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This page describes the checks the SeaMonkey L10n coordinator is doing on L10n signoffs.

  • See if the respective SeaMonkey branch is green on the locale's tinderbox page (e.g. Mozilla-l10n-de for German).
  • Check suite/searchplugins
    • For 2.1 and later, see that this newsgroup post is being followed, specifically:
      • No .src/.png files in there, no .xml files that are also shipped in en-US.
      • Not more than 5 searchplugins in any locale.
      • Google, Yahoo (if supports that locale), and some appropriate version of Wikipedia should always be there, we intentionally leave out things like eBay or Amazon on all locales for the moment.
      • No tags for special Firefox contracts in SeaMonkey searchplugins.
    • For 2.0, the rule to not have any files in there that en-US also ships applies as well. In both cases, we pull the en-US ones in when the locale doesn't have them but references them in list.txt.
  • Check URLs in suite/profile ( to not advertize anything the project doesn't endorse - if there's an L10n page in the .inc, take a look at it and make sure it actually references something including SeaMonkey in that locale, and doesn't have any unsolicited content.
  • Check that suite/{,,suite-l10n.js} don't contain any out of the ordinary things that don't belong into a localization.
  • Check suite/chrome/branding/
    • Brand name should be intact or reasonable transcriptions (if you can figure that out) of the original.
    • The AMO links (need to start with and no other previously used variant) and vendor URL ( should be identical to en-US.
    • The release notes should point to actual relnotes for that locale and have the %VERSION% variable in them for resolving to different versions.
  • Check suite/chrome/common/
    • Search engine order should be Google, Yahoo and the default Google unless there's a different agreement with the localizer.
    • Update details URL should either be the original or one that has the most recent SeaMonkey version for this locale.
  • Check suite/chrome/browser/
    • Start page should either be the default or a reasonable page on the L10n team's site. No money-making content is allowed unless agreed with the L10n coordinator.
    • startup.homepage_override_url should be relnotes for that version (see above notes for branding).
    • Other URLs in there should either be the defaults or something that is otherwise reasonable.
  • Look into a few other files as you see fit to see if the L10n job looks good.

If there has been an accepted sign-off on that branch already, just looking into the diff and clearing that no changes affect the above things works.