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Search in Firefox 3

Firefox 2 Search Advancements

We made a number of changes to the Search chrome in Firefox 2, largely oriented around three key objectives:

  1. Expose the ability to change Search Engines
  2. Increase OS native feel of the Search chrome (e.g.: rounded corners on Mac OS)
  3. Provide notification mechanism for detection of new Search Engines

Goals for Firefox 3

The improvements made in Firefox 2 have been very well received by both reviewers and users, but we feel that there are still some areas where the UI can be improved for Firefox 3. As part of the Firefox Summit 2006, we convened a quick session to both identify those challenges and to propose solutions. Two use cases came out of that conversation which are both important to implement (labeled as P1 for the purposes of this document, though not necessarily within the scope of Firefox 3):

  • P1) One Time Use: Joe is working on a research paper on Argentina and has been using Google, his default search engine, to find some basic information. He needs some information on Argentina's history, which he knows he can find in Wikipedia, so he wants to do a search for argentina using Wikipedia in the Search Bar. In Firefox 2, Joe would have to select Wikipedia from the Search Engine dropdown, enter his search term and hit return, then switch the Search Engine dropdown back to Google.
  • P1) Transient Use: Sue is browsing the Radiant Core Blog and wants to do a search for the term mozilla to learn more about our work on Firefox. Although she could use the search field on our Blog page, she prefers to use the Search Bar and notices the blue glow effect, which notifies her of the availability of a new Search Engine. In Firefox 2, Sue would have to open the Search Engine dropdown, select "Add Radiant Core Blog", enter her search term, then switch the Search Engine dropdown back to Google.

We also identified issues with the current implementation or new features we'd like to add, which are labeled as P2:

  • P2) Extend Glow: anecdotal evidence suggests that the blue glow effect notification for Search Engines is not providing sufficient guidance to users. Many users are opening the menu but are confused by what the glow means as it isn't tied to any item within the menu. We would like to see the glow applied to the "Add..." item, either to the full item or just to the favicon.
  • P2) Rich Results: Myk has developed a quick example of a search that returns rich results when available - his example search for firefox tinderbox returns a "balloon help" like bubble with an abbreviated version of the Tinderbox page for Firefox. A more detailed proposal for incorporating this functionality is available at Search/Rich Results.

Rejected Concepts

We went through a number of possiblities as suggested in

in Bug 339735: Improve UI for adding search engines detected from <link rel...>, but rejected them for the reasons noted below.

Provider Tabs

Tabs positioned above the Search Field for each of the engines when the Search Field has focus:

 .   ......................
([G] weather             O.)

Rejected due to concerns over screen real estate. We only be able to show a small number of tabs in the width of the Search Field, and would need vertical space above the Field as well. The Transient use case was difficult to accommodate as we would need to add tabs for new engines thereby taking up more space.

Provider Buttons

Giving users the ability to add additional Search Buttons to the Search Field so that they can click on the button for the Search Engine they want to run the search with:

( weather        [G][W][Y] )

This idea showed promise, but we were concerned about the discoverability of needing to add buttons to the Search Field and about what the interface for doing that would look like. This also didn't address the Transient use case.

Default Search in Preferences

Leaving the Search Bar as is but changing the functionality of the Search Provider dropdown from setting the 'default' Provider to setting a one time use and moving the 'default' setting into Preferences:

([G] weather             O.)

We were concerned about moving one of the settings related to Search into Preferences and weren't sure that users would understand the distinction between default and One Time use.

The Plan (So Far)

Which brings us to the plan so far! The idea is largely based around leavin the look and feel of the Seach Bar as per Firefox 2 to build on the familiar base we have now established.

History/Suggestion Box

The new functionality, which we think addresses all of the P1 and P2 items, will be built into the current Search History/Suggestion box:

1)     ([G] weather             O.)
2)      | Weather in Mountain... >|
        |----------------- history|
3)      | weather in toronto     >|
        | weather in turino      >|
        | weather underground    >|
        |------------- suggestions|
4)      | weather network        >|
        | weather underground    >|
        |----------------- engines|
5)      | [W] Use Wikipedia    /W |
        | [i] Use IMDB         /I |
        | [Y] Use Yahoo!       /Y |
        | [F] Use Food Network /F |
        | [F] Use Radiant C... /R |
        | More search engines    >|

1) The Search Bar remains unchanged from Firefox 2.

2) Rich results appear at the top of the list. Selecting with the mouse or keyboard (select then right arrow) opens a panel to the right of the Suggestion box with the rich results in it. See Submenus, below, for more details.

3) History appears in the next section, unchanged from Firefox 2.

4) If the currently selected Search Provider offers suggestions, they appear in the third section.

5) The final section lists the top 5 Search Providers from the user's list, in the order they have ordered them in using the Manage Search Engines dialog, with favicon, "Use " + name, and a shortcut key (note: this will require adding a shortcut key field to each Engine in the Manage dialog). Hitting / and the shortcut key will run the search with that engine (we're suggesting re-use of the / key from Quick Find, though it may prove onerous when this is implemented and we have a chance to try it out).


'Submenus' from each section of the History/Suggestion box will serve slighly different purposes, but all be accessible by either mouse (click on the 'parent' item) or by keyboard (down-arrow to the parent item, right-arrow to open 'submenu'.

       ([G] weather             O.)
1)      | Weather in Mountain... >|
        |----------------- history|
2)      | weather in toronto     >|
        | weather in turino      >|----------------------.
        | weather underground    >| CNN Weather: Turino  |
        |------------- suggestions| low of 54, high ..   | 
3)      | weather network        >| ---------------------|
        | weather underground    >| for      |
        |----------------- engines| Turino: low of 34,.. |
        | [W] Use Wikipedia    /W |'---------------------' 
        | [i] Use IMDB         /I |
        | [Y] Use Yahoo!       /Y |
        | [F] Use Food Network /F |
        | [F] Use Radiant C... /R |
4)      | More search engines    >|

1) Rich results are returned in the submenu, so opening this item will actually show a container for the "Weather in Mountain..." results. The container should be able to display HTML content, since rich results will generally be HTML pages loaded from a server or constructed on the fly by a rich result provider. For more information, see the proposal at Search/Rich Results.

2) Team: thoughts on what this does? It looks like, from our mockup, we intended for the Suggestions and History sections to execute the search and pull back the results, interpreted and displayed in the submenu. Is that right?

4) The submenu from "More search engines will give users access to the rest of the engines in their list, displayed in the same format as the engines on the main list. This item should only appear if there are more engines than fit in the five on the main list. Mockup:

       ([G] weather             O.)
        | Weather in Mountain... >|
        |----------------- history|
        | weather in toronto     >|
        | weather in turino      >|
        | weather underground    >|
        |------------- suggestions|
        | weather network        >|
        | weather underground    >|
        |----------------- engines|
        | [W] Use Wikipedia    /W |
        | [i] Use IMDB         /I |
        | [Y] Use Yahoo!       /Y |
        | [F] Use Food Network /F |
        | [F] Use Radiant C... /R |
        | More search engines    >|-------------------------.
        '-------------------------| [W] Use Version T... /V |
                                  | [M] Use MSN Search   /M |


There were a few unanswered questions from our session:

  • Keyword Shortcuts: the concept of enabling users to enter a keyword shortcut for different Search Engines was proposed in m.d.a, but not discussed in our conversation. We could extend our proposed design to allow users to enter "/x" in the Location or Search Bars to search using that engine. For example:

/W mozilla

in either Bar would do a Wikipedia search based on the mockups above.

