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How we want organize Testrunner testing

We will use testrunner on to manage the testruns.

We will have 2 groups. The managers group can edit the testcases and manage the testruns. The runners group can run the testruns and mark them ok or failed.

The managers group will start new runs periodically or after request on IRC.

The runners group can work through the open testcases. Please look into the name of the testrun and ensure it is for YOUR system and that you test with the same Build ID. If you would like to run a testrun that does not exist, ask someone in the managers group to start one.

If a testcase (one task out of the testrun) does not work properly, search bugzilla for an existing bugreport. If no such bug exists, file a new bug, add the "smoketest" keyword. But do not use the bugzilla system on the testrunner server use the normal but leave a note in bug and on the testcase that failed.

About starting testruns

Naming schema for starting testruns:

"[trunk/branch] $buildid $grafic $additional" The $buildid can be read out of the directory where the install files/package lay out or from the window title bar.

$grafic is gtk1 or gtk2 for Linux. $additional for builds that don't use default switches (like MNG).

Do not forget to select the right version, platform and OS settings.

Please run the SeaMonkey Nightly and the SeaMonkey Alpha Milestone plan in rotating way for the testruns you start.

Managers Group

Andrew Schultz (ajschult), Alexander Opitz (opi), Carsten Book (Tomcat)

Testers Group