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This page is deprecated. We don't use Responsys directly anymore. We have built a web service for all of our newsletter needs, and it can talk to Responsys or do whatever it needs!

The web service is called Basket and provides a REST API for working with it. See


Use this PHP library.

The function you'll use the most is BasketService::subscribe which takes an array of parameters to pass. The available fields are outlines in basket's documentation.

Viewing subscriptions in Responsys

  1. Log in
  2. Go to the "Folders" tab
  3. Go to the "!MasterData" folder
  4. Subscriptions are kept in "CONTACTS_LIST" (obviously, be extremely careful with this list)


Read the sections above.

Follow the instructions in "Viewing subscriptions in Responsys" above.

What to test?

  • Form validation. Email should be valid, privacy checkbox should be required, etc
  • Subscription fields are saved. For every newsletter, there are at least two
    • CAMPAIGN_NAME_FLG (e.g. ABOUT_HACKS_FLG) - this is "Y" for "subscribed" or "N" for "unsubscribed"
    • CAMPAIGN_NAME_DATE (e.g. ABOUT_HACKS_DATE) - this records when the user signed up
    • There might be others. For example, the about:mobile form has country, first name, last name, etc. Check that these are saved correctly.
  • Confirmation email. Every newsletter sends a confirmation email. Check the format and content (copy, links, etc)
  • Unsubscribe form. Every newsletter has an unsubscribe form. You can find an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the confirmation note you received when you subscribed.