  • Site Search: the concept of using the Search Bar to do a search on the current site (using the site's own search) or a find on the current page was also raised in m.d.a. Sites already have the ability to integrate their site search by writing an OpenSearch plugin, but Find on the page could be added as an 'engine':
       ([G] weather             O.)
        | Weather in Mountain... >|
        |----------------- history|
        | weather in toronto     >|
        | weather in turino      >|
        | weather underground    >|
        |------------- suggestions|
        | weather network        >|
        | weather underground    >|
        |----------------- engines|
        | [W] Use Wikipedia    /W |
        | [i] Use IMDB         /I |
        | [Y] Use Yahoo!       /Y |
        | [F] Use Food Network /F |
        | [F] Use Radiant C... /R |
        | [0.] Find on page    // |
        | More search engines    >|

which could then bring up the Find bar at the bottom of the window, pre-populate the Search Term, and find the first instance.

  • Setting/Changing default engine: If we believe that the common case is a single, long-term, default search with a lot of "one-off" searches, then we could consider removing the search engine default switching menu in favor of a "manage search engines" at the bottom of the search popup, or other alternative methods.
  • Multiple suggests: Should we expose suggests for more than one engine if available? I think we said no, but bringing it up just in case.
  • Search Options: Myk has suggested that we rename the History/Suggestions box to Search Options, which is more inclusive of the new content. I (Jay) think that makes a lot of sense. Thoughts?

Search field to the new tab page in Firefox 31


A search field is added on the top of the new tab page to make users search experience more fluid. Same as the search field from the awesome bar, the search engines can be modified, removed or managed.

Testing approach

The new search field will be tested on all platforms to check that the Search Engine can be changed using the button, the Search field can be resized and the searches are working properly.

MozTrap tests

The manual test cases for this feature can be seen here

Bug work


  • Merge-to-Nightly Sign-off - here
  • Merge-to-Aurora Sign-off - here
  • Merge-to-Beta Sign-off - here

Search Suggestions in Start and New Tab Page in Firefox 33


Search Suggestions will be shown in the search field of the New Tab Page (about:newtab) for all search engines that support this. </br> Search Suggestions will be shown in the search field of the Home Page (about:home) for all search engines that support this.

Testing approach

Starting with Firefox 33, search suggestions will be shown in the search field of the Home Page (about:home) and New Tab Page (about:newtab) for all search engines that support this. For en-US builds there are no search suggestions for Twitter.

One and Done tasks

One and Done tasks contains the Moztrap testcases for verifying search suggestions:

