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This wiki is used by the contributors to the Mozilla SVG Project to plan and document the development of the SVG implementation and other project related work. For documents on authoring SVG content please see the SVG section of the Mozilla Developer Center wiki or THE SVG Wiki.

Project goals

  • To provide a high quality implementation of SVG 1.1 Full
  • To promote flawless interoperability between SVG implementations
  • To promote the use of open standards on the Web

Getting involved

There are many ways to contribute to the project and help improve Mozilla's SVG implementation. See the Getting_Involved page for more information.

Implementation status

See the status page on MDC. XXX the status pages are a mess and in need of some work!


We should start using the priority field in Bugzilla to direct our work more, using the definitions for priorities as suggested by David. Here are the lists as they currently stand, but we need to audit all the open SVG bug reports and work on cleaning these lists up. We'll do that after the work on Firefox 3.5 is done.

Also, here's a list of SVG bug reports with the number of votes they have received.

Planning for SMIL Animation

Planning for SVG 'use' Element

Discussion on svg:use.

SVG and SMIL Source Code

The majority of the SVG code lives in files under the directories:

The majority of the SMIL code lives in files under the directories:

Additional Notes

Some documentation on the SVG code's CoveredRegion and invalidation system can be found at SVG:CoveredRegions.

Child Pages

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