SeaMonkey/Developer Meeting:2010/Proposals

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Please add your proposals in similar style to those that are already in the list. A question mark next to the Speaker/Leader of a session means having him do it is requested but not confirmed by himself.

Topic Description Speaker/Lead Type
Reviews How to improve review rules, how to get queues down, how to improve satisfation on both sides  ? Discussion
Organization Creating an organization to support the project with resources BenB (?) Presentation
Project Areas Revamp the project area and bugzilla component lists, re-think owners and peers  ? Discussion
Mac UI How does SeaMonkey look on the Mac, where are the differences, difficulties, and what developers need to be careful with stefanh (?) Presentation, Demo
Sync How "Firefox" Sync integrates on our end and how (well) it works for us InvisibleSmiley Presentation
Automated tests Increasing our automated test coverage, what suites do we have, how to write tests sgautherie Presentation
Product vision Where is SeaMonkey's future, how do we get there? KaiRo Discussion
Marketing How can we get the message out? What message? Who can lead that effort?  ? Discussion
UX / UI Design Guidelines for SeaMonkey UX and UI design, what to improve and how  ? Discussion
Infrastructure How does it work that we get builds, tests, and releases done? How does this compare to Firefox and Thunderbird? What's changing/moving there? Callek (?) Presentation
Web editing How can we get both Composer and KompoZer into the modern world? How can we work together to help both products? kaze (?) Discussion
SeaMonkey Council New members, responsibilities, processes, in the Council KaiRo Discussion
Mercurial Queues Understanding and using hg queues Aqualon Presentation
Messenger Future Planning the direction of the development of our Mail/News component. Mnyromyr (Short mock-up presentation, but mainly) Discussion
Preferences Reorganization How can we organize our UI prefs more logically? IanN (?) Discussion
Code Porting How to port code from/to SeaMonkey most efficiently Ratty Discussion Where to go after 2.1, in features, version numbers, etc.  ? Discussion
SeaMonkey Keysigning Event GPG key signing and CACert assurance Mnyromyr Please add your GPG key to the event keyring to ease participation! See the Keysigning Party HOWTO for details.
CACert assurers should tell me they're coming so that I know I'm not the only one. ;-)