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Notes on addons that have been processed by the SeaMonkey Add-on Converter.

Googlebar Lite 5.0.6

Additional tweaks needed: Mozillazine Thread

  • Find next occurrence fails.
   Error: TypeError: invalid 'in' operand findBar
   Source file: chrome://googlebarlite/content/googlebarlite.js
   Line: 651

Fix: chrome\content\googlebarlite.js

   - var findBar = document.defaultView.gFindBar;
   + var findBar = document.getElementById("FindToolbar");
   - gFindBar._findField.value;
   + document.getElementById("FindToolbar")._findField.value;
  • Search history dropmarker does not work.

(workaround, use down arrow key in search box)

  • Search history dropmarker does not disappear after disabling search history.

(workaround, use userChrome.css tweak)

   /* SeaMonkey 2.33 userChrome.css */

   @namespace url("");

   #GBL-SearchBox > .autocomplete-history-dropmarker
   { display: none !important; }

NoSquint 2.1.9

Additional tweaks needed: Mozillazine Thread

  • I removed the sanitize.xul overlay because I didn't want to debug it. i.e. Tools > Clear Private Data > [check] NoSquint Site History.
  • A workaround is to manually reset the extensions.nosquint.sites preference or wait for NoSquint to forget settings for sites not visited in the last month.
  • I didn't fix the Add/Remove Toolbar Buttons button on the about:nosquint page. It's broken in Firefox 36.0.4 as well. (harmless bug)

Fix: chrome.manifest

   - overlay chrome://communicator/content/sanitize.xul chrome://nosquint/content/overlay_sanitize.xul
     overlay chrome://browser/content/sanitize.xul chrome://nosquint/content/overlay_sanitize.xul
   - overlay chrome://navigator/content/sanitize.xul chrome://nosquint/content/overlay_sanitize.xul


   Error: ReferenceError: ZoomManager is not defined
   + setTimeout(function() {

     ZoomManager.__defineSetter__('zoom', function(value) {
     ZoomManager.reset = NoSquint.cmd.reset;

   + }, 2000);

content\browser.js, updateZoomMenu function

   Error: TypeError: $(...) is null
   - var popup = $('viewFullZoomMenu').childNodes[0];
   + var popup = $('menu_zoom').childNodes[0];

content\browser.js, updateZoomMenu function

Find what: cmd_fullZoomEnlarge Replace with: cmd_zoomEnlarge

Find what: cmd_fullZoomReduce Replace with: cmd_zoomReduce

   + document.getElementById('menu_zoomEnlarge').setAttribute('accesskey', 'I');
   + document.getElementById('menu_zoomReduce').setAttribute('accesskey', 'O');

content\browser.js, enableAddonBar function

   Error: ReferenceError: setToolbarVisibility is not defined
   - var bar = $('status-bar');
   - setToolbarVisibility(bar, true);
   + if (document.getElementById('status-bar').hidden) {
   +   goToggleToolbar('status-bar', 'cmd_viewtaskbar');
   +   updateWindowState();
   + }

content\browser.js, customizeToolbar function

   Error: ReferenceError: BrowserCustomizeToolbar is not defined
   - return BrowserCustomizeToolbar();
   + return goCustomizeToolbar(document.getElementById('toolbar-menubar').toolbox);