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Rock Your Firefox (RYFX) is a consumer website that the Firefox Add-ons team is creating to share great user-friendly add-ons with the Firefox user audience. Every week, we'll feature add-on reviews from people around the Web who are using Firefox Add-ons to make their Web experience better.

The name "Rock Your Firefox" was created by add-on developer and Mozilla product manager, Justin Scott, as part of his summer intern project at Mozilla in 2007.


  • Share at least three add-on reviews a week- every Mon/Wed/Fri
  • Invite the Firefox user community to contribute to Rock Your Firefox via comments, suggestions, or guest blogs
  • Provide add-ons developers with a way to get rich user feedback about their add-ons
  • Provide a consumer-friendly channel for add-on distribution

Launch Dates

  • Rock Your Firefox will launch on the morning of March 10, 2010 at
  • Firefox Add-ons team will be at SXSW March 12-13 to share about Rock Your Firefox
  • We will be organizing other events and ways for the community to contribute to Rock Your Firefox following the launch so stay tuned!

Keep in Touch

Selection Criteria for Featured Add-ons

  • High Degree of Trustworthiness: to safeguard the privacy and security of Firefox users, only add-ons that have been reviewed and approved by the AMO editorial team will be featured on Rock Your Firefox (RYFX). Third-party add-ons that are not hosted in AMO will not be featured.
  • Quality: RYFX add-ons should provide a consistent and reliable user experience. We will be looking for add-ons that are easy-to-use upon install.
  • Uniqueness: given the vast range of interests presented by Firefox users, RYFX will strive to feature a wide range of add-ons that reflect the diversity and uniqueness of our audience.
  • Highly Engaging: RYFX featured add-ons should provide a high level of utility and enjoyment for Firefox users. Whether it displays local weather or streams music from a popular Internet radio station, the add-on should help users get the most out of their time spent browsing the Web

Guidelines for Developers of Featured Add-ons

  • Add-on developers will be notified if their add-on is selected to be featured on Rock Your Firefox
  • Developers are encouraged to subscribe to the Rock Your Firefox blog and @rockyourfirefox Twitter channel for user feedback on their featured add-ons
  • All technical support questions and feature requests will be forwarded to the add-on developer for resolution

Community Involvement

  • Want to contribute an add-on review to Rock Your Firefox?
  • Send an email with a 300-word review to juliechoi AT mozilla DOT com