MozTrap tests

The manual test cases for this feature can be seen here

Bug work

  • All bugs:
Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
153188 Add "Make foo my default search engine" to addSearchEngine dialog -- RESOLVED
153509 Allow search engines to test if they are the default -- RESOLVED
203959 "search web for <selected text>" should use the same search engine as the search bar (searchplugin box) P3 VERIFIED
205011 Make search bar/box resizable P2 VERIFIED
205158 order of search history in search box is unintuitive -- RESOLVED
205708 search toolbar forgets engine if called from path with wrong case P2 RESOLVED
219532 Add pref to make search bar results always open in a new tab -- RESOLVED
225715 search toolbar should auto-search when user selects a new search engine from the drop-down list -- RESOLVED
225717 search toolbar does not alphabetically sort search engine drop-down list until browser exits -- RESOLVED
228395 search box displaying incorrectly, shorter, to the left, blank space on the right -- RESOLVED
232272 Better management of search engines for toolbar over the current add new engines system (ability to remove and order engines) P1 RESOLVED
232638 move searchplugins directory to profile -- RESOLVED
233308 rename "Add Engines..." to "Add Searches..." or something more descriptive -- RESOLVED
235131 Ctrl-Up / Ctrl-Down do not work to select search engine in searchbox -- RESOLVED
235766 better hotkey for search bar -- RESOLVED
235852 Ability to delete search plugins using UI P1 RESOLVED
236587 Allow bookmark/search keyword searches from the search bar / integrate toolbar and bookmark keyword searches P5 NEW
239695 Search engine plugins should be able to append searchterms to action URL -- VERIFIED
239752 Add support for a default search plugin -- RESOLVED
240432 Highlight search terms -- RESOLVED
241828 Ctrl+K should automatically select Web search engine -- RESOLVED
242586 Fix sherlock plug-ins -- RESOLVED
242804 Please: Add Option for Search from Address Bar -- VERIFIED
242836 shift+delete in the search-field works only temporary -- VERIFIED
242853 shift-tab in search field doesn't work -- VERIFIED
243217 add word highlighting and clickable find next buttons for each search word as done by google toolbar in IE -- VERIFIED
243248 sourceid parameter is not passed in default quick search -- VERIFIED
243406 Make google search box custom sizable -- VERIFIED
244638 [trunk] Search bar doesn't work -- VERIFIED
244673 search bar does not take accent (à or é or è becomes ? when it gets to google) -- VERIFIED
244740 adding search engines does not work for the recent firefox builds -- VERIFIED
245428 Default behavior of search bar after fresh install (new profile) is Find in This Page, not Google (installer only) P4 RESOLVED
245685 find-in-page accel should use search box, find-as-you-type P5 VERIFIED
245755 Cannot add search engine -- RESOLVED
246345 searching a site using the google search bar -- RESOLVED
246410 No notification if find in page fails (Toolbar Search field) -- RESOLVED
246775 Ctrl + K doesn't open up the search box if navigation toolbar is hidden -- VERIFIED
246907 when some search engines have been added to the search bar, the list is not alphabetically ordered before Firefox has been restarted -- VERIFIED
246982 "Add engines..." in search-box dropdown does nothing. P3 VERIFIED
247031 The Search box looks funny in the Customize dialog window -- RESOLVED
247177 "Search Web for" <marked text> absolutely dead -- VERIFIED
247188 After pressing Enter in search bar, dragging to search bar opens a new tab -- RESOLVED
248173 The Context Search extension should be in Firefox -- RESOLVED
248350 Google/Search bar should be expandable in Toolbar Customization -- RESOLVED
248404 Search extensions can't be installed by ordinary users -- RESOLVED
248621 alt enter doesn't open new tab from search bar -- RESOLVED
248719 adding search engines silently fails when searchplugins/ isn't writable -- VERIFIED
248947 typo of "www/" in the address bar takes me to -- RESOLVED
248955 search box should be tab-specific (content should not persist when switching tabs) P4 NEW
250286 Search should be Ctrl+E, not Ctrl+K P3 RESOLVED
250397 [linux only] Web search keyboard shortcut should ctrl+e to be consistant with Windows and Mac. -- VERIFIED
250919 Shift-Tab does nothing when Search Bar is focused -- RESOLVED
251331 search bar doesn't respect the national (polish) signs, even if using e.g. google PL search engine -- RESOLVED
251760 no keyboard shortcuts for Search field -- VERIFIED
251992 Search plugins should use extension/theme management system -- RESOLVED
252013 Rich text editor starts find function -- RESOLVED
252029 crash or freeze while entering text in text areas -- RESOLVED
252260 Trigger search from address bar with question mark -- RESOLVED
252355 Search Feature Frustrating -- RESOLVED
252506 [linux] Search Bar has magnifying glass(find?) icon selected by default -- RESOLVED
253015 changing search engine doesn't set focus to search box -- RESOLVED
253331 Search bar's text should be cleared after a search is performed P4 NEW
254017 Freature request: 'Show/Hide Searchbar' -- RESOLVED
254208 listbox popup with google search history outside firefox window when clicking on certain links -- VERIFIED
254958 Clicking on "Add engines..." nothing happens. -- RESOLVED
255396 No results from search bar/web search -- RESOLVED
255404 Automatic clearing of searchbar -- RESOLVED
255543 create context menu for search toolbar/menu items -- RESOLVED
255545 search plugins cannot be reordered P1 RESOLVED
255627 Search Bar crashing when entry there and new one dragged into bar [@ ntdll.dll - jsd_FunctionCallHook ] -- RESOLVED
256093 Clear the search bar command of Google does not work. -- RESOLVED
256201 discoverability of Clear Search History is hard (add a context menu item) -- RESOLVED
256682 ctrl-down does not select next engine -- VERIFIED
256779 Add Sherlock Plug-ins to Search Drop down -- RESOLVED
257038 move searchplugins directory to profile -- VERIFIED
257242 doubled up search plugins -- RESOLVED
257337 Using the search toolbar crashes Firefox 9 [@ firefox.exe ] -- RESOLVED
257426 Add keyboard shortcut to change search engines for search bar. -- RESOLVED
257761 Empty value gets added to form history when pressing enter in empty search field -- RESOLVED
257911 Hash sign (#) not translated when searching - treated as anchor -- VERIFIED
258088 search icons corrupted -- VERIFIED
258189 Use new icons for Yahoo and eBay search -- RESOLVED
258331 cursor goes out of search field -- VERIFIED
258343 searchbar , press on separator adds "add engines + separator" in pulldown -- RESOLVED
258359 Extra "Add Engines..." appear in search menu -- VERIFIED
258636 add <title> attribute to search engine icon in searchbar -- RESOLVED
258672 grey text in search box showing search engine name -- VERIFIED
258676 add safari like search text to the search field -- RESOLVED
258730 Change width of the Search Bar not working properly with latest build -- VERIFIED
258926 entering an empty search query creates a blank search history item -- RESOLVED
259054 search bar resets back to google when trying to change to yahoo -- RESOLVED
259060 Install/uninstall of search plugins requires root -- VERIFIED
259134 New Icon for Yahoo Search plug-in -- RESOLVED
259523 Search via Google in the search bar gives less results than normal -- RESOLVED
259662 Firefox segfaults on search from search toolbar -- RESOLVED
259717 kurona-20 affiliate code added to amazon search requests -- RESOLVED
259761 "add engines" doesn't have a "remove engines" counterpart -- RESOLVED
259863 move installable search plugins to UMO -- RESOLVED
260132 Use 'official' favicons for default search plugins -- RESOLVED
260412 Cannot search within textarea form element -- RESOLVED
260450 ENHANCEMENT: Pressing CTRL+K multiple times should cycle through search options -- RESOLVED
260578 easy way to reset the search window? -- RESOLVED
260794 Duplicate parameter generated in Google search -- RESOLVED
260876 FF10PR1 Crash using navigation toolbar search [@ InternetSearchDataSource::GetInputs] -- RESOLVED
261124 Textbox context menu should have "Add to Search Bar..." P4 NEW
261368 Text which is in the textarea can't be found by the new search bar! -- RESOLVED
261483 search field does not adjust to search container width -- RESOLVED
261611 Cannot install new search engines, regardless of permissions -- RESOLVED
261677 Usable uninstall of search plugins -- VERIFIED
261847 Seach plug-ins Update Mechanism Not Working -- RESOLVED
261991 Re-order search plug-in list -- RESOLVED
262081 close itself if i submit a serch in the Web Search -- RESOLVED
262115 Try to clear Search Bar Entries, Firefox Crashes -- RESOLVED
262323 find closes window -- RESOLVED
262507 built-in search engine plug-ins are lacking -- RESOLVED
262606 Most people would prefer a normal Google Search to the I'm Feeling Luck search for the default address bar search -- RESOLVED
