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Add your bugs here to have them scheduled for landing on the runway. Be sure to ping the sheriff on duty to let them know once you've added your entry to the list.

  • use { { bug | #} } to add your bug
  • the pilot must be around to check in the code and help it land
  • include a summary so the sheriff can prioritize
  • include the pilot's availability
Bug Pilot Summary requested time
bug 336945 beng Fix web handler selection options on windows. Not so scary. evening EDT
bug 336609 smontagu DeCOMtaminate utils in intl/uconv. Moderately scary. Waiting on cvs copies, bug 337547 after 10pm PDT, 2006-05-13
bug 337178 mconnor Enable suggest search on trunk. Not so scary, but original landing leaked. flexible with an hour's notice
bug 337305 myk unbreak adding bookmark from scratch; trivial fix early afternoon PDT
bug 337113 myk make the microsummary service grab generators from the cache instead of the network in more cases; low risk, already checked in on branch early afternoon PDT
bug 336857 myk work around bookmark display regressions in bookmarks menu/toolbar; low risk, possible slight performance win (but probably negligible); regressions are trunk-only (apparently RDF template builder), but workaround needs to be checked in to both trunk and branch to keep files in sync early afternoon PDT
bug 336914 bzbarsky Fix tracking of string leaks a tad. Will likely increase Rlk because we'll now log string buffers we leaked. Flexible, after about 8am PDT.
bug 336586 bzbarsky Fix windows crash by holding a ref to things while calling them. Very safe. Flexible, after about 8am PDT.
bug 336582 bzbarsky Hold refs to some things while working with them to fix crashes. Very safe. Flexible, after about 8am PDT.
bug 336830 bzbarsky Toggle some prefs for justice and pizza pie. Should have no effect on life. Flexible, after about 8am PDT.
bug 337513 bzbarsky Better URI creation for nsNullPrincipal. Might help Ts a bit. Might not. Flexible, after about 8am PDT.
bug 336803 tor Removal of nsISVGGradient, blocking more cleanup work. Might improve Tgfx SVG component. Flexible, but before about 8pm PDT.