admins can edit all, users own, anonymous none)
    • Users can get upgraded to / downgraded from the "Mentor" state (admin only privilege)
  • Profile pages
    • People List / Search
      • Map
      • Filtered list
    • Personal Profile pages
      • General Info + Pic
      • Placeholders for additional info from other modules
  • Merging from wiki (one off)
    • Migration "django management" tool that uses wiki API to fetch data
  • Public API for accessing profile info


  • Reporting tools (forms/search etc)
    • Populating dashboard/people
    • Report blocks
      • General Month Overview (unique)
      • Recruits
      • Events
      • Communications
        • blog posts
        • tweets
        • articles
        • etc
  • Notification/mailing system (automated)
  • Merging from wiki (one off)
  • Logging of actions
    • Who, When, What (created report, edit, verified, etc)


  • Listing
    • Searching
  • Creation
  • Managing
  • Merging from wiki (one off)


  • Modules
  • Add-on
  • Card Generator
  • Swag customization
  • Voting (?)
  • Events chronology tool
  • Lexicon
  • Doodle (?)