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Build Engineer

Robert Kaiser

Signed-off Revisions
cvs trunk as of 2009-02-18 12:00 PST

Build 2 (all others: same as build 1)


Tracking bug filed as bug 479118


Module Tag Changeset
comm-central SEAMONKEY_2_0a3_BUILD1 fd9849b1ee1d
comm-central SEAMONKEY_2_0a3_BUILD2
mozilla-1.9.1 SEAMONKEY_2_0a3_BUILD1
dom-inspector SEAMONKEY_2_0a3_BUILD1
5a93979aeccc extensions/irc, extensions/venkman SEAMONKEY_2_0a3_BUILD1
-D '2009-02-18 12:00 PST'


Done on my local machine with the script attached on the bug, started to run at slightly post 2009-02-18 15:00 PST and ran until 15:45 PST (mozilla-1.9.1 took quite long due to my connection being clogged). Unfortunately, that script changed too much in and I only spotted that after doing the last push manually. I also needed to rebase that tagging on 1.9.1 and DOMi to be able to push without creating new heads. With those fixups, the tagging was finished at 16:07 PST.

Used the following command to run and generate the log:

(projects/ 2>&1) | tee -a ./tag-seamonkey-2.0a3.log

Build 2

Started at about 2009-02-23 12:45 PST and was finished at about 13:15 PST, I updated the script but actually pushing the tags didn't want to work right away so I needed to do that manually once again. The new version of the script creates the log by itself though.

Build 1

Started to work on the machines about 2009-02-18 16:10 PST, running the script attached to the bug on all machines, from a screen session via ssh on Linux, a terminal window on Mac and a mozilla-build bash window on Windows. At 2009-02-18 17:00 PST, all the builds were running and I could leave the machines alone for the time being. I needed to restart the Windows builds with turned-off buildbot slave on that machine on the next day, as compiling the jemalloc CRT had run into strange trouble. Worked fine the second time with the same script though.

Source tarball was created and staged automatically, all builds were staged automatically by the build script.

Build data

Type Build ID SHA1 Push date Build machine
[Windows installer/zip/mar] 20090219050638 826f4f3d3083ab4fe47799a654ba4e6fbb36703a b4e95706af3dadbbcd7bab5c7e2405bb43d57f2f 6ede0f9d51b96a2d25458f73116b131d3c37028c 2009-02-19 06:28 PST cb-sea-win32-tbox
[Mac dmg/mar] 20090218170031 589e22127ef4952058f6f55b2fa2e6230dd6559c 6a660918f0d74358045e45eef20edef57cf61801 2009-02-18 19:39 PST cb-xserve02
[Linux tar.bz2/mar] 20090218164721 20c096a90e973e4503c364b95827aee6d557d4af f7c2a09f7352ae83fec368c3de7f9edebb55441b 2009-02-18 17:55 PST cb-sea-linux-tbox

Build 2

Started to work on the machines about 2009-02-23 13:30 PST, running the same script as for build 1 but with the BUILD var changed to 2. At 2009-02-18 13:45 PST, all the builds were running and I could leave the machines alone for the time being.

Build data

Type Build ID SHA1 Push date Build machine
[Windows installer/zip/mar] 20090223135443 6d7b7e1de669c0d8c5ade2cd89a21659d6342e35 5bee1b406611769a54e5ccc591751d556f652a57 352eace61315c13346604b64f990643bdb2af624 2009-02-23 15:18 PST cb-sea-win32-tbox
[Mac dmg/mar] 20090223140441 4d7a7c879336a901039ecea5002c3787bced4de8 6d13509fd62537cd404eace2099ec1f95ef55300 2009-02-23 16:35 PST cb-xserve02
[Linux tar.bz2/mar] 20090223134517 fe65a7f3d1fbec7e4f0a3ee72eb45b695091b0a4 5d8efb3dcfe1d90fc0f2b85a834b7fc6311352c3 2009-02-23 14:55 PST cb-sea-linux-tbox