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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


Action Items

  • Feed Discovery -- bug 450205 -- Do we want to hide feed discovery UI as described here for our first alpha build?
    • The next phase of feed work won't be done in time for the alpha.
    • KaiRo: The patch to hide the UI should be in the source tag of the (Alpha) release branch. We should set this blocking+ then so we don't miss it.
    • No objections.

SeaMonkey 2 Alpha

all blockers blocker requests

  • bug 381157 download manager (soft blocker)
    • Status/Progress (Not much).
  • bug 390025 kill-wallet (password manager) (soft blocker)
    • Status/Progress
    • No change. Expecting to start hitting hard about 18th.
  • bug 394522 prefwindow move (hard blocker)
  • Shipping target?
    • Standard8: TB 30.b1 code freeze is currently set for 9th September. How about we aim SM 2.0a1 alpha code freeze for that date? We can then send out emails to all those currently doing those bugs saying this is the target date, if you can't manage it, please let us know so we can move things forward so it essentially gives us 4 weeks.
  • Blocker triage?


  • Any notes/problems?
    • Notes from
      • Branching for Firefox releases in Mercurial [1]
      • How do we sign-off on Mercurial based releases' code+locales? [2]
      • Getting L10n builds working again on hg is bug 446119
    • Missing bonsai-like features are being worked on for the pushlog in bug 446119
    • Callek: We'll need a way to specify Revision Number/tag for other HG Repo's with our for releases; so a pull of our release tag actually pulls the proper code from <other project>. I'll probably address it with code/bug.

Longer-Term SeaMonkey 2 Planning


Status Updates from developers - what are you working on, what's the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status)

  • ajschult
  • biesi
  • Callek
    • Completed a buildbot patch that will let us turn win32 and linux unittest boxes green by specifying a leakThreshold to the script, and just last night readied a patch that will allow us to pull DOMi from its new[er] repo (at rather than have it used in mozilla-central itself.
  • IanN
    • Mainly been working on pref window migration bugs - coding/reviewing/advising
  • KaiRo
    • 1.1.11 released flawlessly on the day of the last meeting
    • Done the Mercurial setup and migration
    • Converted/created Buildbots to run builder and tester machines on hg trunk
    • Last two weeks on FF+ Summit and then on vacation, still catching up on things
    • Lots of talk to SeaMonkey and people and folks from other projects and L10n on the Summit - everybody seems to agree that SeaMonkey 2 work needs to face some kind of public very soon
    • As always, my blog has more detailed status about my work
  • mcsmurf
  • Mnyromyr
  • Neil
  • Ratty
    • bug 428216 (Toolbar button size/mode control): Addressing Reviews. Getting closer.
    • bug 449004 (SeaMonkey Website Install Documentation Needs Updating): Filed on behalf of Roger Fulsom. Part of my attempt to get more end users to contribute to the non-coding parts of the project (e.g. documentation, QA).
    • Modern Theme: We have a volunteer Kuden for /mozapps/. I've asked for a progress report.
      (Ratty 15:37, 14 August 2008 (UTC)) Update: Kuden says she might have something for us by the end of August.
  • Standard8
    • Fixed bug 327510 XML Parsing Error: no element found/netError.xhtml on newsgroup msg download timout.
      • If anyone has time to take a look at the 1.8 issues, that would be useful.
      • Needs more testing on branch to identify why the patch isn't behaving there.
    • Currently working on bug 449260 (Replace rdf-driven addressbook popup menus with xbl based one) - reviews and updates in progress - this will lead onto completing
    • bug 408613 Migrate SeaMonkey addressing preferences pane to new style and rewrite how the AB prefs UI works.
      • This bug should be quick to do once bug 449260 is completed.
  • stefanh
    • Working on bug bug 444411.
    • bug 439354 will turn on unified toolbar on mac by default (with "a -moz-mac-unifiedtoolbar" in pinstripe's toolbar.css). We need to discuss what to do since some items in the theme (grippies and some of the buttons) don't fit too well with a unified toolbar.
      • Kairo: so, are the problems you mention acceptable for alpha?
      • stefanh: I think we should turn off unified toolbar until we settled those things it's easily done by adding a rule in communicator/mac/toolbar.css
      • Kairo: Ok, such visual glitches are not blocking alpha though, so I think we should go with whatever you propose there, probably with review from Mnyromyr who also knows mac stuff.

Any other business?

  • Mnyromyr: Apropos Mac stuff: I tried to get a grip on a Mac wizard for our 10.4 punycode test failure, but no luck so far (bug 447999).
  • Callek: Same for that reftest issue that seems to be fine in Firefox but not SeaMonkey.
  • stefanh: filed bug 450257 for the move of our security pref panels to comm-central I don't think I'll be able to do that, though. Looks like a bug for Kairo (moving files around).
  • bz: hijacked SeaMonkey bug 113934 (Drag & Drop tabs between browser windows back end) and morphed it into a Firefox/backend bug, so he filed bug 449728 for our front end. Since there is no SM 2.0 tracking bug I'm raising it here to see if we want this for SM 2.0.