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What big things do SeaMonkey 2.15 builds offer (over SeaMonkey 2.14)? (All)


  • SeaMonkey can set the desktop wallpaper and be set as default client/browser on Mac now (bug 433254)
  • SeaMonkey can be set as default client/browser on Linux now (bug 783908)


  • Information failed to show on the message header pane under certain circumstances (bug 803322)
  • On the Junk Settings pane of Account Settings, UI elements now get disabled based on the controlling radio selector and checkbox (bug 725488)
  • Copied bookmarks erroneously inherited annotations (special folder flags) (bug 755758)
  • Initial send in background support has been added (pref mailnews.sendInBackground is off by default) (bug 789865)
  • A Global Addressing Preferences button has been added to the Composition & Addressing pane of Account Settings (bug 788429)
  • In Account Settings / Server Settings, Server and User Name now expand with the window (bug 545194)
  • The input box in the News "Download headers" dialog allowed entering non-numeric characters (bug 795097)
  • Custom font selections on the Mail & Newsgroups Composition pref pane failed to show properly (bug 529418)
  • Other Languages has been renamed to Unicode on the Fonts pref pane (bug 789724)
  • A Global Junk Preferences button has been added to the Junk Settings pane of Account Settings (bug 551827)
  • An identity can now be set as the default in the identity list editor of Account Settings (bug 314806)
  • Trying to use invalid file system folders as the Local Directory for mail storage now triggers a warning (bug 577775)
  • The Enter key adds a new criteria line in the filter editor now (Ctrl+Enter accepts the dialog) (bug 49474)
  • Feeds had issues with folder names containing a percent sign (bug 787729)
  • The dom.identity.enabled pref was missing from about:config (bug 787873)
  • Add-ons were not listed when resetting Sync (bug 787802)