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Build Harness

SeaMonkey:Release Automation


Tracking bug filed as bug 703876

Build Engineer

Justin Wood

Signed-off Revisions


L10n revisions according to opt-ins as taken from the sign-off tool (and pushed ship-it).


  • Have to do the same s/mac/mac64/ work as in SeaMonkey 2.1b2. Will have to look into an easier way for that
  • Used the clobberer release clobber for the first time in ages.


  • Made sure all build machines have clean release directories.
    • Used clobberer for build 1, we'll see if it works.
  • Updated build/buildbot-configs 1876c7358bd6 for l10n and configs
  • Updated and reconfigured buildmaster
  • Kicked off with the following command:
../bin/buildbot sendchange --username=Callek --master=localhost:9010 --branch=releases/comm-beta -c "SeaMonkey 2.6b1build1" doit
  • Tagging finished fine.
  • All Builds good.
  • Repacks for win32 failed, (bug 702645). (All others were fine)
Win Repacks Take 2
  • Updated buildbot-configs (including default branch) and buildbotcustom for the fixes necessary.
  • Clobbered win builder/repacks via clobberer ui
  • Kicked off repacks with the following command(s) on the master
cd /builds/buildbot/master01/tools/buildbot-helpers
wget -O shipped-locales
/builds/buildbot/master01/bin/python -m \
  -t SEAMONKEY_2_6b1_RELEASE -v -b releases/mozilla-beta -p win32 \
  -n Callek -c "Need to force all win32 repacks" -s shipped-locales
rm shipped-locales

Update Version for stage scripts

On, modified ~/ for the current release run.


  • Our mac builds (non en-US) uploaded to mac64/ so I had to move them over to mac/ on stage, for both updates and builds.
    • Logged onto and ran sh ~/
    • which moves all mac64 files/directories to mac, and removes the mac64 dir.
  • We have no signing infrastructure for SeaMonkey right now, so I faked the signing step that is usually done after completion of builds and L10n repacks and before the update generation.
  • Logged onto and ran sh ~/

Updates and Verification

  • _l10n_verify and updates started automatically, triggered by the fake-signing.
    • L10n verification is mostly useless, since we have lots of expected changed strings.
  • Update and Update verification were both good.

Copy Language Packs

Used as documented in 2.0b1 notes to move the langpacks into the directory we want them in for release.


Used as documented in 2.0b1 notes to move the Windows zips into the directory we want them in for release.

Create Checksums

With as documented in 2.0.3 notes, created MD5SUMS and SHA1SUMS files containing all files we release - copying the README from last time and replacing the versions as needed, as well as doing the same for Linux x86_64.

Push To Mirrors

Used as documented in 2.0.3 notes to finally push the files to the public dir for mirrors to pick them up.

Push build to TrendMicro

I used the TrendMicro provided staging ftp directory to stage 2.5b3 win32 (all locales) for them to scan, and be sure there are no false-positives.

  • Used || on stage for this.

Final Verification

Used 'Force Build' to start the final_verification builder; all tested URLs are HTTP 200 and 302 - ready for going public!

Push website updates Live


cvs up -Pd && patch -p0 < patch && cvs ci -m ....


Push Updates to the beta Channel

Once website updates are live

On aus |/opt/aus2/snippets/staging/|:

~/bin/backupsnip Sea*2.6b1-build1
~/bin/pushsnip Sea*2.6b1-build1

Send Announce

Send the announcement to newsgroups and about-mozilla in one e-mail, send to announce@ in another.