262612 autoclearing the search box -- RESOLVED
262958 after the current selected search plugin is deleted an firefox is restarted, no search plugin is available -- RESOLVED
263389 Installed eBay, Yahoo, Amazon without permission -- RESOLVED
264199 make Search Toolbar history easier to discover P5 NEW
264258 Cool improvement of Firefox google search bar -- RESOLVED
264306 Tried to Add Engine GoogleNL.src, after replying to add it isn't added. -- RESOLVED
264822 "Yahoo" should be "Yahoo!" in included search plugin -- RESOLVED
264962 Search without a dialog (the new search with a dialog should be an extension) -- RESOLVED
265209 l10n it-IT request: changing included search plugins -- RESOLVED
265378 Search plugins for Firefox 1.0 pt-BR -- RESOLVED
265522 de-DE l10n Trademark policy -- RESOLVED
265523 l10n el-GR Trademark policy -- RESOLVED
265579 when searching for a word with a german umlaut with the toolbar search field, the umlaut is replaced with '?' -- RESOLVED
266021 l10n zh-CN Fix Amazon plug-in, remove yahoo -- VERIFIED
266037 l10n ca-AD Trademark policy compliance -- RESOLVED
266039 l10n ca-AD Trademark policy compliance -- RESOLVED
266042 l10n zh-TW Trademark policy compliance -- RESOLVED
266043 l10n ast-ES Fix amazon plug-in -- RESOLVED
266384 Add the Technorati search plugin to the default set of search plugins. -- RESOLVED
266556 crash if I have Vivisimo search engine selected in search box -- RESOLVED
266557 Searching in the current page don't work for text boxes -- RESOLVED
266860 cursor goes out of search field -- VERIFIED
266997 Default seach engine resets when opening from desktop/saved shortcut -- RESOLVED
267186 port-no will lost by starting a searchplugin -- RESOLVED
267244 Ensure Locales all use correct params for Yahoo/Google. -- RESOLVED
267391 redirect and creative commons -- VERIFIED
268370 missing argument when failing to add a search engine -- VERIFIED
268543 cannot search google content from search field directly -- VERIFIED
268763 google search direct to google homepage -- VERIFIED
268811 Search toolbar cannot add engines -- RESOLVED
268986 Search with doesn't work with German umlauts -- RESOLVED
268992 searching with the new search function doesn't work in a web form text anymore -- RESOLVED
269154 Google search from the Toolbar Search field does not work in Firefox 1.0 -- RESOLVED
269189 Cant make Google searchwindow longer in toolbar. -- VERIFIED
269198 Add Wikipedia to the set of default search engines (using relevant language) -- RESOLVED
269358 l10n zh-CN Trademark policy compliance -- RESOLVED
269542 search bar should be combo box -- VERIFIED
269546 Spaces in search bar doesn't work correctly for searches -- RESOLVED
269600 get rid of the unnecessary '&client=firefox....' for google search plugin -- RESOLVED
269602 Search Toolbar menu gets jumbled when adding search engines in quick succession -- RESOLVED
269658 new search plugins aren't validated during update -- RESOLVED
269735 Google toolbar (upper corner) search does not open in new tab -- RESOLVED
269994 Submitting a blank search string to the search plugin doesn't navigate to the main page P5 VERIFIED
270054 add smart keywords missing from right click dialogue for any search form -- RESOLVED
270120 Yahoo search plugin does not work with Unicode characters -- RESOLVED
270151 searching for strings with german umlauts in wikipedia search does not work -- VERIFIED
270269 biased situation of firefox toolbar search -- RESOLVED
270299 Ebay Search Tracker URL -- VERIFIED
270310 automatically update the searchbox words when you're searching directly in the search engine. -- RESOLVED
270394 There is no search plugin for's clustering search -- RESOLVED
270825 Google search window stopped working; other engines work -- RESOLVED
271097 searchplugin auto update should ask user -- RESOLVED
271207 No way to remove a search plugin from the GUI -- RESOLVED
271287 FF10 FFTrunk crash [@ nsCharTraits::length] -- RESOLVED
271691 will only search (japanese google) -- RESOLVED
273040 Find-bar appears when typing '-key and spacebar after each other. -- RESOLVED
273173 location bar's auto-search does not search with correct keywords -- VERIFIED
274248 Sorting of Mycroft (search bar) search engines -- VERIFIED
274432 When dragging text to search bar, mouse over search engine should show list of search engines, and allow dropping text onto one to search that engine P3 NEW
274706 Search doesn't work in Textfield -- VERIFIED
274732 The icon on the search engine drop-down list does not connect me to Nothing happens when you hit enter. -- VERIFIED
275164 Crash apparently caused by Google Suggest Extension -- RESOLVED
275193 Clear Search Button P4 NEW
275209 can not delete search engines -- VERIFIED
275281 search bar drop down menu is gone after choosing "find in this page" -- VERIFIED
275327 RFE: Ability to Delete Search Engines -- RESOLVED
275734 Firefox hangs up under various conditions under windows ME -- RESOLVED
276318 Context menu search does not obey "browser.tabs.loadInBackground" pref (tabs are not selected) -- VERIFIED
276623 search toolbar text highlighting problem -- RESOLVED
276789 Text in search toolbar should be cleared after search -- VERIFIED
276815 Text search function is not working in textarea -- RESOLVED
277386 Redirection to Microsoft with some URL -- VERIFIED
277487 Google searches result in blank Google main page -- VERIFIED
277911 Highlighting text in a text field/area and right clicking should show 'search web' option -- RESOLVED
278615 nothing happens when selecting or clicking on an item in the search engines dropdown -- RESOLVED
279025 search engine duplicates added automatically -- RESOLVED
279286 drag text afer copy text brings firefox to crash down. -- RESOLVED
279899 google search terms are saved even though i clear the saved forms information. -- RESOLVED
280129 Standard dropdown keys don't work with search engine with keyboard P2 RESOLVED
280388 Customized address bar search keys and other requested features -- VERIFIED
280424 Malformed url request redirects to Get Windows site via automatic Google search -- VERIFIED
280426 offline search R-language help does not work well -- RESOLVED
280559 Ctrl-Up/Down to select search engine should be Cmd on the Mac -- RESOLVED
282153 Google search box in Firefox Startup Page (not toolbar) will not clear previous search -- RESOLVED
282163 Search Toolbar won't execute when Local Security Policy is set to Basic for Mozilla App -- RESOLVED
282532 "Go button" to be field sensitive -- RESOLVED
282901 sound for failed search can't be turned off -- RESOLVED
283020 Mycroft search plug-ins are saved within the app bundle instead of in my personal profile -- VERIFIED
283180 creativecommons, amazon, eBay, dictionary search plugins are broken for non-ASCII character search -- RESOLVED
283387 crash when dragging text to search bar after closing a previous search typed into the search bar -- RESOLVED
283393 "/" key starts search even when focus is in form box -- RESOLVED
283787 change update URLs for creativecommons and google search plugins to -- RESOLVED
283828 international characters searchbar & yahoo -- VERIFIED
284072 google "I'm feeling lucky" function in address bar can't recognize chinese keyword -- RESOLVED
284113 Program Crashes With Blank search field in google search box on main page -- RESOLVED
284349 Search bar doesn't pass German special characters (e.g. Umlauts) to Wikipedia -- RESOLVED
284456 Multiple Google and entries in the search box in Firefox 1.0.x en-GB -- VERIFIED
284729 German localisation of Firefox includes buggy Wikipedia search plugin -- RESOLVED
285046 search plugins icons get corrupted -- RESOLVED
285114 Search Bar not Customizable (Remove/Rearrange) -- RESOLVED
285299 Searchplugins should be stored in profile folder -- VERIFIED
285632 No icon in search bar -- RESOLVED
285829 Enhancement - meta search through search bar -- RESOLVED
285896 ctrl K causes error which causes firefox to close -- RESOLVED
286431 typying "64bit php" gives strange error -- RESOLVED
286531 Cannot install new search engines -- RESOLVED
286886 Google search field won't work in Firefox+zh_CN.lang.xpi -- VERIFIED
287100 Inbuilt search toolbat disappears and cant change searches -- RESOLVED
287437 Search box's 'Add engines' should support link modifiers P5 RESOLVED
287444 Needs interface to select a search engine for "Search web for" -- VERIFIED
287520 changing in user.js doesn't take effect -- RESOLVED
287599 bookmarks disappear if custom search engine added -- RESOLVED
288238 repeated error message about 50 times when the logo on the search toolbar is clicked -- RESOLVED
288428 Crash if user drags a link from the page onto the Search Window. -- RESOLVED
288622 no tooltip/title for selected search site on search box icon -- RESOLVED
288655 Allow search from address bar and have second dropdown button for search plug-ins instead of separate search field -- RESOLVED
289362 Replace with for dictionary lookup. -- RESOLVED
