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Git Migration Plan


Migrate Gecko, Firefox, and Firefox for Android source code repositories from Mercurial to Git.


In scope
  • Gecko, Firefox, and Firefox for Android source code repositories and associated tooling
Out of scope
  • All other project repositories including those hosted at




Communication Type Mechanism Audience
General discussion dev-platform list devs


list required competencies for people and, once defined, the people working on project. note that not all of these competencies will be required for every project

Project Champion Bob Moss
Program Management Lawrence Mandel
Engineering Johnny Stenback
Other Engineering subject matter experts contributing to project
Localization Axel Hect
Releng John O'Duinn


  • Add Git to build tools (khuey)
  • Fix Git Windows performance (johns)
  • Pushlog equivalent needs to be created for Git (ted)
  • tbpl must be updated to support Git or an equivalent system put in place (tbpl2?) (ryanvm, emorley)
  • Repository hooks need to be ported to Git
    • tree closure
    • approval required
    • try syntax
    • l10n change protector for aurora + beta (not yet implemented - bug 859358)
    • RIL IDL hook (not yet implemented - bug 813809)
    • RIL IDL hook for b2g18 (not yet implemented - bug 862411)
  • Releng (joduinn)
    • Nightly about:buildconfig update to link to Git revision
    • buildbot update to pull from Git instead of Hg
  • crash-stats must be updated to support Git (bsmedberg)
    • hg repository and changeset information collection for symbol collection
    • Windows "source server" support
  • l10n tooling must be updated to support Git (axel?)
  • scale infrastructure (fox2mike)
  • Third party tools currently in use by dev community?
    • Dave Townsend's HG Change Feed
  • Thunderbird needs to pull M-C from Git