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National Mozilla România 2013 MeetUp
Cluj Napoca, April 12-14th, 2013

When and Where

Mozilla România 2013 MeetUp will take place in Cluj Napoca, Romania from April 12th to April 14th, 2013 at the Cluj Cowork.

  • Contributors Event
  • Public Event

Taking it to the next level

National Mozilla România 2013 MeetUp is a unique opportunity to meet together and synchronize our vision and activities in Romania as we prepare for 2013 and beyond.

It will be a critical event at a critical moment for Mozilla Romania, where we'll be discussing the main projects that are powering Mozilla Romania today while diving deep into the new ones that will power it tomorrow.

The aim of the workshop is to enable active members of the Mozilla community in Romania to share and learn from each other's experience working on the Mozilla Project, improve collaboration in the future and work on proposed topics. This meetup will also be an opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments, challenges, opportunities of the Romanian community.


You can find the schedule here.


Active members (passionate Romanian Mozillians) and contributing to all areas of the Mozilla project are registered to participate in this year's MozCamp Romania. Read more...


All you need to know about travel, accommodation, venue, transportation, food etc... Read more...


Got questions? We have some answers!

Map and Points of Interest

Here is Mozilla România/Românească 2013 MeetUp's official map


- see mail for phone numbers:

  • Informations & In case of emmergiency:
    • Ioana Chiorean - ioana [at]
    • Alex Lakatos - alex.lakatos [at]
    • Bebe -Florin Strugariu - bebe [at]
    • Alin Trif -
  • Hashtag #mozro13
  • Mailing list
  • IRC channel #romania


Please go to the meetup aftermath page to find the notes of the meetup, the photos, blog posts, individual feedback and next steps.