SUMO Weekly Metrics

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These are the metrics that we will collect and follow up on every week.




  • Average article quality ratio (bug 398606)
  • Average article "problem solved" ratio (bug 398606)
  • Answered forum threads (bug 398606)
  • Average forum thread answer time (bug 398606)
  • Average live chat length (Live Chat requirement)
  • Total live chat down time (Live Chat requirement)


  • Total sessions (Urchin)
  • New forum threads (bug 398606)
  • Answered thread ratio (bug 398606)
  • KB page views (Urchin)
  • Forum page views (Urchin)
  • Live chats requested (Live Chat requirement)
  • Live chats unanswered (Live Chat requirement)
  • Bounce rate (Urchin)
  • Average session length (Urchin)