289496 I installed the lastest build of googlebar into FF 1.0.3 and now googlebar does not work. -- RESOLVED
289814 search engine field doesn't show engines -- RESOLVED
289826 Allow Disabling the Installation of Search Plugins P5 RESOLVED
291111 It can't search for words with complex characters, like á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, etc. -- RESOLVED
291240 in the tool bar seach i use google when i type a word it then seacher in singapore when my home page firefox is set in Australia -- RESOLVED
291602 Firefox 1.0.3 will not find any URL -- RESOLVED
292439 Context Menu 'Search Web for...' option doesn't work in windows launched by JavaScript -- VERIFIED
293078 system reboot on specific search text -- RESOLVED
293324 Deleting the google search plugin (google.src and google.gif) causes the search field to be completely blank -- VERIFIED
293380 cannot add search plugins -- RESOLVED
293764 dot (period) in toolbar keyword search confuses engine -- RESOLVED
293999 added search engines lost after upgrade Firefox -- VERIFIED
294052 search bar button -- RESOLVED
294386 Search sidebar missing (also unable to install any third-party sidebars) -- RESOLVED
294392 javascript error when searchbox removed using customize toolbar -- RESOLVED
294681 Search Web For "....." doesn't respect default search engine -- VERIFIED
294686 New search engines not properly added to the list until restart -- RESOLVED
294741 Engines dont move when upgrading -- RESOLVED
295018 Search plugins can't use local files anymore -- RESOLVED
295880 search box hijacked by outfit called creative commons, which directs all searches to its pages -- RESOLVED
295971 Search web for... doesn't add items to search history -- RESOLVED
296360 Searchengine selection pop-up when drag&drop selected text to searchbar icon -- VERIFIED
296627 Search Toolbar should give obvious indication of selected plugin -- VERIFIED
297306 addEngine does not work on Firefox OS/X -- VERIFIED
298323 "%hex" should be allowed as a delimiter in URL parsing for Firefox -- RESOLVED
298562 search plugin doesn't work if properties are one a single line (causes Exception in search.xml) -- RESOLVED
298564 remove workaround for bug 269994 -- VERIFIED
298810 When Alt+Down is pressed in "Web Search" the search engine selection should open (similar to location bar) -- VERIFIED
298945 if "m" left off .com in URL, browser hangs and does not come back -- RESOLVED
299001 The quicksearch bar does not work! -- VERIFIED
299090 Crash if addSearchEngine called with invalid search plugin file but valid search icon (mycroft search engine) [@ nsCharTraits::length] -- RESOLVED
299140 Searches hang don't return at all or return delayed for 7 minutes plus -- RESOLVED
299512 Search bar ceases to work after accidentally copying a long string into it. -- RESOLVED
300015 Add wikipedia quick search/custom keyword to default install -- VERIFIED
300204 Search Favicon is small in toolbar, large in drop-down menu. -- RESOLVED
300274 Search Plugins should be divided to user-level and shared plugins -- VERIFIED
300324 Cannot add a new search engine. Cannot judge it. -- RESOLVED
300500 no cookie info sent with Quick Search keyword -- RESOLVED
300758 search box is not resizable -- VERIFIED
300906 Google and Google Australia Search from google toolbar result in 404; Not Found error -- VERIFIED
301194 Duplicate search engines appearing in Toolbar Search menu -- RESOLVED
301611 Add support for "Copernic Agent Basic" search tool -- RESOLVED
302000* doesn't work with searchplugins stored in profile -- RESOLVED
302534 Accents not working using slash followed by a search term -- RESOLVED
302844 Tooltip for search bar shows the last tooltip shown -- VERIFIED
302845 Search bar tooltip says whatever the last tooltip said -- VERIFIED
303033 special characters encoded incorrectly for altavista search -- VERIFIED
303087 Seach bar's "Add engines..." is broken -- RESOLVED
303154 No security warning when sending data through toolbar search field -- RESOLVED
303318 Search engine dropdown has no tooltips -- RESOLVED
303641 Add search engine doesn't add entry to about:config -- RESOLVED
304038 Support javascript in search plugins -- RESOLVED
304100 Content Length of google.src is incorrect -- RESOLVED
304627 url bar and search plugin bar are broken after search plugin installation -- RESOLVED
305720 search plugin is broken for non-ASCII -- VERIFIED
305756 search plugin should send UTF-8, not Latin-1 -- VERIFIED
306002 Search bar should be cleared automatically after a search -- RESOLVED
306075 Invalid png file for search plugin -- RESOLVED
306266 url bar search (not deactivated google bar) returns "I'm feeling lucky" result regardless of about:config contents -- RESOLVED
306330 Search engines which don't have an icon have less margin than the others P4 VERIFIED
306358 Dragging and dropping of text in search bar gives js error. -- RESOLVED
306576 Search plugins URLs should be standardized on *secure* servers P1 RESOLVED
306661 search plugins completely disapeared in deerpark -- RESOLVED
306869 plugin needs to say "" and not "Dictionary" -- RESOLVED
306938 Making a searchplugin *.src unreadable and doing a search crashes Firefox -- RESOLVED
307146 Quick search icon list displays blank/incorrect tooltip -- VERIFIED
307268 Tooltips do not display for search engine plugins -- RESOLVED
307341 Search in no way works on ENTER -- RESOLVED
307719 Sometimes the tooltip on the search engine icon is empty -- VERIFIED
307723 "Document Contains No Data" on specific google search -- RESOLVED
307920 Firefox 1.5 Beta - blank search window no longer goes to search site -- RESOLVED
307954 toolbar search does not recognize change of search engine -- RESOLVED
307962 shortcuts for search engine -- VERIFIED
308027 search engines toolbar field gmail when viewing GMail inbox, search engines toolbar field has empty tooltip text -- VERIFIED
308054 Search engine icon tooltip has incorrect state until mouse hovers over text area -- VERIFIED
308119 SEARCH engines do not work well -- RESOLVED
308122 Use official search plugin -- RESOLVED
308143 Crash when doing search for example "c & c generals" in 1.5 Beta1 without "" -- RESOLVED
308323 mouse highlight of search engine does not update properly -- RESOLVED
308483 clear search history option can be misleading, because it also doesn't clear history P3 NEW
308550 'Add Engines...' fails -- RESOLVED
308674 Monitor and implement the OpenSearch 1.1 standard -- RESOLVED
308854 ctrl-up too many times in search box breaks search box -- RESOLVED
308932 Clicking the Search-Engine link invokes the modal dialogue but hitting OK yields no result -- RESOLVED
309265 addSearchEngine fails silently if older version of a plugin already installed -- RESOLVED
309378 Searching from the location bar uses I'm feeling lucky -- RESOLVED
309379 update plug-in -- RESOLVED
310041 Program crashes when text selections are dragged-and-dropped to search box -- RESOLVED
310075 include rls=org.mozilla in google quicksearch and keyword.url pref -- RESOLVED
310147 Highlighting hot key (ctrl+Enter) not functioning if i take search with in the page bar using the hotkey '/' -- RESOLVED
310393 Hitting Enter in the searchbar w/o input shouldn't add an empty entry to its autocomplete -- RESOLVED
310979 l10n 'it' request: upload Italian searchplugins on -- RESOLVED
311173 type "googe <chinese character, e.g.(阿帕奇)>" in address bar will navigate to search "???" instead -- RESOLVED
311653 Icon and dropdown in Search Bar has incorrect (stale) tooltip -- RESOLVED
311673 connection refused when attemping to conect to -- RESOLVED
311698 Mycroft balloon tip shows incorrect information (repeating last viewed baloon tip) -- RESOLVED
311842 SearchBar engine name list needs keyboard shortcut -- RESOLVED
312446 not confirmed? - search toolbar doesn't put focus on hyperlink when closed by escape key -- RESOLVED
312635 when clicking on the search icon in search toolbar may take more than one click -- RESOLVED
312713 hang when I attempt to do google search for tv guide and type the letters tv -- RESOLVED
313248 gives me an error when i want to surf the net (any webpage) that says eg"cant find".it gives me the same error know matter what site i try to enter -- RESOLVED
313374 Tooltips for the integrated search icon show the most recent tooltip from the chrome. -- RESOLVED
313537 A search plugin for the search engine "Exeland" -- RESOLVED
313673 tooltip (with incorrect text and position) in search bar drop down -- RESOLVED
313765 remove tooltips from searchbar -- RESOLVED
314107 Mechanism to distinguish search plugin locales -- RESOLVED
314137 Custom search plugins are deleted upon installation/upgrade. -- RESOLVED
314298 Adding search engines does not work -- RESOLVED
314499 search plugins don't install on windows from limited accounts -- RESOLVED
314579 Toolbar Search Engines Dissapear after Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.3 Update -- RESOLVED
