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Who are the Mozilla Romania Meeting contact persons in Sibiu?

  • Practical inquiries: [at] [dot] (Tel: +40)
  • General inquiries: [at] [dot] (Tel: +40)

And in case of an emergency?

* +40  Romanian Police in Sibiu
* 112         European Emergency Number

mind you the "112" might get you connected to the fire department as that's their (landline) number. this is a little weird. just ask to be connected to the police.

no Mozilla hotline number for you here, though...

What WiFi network do I connect to at the venue?

There is free WiFi at the conference venue (SSID: xxx / pw: xxxx)

What if I want to come early or stay late?

Please note that any costs (hotel, food, bus, etc) associated with an extended stay will be at the attendee's own expense.

What weather should I expect?

it'll be cold, damp, windy, and wintery. the sky is usually gray and cloudy. people cough a lot, and are grumpy. (alright, they are like that in summer, too.)

temperatures will be around 2C-7C (35F-45F). you'll need a hat, a scarf, and some mittens.

What is the Romanian currency?

The official currency is the LEU (RON).

Here's a useful [http: currency converter].

What are the key sites to see in Sibiu