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Build Harness

SeaMonkey:Release Automation


Tracking bug filed as bug 665403

Build Engineer

Justin Wood

Signed-off Revisions

ac0dae3c3041 (SEAMONKEY_2_2b1_RELBRANCH) based off of Firefox b7 + Bug Bug 660427

Build 2 has the same csets used, except for updates for relbranch

L10n revisions according to opt-ins as listed in l10n-changesets (taken from the sign-off tool (with a change for fr for build 2)


  • Have to do the same s/mac/mac64/ work as in SeaMonkey 2.1b2. Will have to look into an easier way for that
  • This is the first build off the rapid release cycle, and first from comm-beta
  • Still have one windows slave disabled due to our odd issues with 2.1rc's and not having time to investigate yet.


buildbot sendchange --username=Callek --master=localhost:9010 --branch=releases/comm-beta -c "SeaMonkey 2.2b1build1" doit
  • All build succeeded normally
  • Had issues with fr locale on linux, due to cz string changes that l10n owner missed.
    • KaiRo uplifted the fix and retagged, with a build1 tag, as I planned on simply respinning the repacks not doing a build2...
  • Had issues on mac and windows since Gecko 5 now no longer prettifies the version in the filenames, thus were unable to download the correct things.
  • Clobbered repack dirs on all slaves (and build dirs while I was at it)
    • Noticed that the slaves used dir comm-2.0 instead of comm-beta, and wondered what was wrong. Thought for a few minutes while I waited for manual clobbers to complete and suddenly worried about what mozconfig was used and update channel.
    • Ewong checked an uploaded build and verified that it was indeed set to release channel and using comm-2.0 mozconfigs
    • Fixed for this issue, prepping for a build2 with yet more changes to buildbot-configs (No changes to csets)
  • Updated and reconfigured buildmaster
  • Kicked off with the following command:
buildbot sendchange --username=Callek --master=localhost:9010 --branch=releases/comm-beta -c "SeaMonkey 2.2b1build2" doit
  • All builds finished fine
  • Repacks on win had issues, due (again) to timeouts of hg clone in
    • TODO: Bump the timeout for this for future runs.
    • KaiRo manually cloned m-c on all our windows slaves for this, and retriggered failed repacks from the buildbot web interface. All green!

Fake tr locale

In order for bouncer/sentry to see our files, I created fake tr locale files on ftp.


  • Our mac builds (non en-US) uploaded to mac64/ so I had to move them over to mac/ on stage, for both updates and builds.
    • ran
    • which moves all mac64 files/directories to mac, and removes the mac64 dir.
  • We have no signing infrastructure for SeaMonkey right now, so I faked the signing step that is usually done after completion of builds and L10n repacks and before the update generation.
  • Logged onto and ran sh ~/

Copy Language Packs

Used as documented in 2.0b1 notes to move the langpacks into the directory we want them in for release.


Used as documented in 2.0b1 notes to move the Windows zips into the directory we want them in for release.


Updates and Verification

  • _l10n_verify and updates started automatically, triggered by the fake-signing.
    • L10n verification is mostly useless, since we have many new locales, and lots of expected changed strings.
  • update completed fine
    • the Update verification was red on all platforms, due to the dropping of 4 locales during b3: `it`, `fi`, `nb-NO`, `sv-SE`. Everything else was fine. This means that b2 and earlier don't currently have updates available for rc1, we decided to move forward with the rc release.

Create Checksums

With as documented in 2.0.3 notes, created MD5SUMS and SHA1SUMS files containing all files we release - copying the README from last time and replacing the versions as needed, as well as doing the same for Linux x86_64.

Update the README on FTP

The README file we copy over from 2.1b2 needed a manual Update as the PRETTYNAME with version doesn't get updated by the scripts we use. I also noticed that we still referenced PPC in that, so adjusted as well.

Push To Mirrors

Used as documented in 2.0.3 notes to finally push the files to the public dir for mirrors to pick them up.

Final Verification

Used 'Force Build' to start the final_verification builder; all tested URLs are HTTP 200 and 302 - ready for going public!

  • With the exception of the dropped locales like above, this is acceptable and will ship anyway.

Linux64 Readme

  • It was pointed out on IRC that the readme in contrib/ for linux64 was actually reading as if this was Alpha 1 (PrettyName) so corrected that (only in releases/)

Push Updates to the beta Channel

On aus |/opt/aus2/snippets/staging/|:

~/bin/backupsnip Sea*2.1rc1*build1
~/bin/pushsnip Sea*2.1rc1*build1

Push build to TrendMicro

I used the TrendMicro provided staging ftp directory to stage 2.1rc1 en-us win32 for them to scan, and be sure there are no false-positives.