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Build Harness

SeaMonkey:Release Automation


Tracking bug filed as bug 643216

Build Engineer

Justin Wood

Signed-off Revisions

FIREFOX_3_5_18_RELEASE (GECKO19117_2011012114_RELBRANCH) only change vs. SM2.0.12
f6c78804ebb4 (COMM_1_9_1_BRANCH)
f5fd1b073bf8 (COMM_1_9_1_BRANCH)
f13c813e4ec6 (COMM_1_9_1_BRANCH)

L10n revisions according to opt-ins as listed in l10n-changesets (taken from the sign-off tool)


  • Build 1 is based on the same l10n and comm-central revisions as 2.0.12, due to it being a chemspill prep, in anticipation of Firefox doing a chemspill release.


  • Made sure all build machines have clean release directories
  • Updated l10n-changesets and
  • Updated and reconfigured buildmaster
  • Kicked off with the following command:
buildbot sendchange --username=Callek --master=localhost:9010 --branch=releases/comm-1.9.1 -c "SeaMonkey 2.0.13build1" doit
  • Apparantly I never actually pushed the buildbot-custom config change, which means I re-built 2.0.12 build1, moving now to 2.0.13 again re-sent the sendchange
buildbot sendchange --username=Callek --master=localhost:9010 --branch=releases/comm-1.9.1 -c "SeaMonkey 2.0.13build1" doit
  • That meant that due to the ovewriting of it all, I had to sync in the 2.0.12 builds back into the candidates dir. Manually generate *_info.txt and lost the crash symbols (which aren't really used directly).

Wall Clock Time


  • buildbot sendchange: Sat Mar 19 22:49:31 PDT 2011
  • tag:
  • source:
  • linux_build:
  • linux64_build:
  • win32_build:
  • macosx_build:
  • linux_repack (23 locales):
  • win32_repack (23 locales):
  • macosx_repack (23 locales):
  • updates:


  • manually via
Start: Sun Mar 20 19:02:14 PDT 2011
End: Sun Mar 20 19:02:39 PDT 2011

Updates and Verification

  • updates ran into a problem, due to my mess with 2.0.12 earlier fixed that and re-ran. manually triggered build, all good.

Push Updates to the beta Channel

~/bin/backupsnip 2011*-SeaMonkey-2.0.13-beta
~/bin/pushsnip 2011*-SeaMonkey-2.0.13-beta

Copy ZIPs

Used as documented in 2.0.3 notes to provide ZIPs along with the installers for Windows and additionally copy the 64bit file over to contrib.

Copy Language Packs

Used as documented in 2.0b1 notes to move the langpacks into the directory we want them in for release.

Create Checksums

With as documented in 2.0.3 notes, created MD5SUMS and SHA1SUMS files containing all files we release - copying the README from last time and replacing the versions as needed, as well as doing the same for Linux x86_64.

Push Updates to the Release Channel

~/bin/backupsnip 20110320-SeaMonkey-2.0.13
~/bin/pushsnip 20110320-SeaMonkey-2.0.13


  • linux_l10n_verification:
  • win32_l10n_verification:
  • macosx_l10n_verification:
  • linux_update_verify:
  • win32_update_verify:
  • macosx_update_verify:
  • final_verification:

Update Channels

  • Push to beta: Tue Mar 22
  • Push to mirrors: Tue Mar 22 [night]
  • Push to release: Thu Mar 24 15:54:28 PDT 2011