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What are Good First Bugs

Good First Bugs, or GFBs for short, are bugs that don't require extensive knowledge of Mozilla Platform or SeaMonkey internals. GFBs are categorized in different levels of expertise, ranging from just deleting lines from SeaMonkey code, following what Firefox or Thunderbird have done for themselves, to translating patches with some editing, or even writing some new code. This page keeps a list of alive GFBs.

Resources, tools and guidelines

You may need this information to get involved with GFBs.

  • BugZilla: the Mozilla bug tracking system. You need to create an account for you in BugZilla, so you can add comments and patches to the bugs.
  • SeaMonkey Source Code: you need to get the most recent source code for SeaMonkey if you're going to patch it.
  • Coding Style and XUL Coding Style Guidelines: to save time of reviewers and yourself, try to provide patches that stick to coding style guidelines.

GFBs for complete newbies

These bugs involve just deleting or adding some lines from SeaMonkey code, following what Firefox or Thunderbird have done themselves. You just need to locate the equivalent SeaMonkey code, delete or add the same lines that Firefox or Thunderbird did, and provide a patch for it.

  • bug 675591: Port |bug 674578| (Support resizer[dir="bottomstart"]) to Modern.
  • bug 676217: Break link between tab and browser when closing a tab.
  • bug 676220: Popup blocker menu should be cleared more eagerly to avoid holding on to window objects.
  • bug 681148: Define getPostDataStream() as in Firefox

GFBs for someone who has already written a simple extension and wants to do something more ambitious

These bugs are mostly copying and pasting from already fixed bugs from Firefox or Thunderbird applications. Please, remember to care for indent style (two spaces) and the rest of Coding Style Guidelines.

  • Bug 515734: Individual SeaMonkey components are not properly handled by the Windows 7 taskbar.
  • Bug 552176: SeaMonkey missing a rule to always make icons show in Go/History menus on Ubuntu: port bug 508221.
  • Bug 626834: Port |Bug 624151 - Better positioning for the invalid form popup| to SeaMonkey.
  • Bug 632585: Port Firefox Set as wallpaper dialog to Seamonkey.
  • Bug 670476: Port bug 432287 - Add buttons and icons for zoom in/out to toolbar customization palette.
  • Bug 674208: Add a Properties context menu option to open the embedded properties pane in Bookmarks Manager.

GFBs for an experienced developer but new to Mozilla/SeaMonkey

These bugs may involve digging in existing Mozilla code or writing entirely new code, but without requiring deep knowledge of Mozilla APIs.

  • Currently there are no GFBs in this section. Come back soon!