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This page is an overview about the people who come to the Developer Meeting, how long they stay in the Hotel and if they want to share a room with somebody on the extra nights.

Participantstay from/toshare room?
adriankSaturday - TuesdayNo
AqualonFriday - Tuesdayyes (with Mnyromyr)
CallekFriday - MondayPrefer not to, but don't mind
(I still need to book extra days)
ewongFriday - TuesdayNo
InvisibleSmileyFriday - TuesdayNo
MnyromyrFriday - Tuesdayyes (with Aqualon)
RattyFriday - Wednesday morningNo
sgautherieSaturday - Sundayn/a (no "extra" nights)
tonymecSaturday - Sundayn/a (no "extra" nights)
stefanhFriday - MondayNo
MisakSaturday morning - TuesdayNo
IanNFriday - TuesdayNo
dummy entry for c&p