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What big things do SeaMonkey 2.6 builds offer (over SeaMonkey 2.5)? (SM / All)

  • The HTML5 "context menu" feature (contextmenu attribute) is now supported (bug 702019)
  • View/Apply Theme has been added to MailNews (bug 679117)
  • Print Preview is now available in Composer (bug 21432)
  • The panes in the MailNews Account Settings show scroll bars now as needed (bug 567280)
  • Using the scroll wheel on the tab bar no longer changes the active tab by default (Shift can be used to get the old behavior) (bug 673878)
  • About SeaMonkey (about:) shows the update channel now (bug 677010)
  • You can now open a new message window on Mac OS if all windows are minimized (bug 648867)
  • Editing the Link properties of an image in Composer now features a Link Advanced Edit button (bug 212165)