314758 Search pluggins icons are cropped -- RESOLVED
314763 Icons in the search bar are half displayed -- RESOLVED
314812 Updating from latest stable to 1.5 RC erases custom search engines / overwrites custom search engines with defaults -- RESOLVED
314949 unable to use web search because CR doesn't send entered text to search engine -- RESOLVED
315027 Update to 10.4.3 version of OS X kills all search enginges -- RESOLVED
315034 If search is set to open in a new tab, Alt+Enter should open the search result in the current tab -- RESOLVED
315175 Google Toolbar Search field is not empty after opening a new tab -- RESOLVED
315698 All search engines disappeared from search bar due to upgrade to Fx1.5RC1 from Fx1.5B2. -- RESOLVED
316211 Select search engines directly via keyboard (first/last search engine via Ctrl+Home/Ctrl+End, Ctrl+<n> for n-th engine) -- RESOLVED
316549 Search options disappear -- RESOLVED
316876 FireFox now rarely downloads a search result -- RESOLVED
317060 Missing dictionary in search bar for da locale -- RESOLVED
317107 New search service P1 VERIFIED
317151 Cannot shift + tab out of the search box. -- RESOLVED
317166 Embedded browser search not working -- RESOLVED
317576 Search will not be carried out in all text boxes in a Page -- RESOLVED
318010 Search Engine Should have a separate Managing menu -- RESOLVED
318126 Added new search engines were automatically arranged in alphabetical order -- RESOLVED
318196 upon new install of v1.5, user installed search engines are missing -- RESOLVED
318306 blank search engine plugin - unable to remove -- RESOLVED
318335 upon upgrade from FireFox 1.5RC3 to 1.5 (final release) quick search from toolbar has no search engines installe -- RESOLVED
318418 Toolbar Search doesn't work after ENTER is pressed. -- RESOLVED
318441 Food Network Search Plugin -- RESOLVED
318472 search tool bar in 1.5 release will no longer work -- RESOLVED
318528 Individual search engines are no longer remembered for multiple Search Bars -- RESOLVED
318607 unable to search from search box -- RESOLVED
318679 Newly added Search engine isn't displayed in list till browser restart -- RESOLVED
318883 Strange box pops up when cursor hovers over search engine -- RESOLVED
318976 Default search plugins reappear on upgrade -- RESOLVED
319191 Tool-tip for search toolbar incorrect -- RESOLVED
319361 Freezes when entering anything in Google Search Bar -- RESOLVED
319458 Find toolbar not registering new search engines -- RESOLVED
319517 Rediret to page -- VERIFIED
320239 "Search engine" icon title displays the last title of browser -- RESOLVED
320283 Google hangs up during search term entry -- RESOLVED
320570 need short term solution to allow user to remove a search plugin -- RESOLVED
321000 search bar should replace newlines in pasted text with spaces -- RESOLVED
321300 No search engines -- RESOLVED
321871 Search plugin creates invalid xml in localstore.rdf (possibly only freedict plugin?) -- RESOLVED
322026 multiple menuseparators after adding new searchplugin; plugin located under "Add Engines..." -- RESOLVED
322201 counter for occurence -- RESOLVED
322538 Search engines in toolbar have disappeared and new bookmarks cannot be loaded -- RESOLVED
322587 Drag and Drop reordering of newly added search engines causes them to disappear and create unwanted horizontal rules. -- RESOLVED
322934 Search for NULL should deliver user to "searchform" rather than trimmed "action" -- RESOLVED
323256 quick search doesn't hit form submission warning -- VERIFIED
323798 Keyword URL Needs to be localized P1 RESOLVED
323801 Improve Keyword URL resolution -- VERIFIED
323803 Keyword URL Needs to be localized -- RESOLVED
323929 Firefox installer deletes old search plugins -- RESOLVED
323966 Users expect clearing history to clear searchbar also P3 RESOLVED
325659 Bring back the search "search-engines"-sidebar of the mozilla-suite -- RESOLVED
325673 sort-order of search-engines -- VERIFIED
325913 Allow search plugins to have a "search page" URL for blank searches P3 RESOLVED
325992 No search engines in toolbar -- RESOLVED
326099 Freeze in Firefox/Google search -- RESOLVED
326150 fix ja-JP, ja-JPM and ko-KR Yahoo! search plugin on 1.0.x branch -- RESOLVED
326151 Make Yahoo the default search engine in CJKT builds for 1.0.8+ -- RESOLVED
326154 add Yahoo search plugins for zh-TW and zh-CN -- RESOLVED
326448 Won't Give Search Results, Times Out, Or Just Won't Search ToolBar Or WebPages -- RESOLVED
326669 Google Search bar not functioning -- RESOLVED
326859 Strange redirect to incorrect website after selecting Google search result -- RESOLVED
327932 Implement search engine update system -- RESOLVED
327937 Firefox doesn't allow you to create custom Search Plugins P3 RESOLVED
327938 Firefox doesn't allow you to create custom Search Plugins -- RESOLVED
328220 search plugin adjustments for 1.0.8 -- RESOLVED
328343 request for multiple toolbar search field (bar) -- RESOLVED
328496 search engines appear multiple times -- RESOLVED
328659 cannot search in the search bar....need to go to -- RESOLVED
328821 Firefox update restores unwanted search engines. P1 RESOLVED
329386 [MAC] Wrong keybinding for search in new tab -- RESOLVED
329511 Cannot use advanced image size browse feature in Googe Image Search -- RESOLVED
329662 The length of the search bar is not configurable -- RESOLVED
329820 After a killing of all private data FF does not accept entering new search engines anymore; additionally all search engines are removed. -- VERIFIED
330223 The search page is not working according to specification -- RESOLVED
330842 "ASSERT: Can't serialize: file doesn't exist!" at startup P1 RESOLVED
330887 6.2% Ts regression on Pacifica P1 RESOLVED
330941 not removed from locale P5 RESOLVED
331075 Tools > Web Search goes to Google when user has removed the search bar from the toolbar (readd the search dialog) -- VERIFIED
331091 firefox alpha 2 has a run-a-away script on no search engines P1 RESOLVED
331105 Allow users to set a default search engine -- VERIFIED
331143 sanitize new search format P2 RESOLVED
331222 context menu search does not observe browser.tabs.loadInBackground setting; always opens in foreground P2 RESOLVED
331234 Search engine icons missing for amazon, cc and eBay on zh-TW 1.0.8 -- VERIFIED
331951 Multiple search fields -- VERIFIED
332021 Remove xpfe/components/search (nsInternetSearchService) from the firefox build P4 RESOLVED
332022 Use debug.js / NS_ASSERT in nsSearchService.js P3 VERIFIED
332448 nsSearchService fails to set POST data for searches P1 RESOLVED
332469 Firefox locks up when beginning a search -- RESOLVED
332761 The search toolbar is way too small -- RESOLVED
332999 I tried to add search engines such as Wikipedia, but no search engines are added -- RESOLVED
333036 using top-right search box should automatically open new tab -- RESOLVED
333067 nsSearchService fixes and cleanup P1 VERIFIED
333182 Search box needs history dropdown -- RESOLVED
333596 Firefox freezes and crashes every single time I delete characters from the E-Bay search box- I have to force quit- have recently upgraded to new Firefox 1.5- never had problem with old version. Also pages don't load fully. -- RESOLVED
333612 fx 3.0a1, 2.0a1, and 1.6a1 doesn't have search box visible -- RESOLVED
333899 mac freezes after second keystroke on any email or search engine page; did not happen until I upgraded -- RESOLVED
333920 convertSherlockFile needs to set ._type P5 VERIFIED
334120 Search box has no engines listed and when added one fails. -- RESOLVED
334335 firefox search box should default to non-commercial FOSS engine rather than google -- RESOLVED
334399 icons for sherlock plugins loaded from non-profile locations aren't loaded P1 RESOLVED
334486 Ability to restore shipped search engines from the safe mode dialog, after they've been removed P1 RESOLVED
334529 search.xml asserts on shutdown -- VERIFIED
334554 search service assumes HTTP channel, which won't always be there P3 RESOLVED
334946 Search fails with javascript error -- RESOLVED
335086 Support drag and drop for ordering engines in the search engine manager -- RESOLVED
335101 search service should not use prefs for engine metadata (alias, hidden) -- RESOLVED
335102 make it possible to rename search engine (support search plugin renaming) P5 NEW
335435 Tracking: Improve searchbox for FF2 -- RESOLVED
335439 Add dynamic search results ("suggest") support to browser search field -- RESOLVED
335441 Change tiny drop-down in browser search box into a button/drop-down combo to the right of the search box -- RESOLVED
335443 Support autodetection --> option of adding search engine definitions to browser search box -- RESOLVED
335444 Infrastructure to autodetect search engine definitions linked from the current page -- RESOLVED
335446 Add UI for notifying user of an available search engine option and allowing them to install it -- RESOLVED
335447 Make browser search box resizable -- RESOLVED
