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There are several areas that need Quality Assurance attention. The purpose of this page is to identify who is working in what areas. This will allow us to know what areas we have covered and where we need to recruit more volunteers. Please add your name and email to the appropriate area.


At this point, we are particularly interested in getting smoketesters. If you run the smoketests regularly (at least once a week) add yourself to the list for the OS that you run the tests on.

OS Name and email
Windows Carsten Book (Tomcat) Smoketests
Windows Teresa Conant (tconant) Smoketests
Mac OS X

Bug Triage

If you are active in triage of SeaMonkey bugs (front end or back end), add yourself to this section, along with what area and operating system (if any) you focus on. Putting your name here might get you CC'd occasionally to help diagnose a bug affecting your area/platform.

Name and email Bug triage area OS
Carsten Book (Tomcat) everything (incl Mail/News/IMAP) Win2k, WinXP, Windows 2003 Srv
Justin Wood (Callek) My best at everything, (No Proxy or IMAP) QA Win32 (XP)
Rainer Bielefeld User Tests all Components, many addons WINDOWS 7
therube . .
Tony Mechelynck (tonymec) Nightlies. Not: IMAP, proxy, Composer. Linux x86_64 (openSUSE)

Bug Day

update: Bug day has evolved into a 24-7 affair, so this became a bit less relevant. The fun is still happening in #bugs and we'd still like to have a more structured Bug Day once we have a milestone released. More information as it becomes available...

We would like to have experienced SeaMonkey QA help run Bug Day activities. They occur in #bugs on Tuesdays as long as there is sufficient community interest to make it happen. We'd also like to have larger Bug Days after releases (including beta versions). If you can help out, add yourself below with what times you would likely be available (Mozilla time zone (Pacific)) on Tuesdays.
Name and email When I can help
Carsten Book (Tomcat) 10:00 - 15:00 PST