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This page is undergoing heavy reform :) Come back later for new content!

Arriving in Sibiu

Arriving at Sibiu Airport

For detailed directions on how to get to the hotel from the station, please see section 'Getting to/from hotel'

Arriving at the Central Railway Station Sibiu

For detailed directions on how to get to the hotel from the station, please see section 'Getting to/from hotel'

The Hotel

The hotel details are:


Tel: +40

(See map [ here])

Getting to/from the hotel

1.1) From Sibiu Airport to the hotel

1.2) From Sibiu train station to the hotel


--> approximate duration of the trip: 20 minutes

Public transport

--> Tickets for the trip

2.1) From the hotel to Sibiu Airport

2.2) From the hotel to central train station

Checking-in at your hotel

Check In time: xpm

Check Out time: x

Please do not bring your bags to the MozROCamp venue please!

Bars and restaurants near your hotel

Public transport near your hotel


Urban rail

Map and Points of Interest

Here is [http MozCamp Romania's official map]

More information about public transport / taxi numbers


Taxi numbers in Sibiu: +40

Logistics at the conference


The conference will be held at:

Travel between locations

Food & Drink

All meals and coffee breaks will be served at xxxxx. Any other food or drink expenses (including hotel room service and in-room minibar charges) are at the expense of the attendee.

Saturday Dinner

There will be an informal dinner taking place at the restaurant :

Adress & Contact Details:


About the restaurant:

Sponsorship Policy

The organizers will apply for a sponsorship from Mozilla Foundation to cover accommodation, food and travel expenses for invited contributors. To be updated.

  • Mozilla volunteers who have received an official invitation will be provided two types of sponsorship based on the following considerations:
    • level and relevance of contribution to Mozilla in the past months
    • their role at Mozilla Camp (eg. speaker, member of logistics/planning committee etc...)
    • outstanding Mozilla Reps
    • proximity to Sibiu (ie. < 3 hours of travel from Sibiu)
    • vouching from community lead(s)
  • Mozilla paid staff can participate in the camp with the following considerations:
    • all paid staff are required to provide a short report on their participation at the camp, on what they learned, their key takeaways and the contributors they particularly engaged with
    • an active role at the camp and take on one of the following tasks:
    • give a talk or presentation
    • lead a workshop (eg. BoF, brainstorm, work sprint etc...)
    • recruit and/or train agreed upon number of contributors in their focus areas
    • manager approval to apply with contributor engagement sign off required to attend

Getting around in Sibiu



Other Tourist Sites


Some Romanian phrases for your stay

Romanian - English

  • Salut — Hello
  • Bună — Hi
  • Bună dimineața ('neața) — Good morning
  • Bună ziua — Good day
  • Bună seara — Good evening
  • Noapte bună — Good night
  • La revedere — Good-bye
  • Ce mai faci? (informal) — How are you?
  • Ce mai faceți? (formal, and also plural form) - How are you?
  • Da - Yes
  • Nu - No
  • Poate - Maybe
  • Ce faci? (informal) — What are you doing?
  • Ce faceți? (formal, and also plural form) - What are you doing?
  • Bine — I’m fine
  • Toate cele bune (formal) — All the best
  • Salutări — Regards
  • Mersi (informal) — Thank you
  • Vă mulțumesc (formal) — Thank you
  • Te rog — Please
  • Cu plăcere — You're welcome
  • Mă scuzați! (formal) — Excuse me!
  • Scuze! (informal) — Sorry!
  • Cât e ceasul? — What’s the time?
  • Pe curând - We'll see each other soon
  • Pe mâine - We'll see each other tomorrow
  • Mașina este roșie - The car is red
  • Bine ați venit - You're welcome
  • Deschis - Open
  • Închis - Closed
  • Cum vă numiți? - What is your name?
  • Mă numesc (numele meu este).... - My name is...

Weather forecast

... but please don't hold us to it! :-)

Thursday, May 10th:
Overcast; temperatures between xx - xx degrees Celsius; chance of rain: 5%

Friday, May 11th:
Fairly sunny; temperatures between xx - xx degrees Celsius; chance of rain: 6%

Saturday, May 12th:
Rather sunny; temperatures between xx - xx degrees Celsius; chance of rain: 3%

Sunday, May 13th:
Sunny; temperatures between xx - xx degrees Celsius; chance of rain: 4%

We're in luck!!!!!! It's not going to freeze this weekend, yay!!!

In an emergency

Emergency numbers are as follows:

112 - Police /Ambulance / Fire Department

+40xx - Organizator

+40xx - Hotel

Additional Information

Where to buy SIM cards for your phone

text here. TBD

Where to take out / exchange money

You could either exchange your money at the airport.

Or: you will find ATMs all over the city. Just take your card and pin number with you, most of them accept international cards and will give you LEI.

Electricity / Voltage

Electrical voltage is the same in all European countries (240 Volt/50 Hz), so you don't need to consider anything if travelling from other European countries. Although guests coming from the UK will need an adaptor as the plug is different in Romania than in the UK. You can find this in any shop selling electrical goods.

If travelling from other than the European countries, please make sure you take into account possible differences in Voltage.


There is free WiFi at the TRYP if you are booked there (ask the reception desk).

There is free WiFi at the conference venue (SSID: ???? / pw: ???)