335448 Autodetect repeated use of a search field, and ask the user if they want that engine added to the browser search box P5 NEW
335460 re-implement special search plugin parameters P1 RESOLVED
335472 Right-click context menu shows irrelevant items when you select page text P1 RESOLVED
335604 after installing search plugin, plugin is not found -- RESOLVED
335691 Need better support for OpenSearch parameters P1 RESOLVED
335820 engine icons in the search engine manager need padding -- RESOLVED
335822 Deleting all search engines leaves useless separator in search box dropdown, search bar is useless -- VERIFIED
335827 Selecting new search provider should re-search terms -- RESOLVED
335878 non-ascii search engine names are not correctly displayed P1 RESOLVED
336085 Search (search bar) opens in first tab when multiple empty tabs are open -- RESOLVED
336208 no way to specify queryCharset (encoding) when using addEngineWithDetails method (nsIBrowserSearchService) P1 RESOLVED
336231 "Manage Search Engines..." in Search dropdown still has stale/incorrectly positioned tooltip -- RESOLVED
336452 Improve search-engine confirmation dialog P1 RESOLVED
336456 Add Search Engine with https:// in URL does not add to search box -- RESOLVED
336457 Mark selected search engine in the drop-down list -- RESOLVED
336555 Adjust search-engine popup to fit searchbox width P3 RESOLVED
336624 Dragdrop link into focused search bar doesn't show the link text in search bar -- RESOLVED
336625 When dragging & dropping text into search bar, it is grey, search doesn't work -- RESOLVED
336664 QuickSearch - encoding problem using extended ASCII charcaters -- VERIFIED
336667 Add context menu to search button -- RESOLVED
336868 Search drop-down opens left first and right after that -- RESOLVED
336887 search bar Go button is way too wide, when toolbar icons are set to "Icons & Text" or "Text" -- RESOLVED
336925 Middle Click Search Button should open new tab -- RESOLVED
337044 Search engine Manager leaks an observer when canceled -- VERIFIED
337045 When toolbar icons are shown as "Icons & Text" or "Text", search button displays incorrectly -- VERIFIED
337106 Appending "Search" to the search engine's name doesn't always work well (grey text in the search bar) -- RESOLVED
337131 search.png needs visual refresh -- RESOLVED
337137 Old Search-bar.png icon still loaded in search bar -- VERIFIED
337147 Clicking on the favicon should focus the search box -- RESOLVED
337169 Tooltip for engine selection drop-down menu is inaccurate and appears in the wrong place -- RESOLVED
337173 When removing the active search engine, gray search engine text doesn't get updated -- RESOLVED
337174 "Manage Search Engines" misaligned in menu -- RESOLVED
337178 Land search suggestions code -- RESOLVED
337180 assignment to undeclared variable menuitem in search.xml -- RESOLVED
337186 Unused properties in -- RESOLVED
337215 Focus state of the search box should not be remembered per tab -- RESOLVED
337256 Dragged word initiates no search -- RESOLVED
337292 Since searchbox oval is a single hard-coded image, it breaks with the new searchbar flex behavior -- VERIFIED
337299 Up and Down Arrows no longer display autocomplete list in the search box -- RESOLVED
337343 Reorganize searchbar class and anon-id names -- RESOLVED
337386 search suggestion autocomplete latency/delay can make search slow to respond or seem broken -- VERIFIED
337491 Allow to disable search suggestions and revert to traditional form history autocomplete -- RESOLVED
337548 hard to access search engine dropdown menu in toolbar search box -- RESOLVED
337598 Search engine selection drop-down is finicky on Mac OS X; it only responds on the left side of the drop-down triangle -- VERIFIED
337625 If an OpenSearch search plugin includes an Url tag with type other than text/html then it doesn't install P1 RESOLVED
337715 Add keyboard shortcuts for search engines -- VERIFIED
337719 For the Google search plugin, change country-specific TLD URLs to -- RESOLVED
337720 F4 or alt+up/down in the search box no longer opens dropdown -- VERIFIED
337725 Increase the size of the drop-down target for the search engine selection drop-down in the toolbar searchbox on Mac OS X -- RESOLVED
337738 Discrepancy in searchbar width between branch and trunk -- RESOLVED
337751 expose "description" attribute on nsISearchEngine -- RESOLVED
337764 When highlighting text and dragging it to the search bar, Firefox occasionally crashes. -- RESOLVED
337780 Support JS for adding search engines that matches IE's API (provide a way to install search engines from web script) P1 RESOLVED
337791 My Google searchbar disappeared when I upgraded -- RESOLVED
337804 Searching by d&d text on the search bar no longer works -- VERIFIED
337819 Search button in 'Search Box' not visible in 'Text only' mode -- VERIFIED
338018 No padding between icon and text in "Manage Search Engines" -- RESOLVED
338020 Search UI Enhancement: Search Engine Targets (toolbar icons) -- RESOLVED
338043 Search button does not look/behave like a button in Windows Classic -- RESOLVED
338044 search bar no longer allows for search. previous search engine listing is now missing. -- RESOLVED
338061 Properly sort history-based and suggest-based entries in search autocomplete -- RESOLVED
338064 browser.formfill.enable = false, disables search suggest -- RESOLVED
338081 search no longer goes directly through google, got some sort of spyware got to find out how to clean it. -- RESOLVED
338168 Undo in searchbox restores grey text as black -- VERIFIED
338172 network.http.pipelining=true, disables search suggest -- RESOLVED
338195 Dragging text to search box fails to perform search -- VERIFIED
338252 sourceTextEncoding attribute isn't parsed correctly in all cases (certain Sherlock plugins don't display correctly) P1 RESOLVED
338364 Searching from search bar fails with JavaScript error -- RESOLVED
338378 When customizing toolbars, search box has grey text and I-beam cursor and is hard to drag -- VERIFIED
338416 manage search engines UI should be combined into add-ons UI -- VERIFIED
338455 Keyboard shortcuts broken in quick search -- VERIFIED
338468 Search box leaks after being dragged from the customize toolbar dialog. -- RESOLVED
338487 memory leak when adding and removing search toolbar box -- RESOLVED
338494 Center gray "XXX Search" text in search bar -- RESOLVED
338579 Enter in search box waits a few seconds, then opens results page -- RESOLVED
338585 google suggestions don't play well with IME -- RESOLVED
338636 Want to delete a search engine via context menu P4 RESOLVED
338680 check isFile before fileSize (loading engines may fail at startup) P1 RESOLVED
338717 Search box will not do anything -- RESOLVED
338763 Search toolbar doesn't respond to anything -- RESOLVED
338997 Context search default engine in ver 2.0 -- VERIFIED
339005 with set to "true", when the current tab is about:blank (new tab) don't open a new tab when searching, and also when opening new URLs from external programs -- RESOLVED
339064 If an OpenSearch document contains POST method and a Param value is empty it won't install -- RESOLVED
339245 Suggestions doesn't send trailing spaces -- VERIFIED
339343 Base64 png image in opensearch plugin doesn't show up in search box dropdown P1 RESOLVED
339361 Code style in nsSearchSuggestions.js is 'orrible -- RESOLVED
339363 In most cases, "Suggestions" text in search suggestions drop-down is truncated -- RESOLVED
339441 Search suggestions could generate less traffic (change polling frequency) -- RESOLVED
339479 Autocomplete controller isn't updated properly in all cases -- RESOLVED
339522 Alt+Up/Down Arrow or F4 doesn't select any menu item of the searchbar popup -- RESOLVED
339551 Search engine "grey text" does not match search engine and its icon -- RESOLVED
339555 Support more items in search suggestion, location, auto complete history etc -- RESOLVED
339713 Allow more protocols for search plugin actions -- RESOLVED
339735 Improve UI for adding search engines detected from <link rel...> P1 RESOLVED
339792 Focus deviated for the field searches. -- VERIFIED
339794 Focus deviated for the field searches. -- RESOLVED
339798 Focus deviated for the field searches. -- VERIFIED
339830 Change server-side suggestion implementation to generate less network traffic -- RESOLVED
339850 I can't load search engines into Firefox. -- RESOLVED
340030 When I try to use the new search box, I cannot press enter to do the search. -- RESOLVED
340122 Don't offer <link rel="search"> discovered engines if their title matches an existing search plugin -- RESOLVED
340208 unable to add discovered search plugin from url with non-standard http port number -- RESOLVED
340225 Separation of form information save and search bar entry save. -- RESOLVED
340331 Allow installation of multiple search plugins with the same name -- RESOLVED
340419 Search doesn't work at all; Adding Search Engines doesn't work either -- VERIFIED
340420 Support Google "Did you mean..." spelling suggestions in FF2 searchbar -- VERIFIED
