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Meeting details

Discussed topics

  • SUMO
    • RaulM , Cristina, Creatura85, CristianSilaghi started translating the SUMO page
    • IoanaChiorean is answering to different topics
    • Used email list for more questions
    • New reviewer member - Bugzilla ticket
    • Modified title for more articles
    • Article writing by Raul& Alex about SUMO procedure, rules, how to contribute, tips&tricks, video ( etc.
  • Website Hosting
  • website
    • rules for writing post : use diacritics; a person writes, other one approves it (discussion, what do you think, what is wrong, that would be added, etc.)
    • official news from
    • delicate subjects will be discussed on the list.
    • new article about meet MozRep Cluj
    • modified pages: Contact and Descarca (
    • comments closed by Contact page
    • new module, organization: (wordpress pack)
    • google analitycs account vs free solution: Piwik -
    • New theme: (in progress)
    • Bugzilla ticket for new theme, logo, creative team support: New Theme for - created by Ioana:
  • Social Media Accounts
    • some guidelines :
    • all social media accounts will be added to the contact page
    • for all channels should be one or two persons in charged
    • social account writing in Contact page from
    • email account to for active members
    • using email for social account
    • one person responsible for each account, to working special by the account
    • marketing message - direct, pers. II, 'TU'
  • National meeting of the Mozilla Romania - Sibiu 2012
    • two suggestions: March or May (Poll here:
    • will be invited persons outside MoRo but from other FLOS communities, and also corporates.
    • Support from Mozilla Foudation ?
  • MoRO in relation with ther FLOS Communities
    • keep connection at a good and friendly level
    • try to exchange banners, articles, link exchange
    • party together with other community
    • project Cu Zmeura - python + django
    • improved support from non-linux community (Microsoft, Apple etc. :D)
  • New contributors
    • for each point from should be a page that emphasize the topic
    • each contributor will have a video to show how easy is to contribute for Mozilla.
    • Methods:
    • Miniinterviews
  • Firefox Flicks
  • Mozilla Romania - site & logo
    • will be posted a ticket so the actual theme will be approved
    • will be posted a bug for the logo
  • Miscellaneous
    • delayed started hour for IRC meeting to 20:30?
    • Moz Reps not is Mozilla Romania , Mozilla Romania not is personal group
    • Humor: :))))

12:48 < tct> | o seară bună! 12:49 <@ioanachiore> | o seara buna! 12:49 < RaulM> | o seară plcăută 12:49 < Creatura85> | noapte buna, somn usor si vise cu ingerasi cum am pe cineva care imi ureaza cand ma vede 12:49 < Creatura85> | :) 12:49 < tct> | o seară plcăută pe teri crărăi 12:50 < Creatura85> | :)) 12:51 < Creatura85> | acum somnoroasele pasarele pardon somnorosi ursuleti pe la cuiburi se retrag :))