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Thank you! Awards 2011 is an idea to reward the most active members in 2011 from the Romanian community in recognition of their contributions to Mozilla project in 10 selected fields.

The goal is to reinforce important community members and to encourage all members to engage more actively in Mozilla for an Open Web.

All members of the Romanian community can receive votes from their peers in the table below. If you don't find your hero in the table, add her/him! NB: A member cannot vote more than once in the same column. The contributions fields are:

  • HR = Human Resources, Community Engagement, Recruitment
  • PR = Public Relations, Events, News, Social Media, Marketing
  • L10n = Localization of Mozilla software and websites
  • Code = Development of Mozilla(-related) software & tools
  • Q&A = Help given to new members asking questions
  • SUMO = Volunteer support for Mozilla users
  • Mobile = Contributions to Firefox Mobile & friends
  • Add-ons = Contributions to Firefox & Thunderbird add-ons
  • Admin = Administration, Contributions to infrastructure
  • Design = Software & Websites User Interface, Posters, Logos
Name HR PR L10n Code Q&A SUMO Mobile Add-ons Admin Design
Alexandru Lakatos 4
Alexandru Szasz 1 5 1 1
Alina Mierluș 1
Andrei Cipu
Cristian Secărică
Cosmin Tanczel 1
Cristian Silaghi 5 1 2
Cristina Bratu 3
Dumitru Gherman
Eugen Strătilă 4
Ioana Chiorean 1 1 1 4 1
Irina Sandu
Mihai Șucan
Raul Malea 1 1 5
Tiberiu C. Turbureanu 4
Valentin Goșu 5
Victor Porof 6
Vlad Maniac