340421 Change google searchbox definition to use correct URI for suggestion server. -- RESOLVED
340444 SuggestionURL should be SuggestionUrl for consistency with opensearch Url tag -- RESOLVED
340506 Search doesn't work at all; Adding Search Engines doesn't work either; bookmarks missing -- RESOLVED
340540 Manage Search Engines: Engines are moved out of view -- RESOLVED
340604 Implement IE's window.external.IsSearchProviderInstalled (New JS API to allow sites to tell whether their engines are already in the list) -- RESOLVED
340649 Search engines missing -- RESOLVED
340691 When searching for a phrase containing CREATE TABLE, the following error occurs: The connection was reset -- RESOLVED
340693 google's search suggest should look at accepted languages P4 RESOLVED
340857 Support OpenSearch Suggestions extension (JSON format) -- RESOLVED
340868 Offer to re-add an autodiscovered engine if user removes it P2 RESOLVED
340930 Unable to add -- VERIFIED
340974 Search Engine Manager should be in tools -> addons -- RESOLVED
340977 Active search engine should be shown with a bullet and not in bold font in menu -- VERIFIED
341152 Editable search textbox even when it is grayed -- VERIFIED
341268 Abstract autocomplete storage/retrieval strategy into a search-internal API using storage -- RESOLVED
341365 "go to" . button on toolbar doesn't work -- RESOLVED
341437 No user feedback when adding new search engine fails URL checks -- RESOLVED
341577 Drag-and-drop of search engines on Mac looks ugly -- RESOLVED
341591 Inconsistently opening new tabs. -- RESOLVED
341648 Be consistent about opening search results in background tab vs. active tab -- RESOLVED
341665 Extend window.sidebar.addSearchEngine() to accept OpenSearch files P2 RESOLVED
341668 Preload title into search engine confirmation dialog P3 RESOLVED
341669 Show large magnifying-glass icon in search engine confirmation dialog -- RESOLVED
341715 Make "spell check this field" default for search box. -- RESOLVED
341833 Engine metadata should be removed when a profile search plugin is removed P3 NEW
341850 Closing trunk extremely slow -- RESOLVED
341908 search service does not filter "action" URIs (bug 290037) P1 VERIFIED
341909 Search service mishandles invalid search action URIs P1 RESOLVED
341975 "storage.sdb" (profile folder) should have a more explicit name -- RESOLVED
341976 storage.sdb entries should not use absolute paths to search plugins files (storage size optimization) -- RESOLVED
341981 sporadic "engine has no properties" error on startup -- VERIFIED
341984 "ASSERTION: Oops! You're asking for a weak reference to an object that doesn't support that" during shutdown (while removing observer for browser-search-engine-modified?) -- RESOLVED
342005 new search button should be a drop target -- RESOLVED
342007 Gray text in the search bar should be displayed in the chrome direction -- RESOLVED
342010 window.external.AddSearchProvider should support ftp URIs (IE compat) P2 RESOLVED
342122 Search service fails with error when the app folder searchplugins is removed -- RESOLVED
342168 search engines disappear/manage search engines doesnt work -- VERIFIED
342355 sometimes (google?) searches in the search box fail -- RESOLVED
342540 Technorati search using Toolbar Search box fails P1 RESOLVED
342643 Too long (or wrong) context-menu when all search engines are deleted -- RESOLVED
342645 Search bar shortcuts for opening the popup (Alt+Up/Down, F4) no longer work -- RESOLVED
342724 Error in tabbrowser.xml while clicking Get more search engines -- RESOLVED
342730 Intermittent startup issue with search service -- RESOLVED
342772 Allow drag & drop in search engine drop-down list -- RESOLVED
342774 Search bar starts too high then resizes -- RESOLVED
342788 If new engine fails to load, it's still queued to be selected -- RESOLVED
342789 No search box grippy/triangle in trunk builds with places -- RESOLVED
342819 Quicksearch, can't search -- RESOLVED
342887 Adding search engines doesn't work, Bookmark this page (right click) has problems in popup box (arrow-button) -- RESOLVED
342932 UI for adding a new search engine from a web page by automatic detection sucks hard -- VERIFIED
342980 The Integrated Search option does not work at all, it does not even list Google or any other search engines. -- RESOLVED
343045 Enter Key sometimes doesn't work in search bar -- RESOLVED
343431 update wiped out all my info, cant add searches and cant retain toolbar -- RESOLVED
343550 Alt+arrow does not work when inline search button is hidden -- RESOLVED
343623 Text in searchbar is highlighted when switching to another application and back to Firefox -- RESOLVED
343648 add search suggestions URL to searchplugin -- RESOLVED
343707 Add Restore Default Search Engines button to search manager -- RESOLVED
343788 Installation silently fails when trying to install an OpenSearch search engine that doesn't have an HTML result type -- RESOLVED
343824 Consider supporting OpenSearch engines with RSS result types -- RESOLVED
343829 Send relevant search plugin loading errors to the Error Console P4 NEW
343849 hl={moz:locale} in google plugin doesn't do the right thing -- RESOLVED
343957 Last letter in search bar often appears cut off -- RESOLVED
344059 Don't write search prefs. on shutdown unless something has changed -- RESOLVED
344132 No user feedback when adding new search engine fails to load from nonexistent host -- RESOLVED
344159 Ensure FF2 search service interacts appropriately with CCK extensions for partner and corporate deployment -- RESOLVED
344189 if pref is set to true Firefox opens two identical tabs for each search P1 RESOLVED
344231 Clicking an autocomplete entry in the search bar no longer starts the search with the selected entry (Error: aEvent has no properties) P1 RESOLVED
344297 is selected as default search engine when profile-selected engine is missing -- RESOLVED
344344 Up and down arrows missing in search engine list -- RESOLVED
344347 After visiting a page that offer OpenSearch plugins an empty space appears at bottom of the list -- RESOLVED
344381 should use blank tab P3 RESOLVED
344437 String cleanup for search engine confirmation dialog -- RESOLVED
344457 Removing all search engines other than Google and Answers causes the second search engine in the list to be removed when Firefox exits -- RESOLVED
344474 Search opens two identical tabs when pressing Enter but only one tab with CTRL-Enter or clicking on "search" button. -- VERIFIED
344523 AddSearchProvider doesn't check if provider already installed -- VERIFIED
344536 search bar form autocomplete entries can conceal suggestions -- RESOLVED
344538 Search keyword suggestion -- RESOLVED
344650 remove <Param name="hl" value="{moz:locale}"/> from google.xml -- VERIFIED
344941 Toolbar search box does not resize correctly -- RESOLVED
345127 nsSearchService's loadListener should implement nsIBadCertListener to avoid popping up "wrong cert" dialogs -- RESOLVED
345191 enter key no longer submits search from search bar -- RESOLVED
345233 Clicking on search autocomplete entry does not automatically execute search -- RESOLVED
345319 Installation of an engine with a very long name can fail -- RESOLVED
345404 "engine has no interval" error at startup, search doesn't work -- RESOLVED
345479 Client param makes Google searches use in Catalan Firefox -- RESOLVED
345869 Pull Down Menu within Search Field not Keyboard Accessible P1 RESOLVED
345908 Search engine update system is leaking nsXPCWrappedJS and XPCWrappedNative objects -- RESOLVED
346001 Should nsSearchService's loadListener implement nsIAuthPrompt? P3 NEW
346079 In the search bar, scrolling the mouse wheel should switch the engine -- VERIFIED
346165 ga-IE uses opensearch namespace in four plugins -- RESOLVED
346631 Text in search box will be searched for in gmail when using quicklink from toolbar -- RESOLVED
346819 Drag and Drop reordering incorrect in lists (search engines list) -- RESOLVED
347239 Search engine updates fail if the engine name hasn't changed -- RESOLVED
347240 Search service sometimes creates duplicate plugin files -- VERIFIED
347241 Don't use the DB to store engine order information unless the order is changed -- RESOLVED
347276 Remove and other unused prefs P1 RESOLVED
347364 Allow extensions to add searchplugins at an arbitrary position in the list -- RESOLVED
347411 Installing 1.5.06 on windows XP causes the search engines to dissappear. -- RESOLVED
347457 If a readonly engine has updates, and the icon load callback runs first, an exception is thrown -- RESOLVED
347462 [mac os x] in the search engine drop down, use a check mark instead of bold to show the current selected search engine -- RESOLVED
347936 Allow browser search order to be set for positions beyond 1 and 2 P4 RESOLVED
347950 Adding or removing a search engine doesn't update other tabs' menus -- RESOLVED
347961 Search engine button doesn't change for autodetected engine -- RESOLVED
348141 Adding an autodetected search engine should choose it too -- RESOLVED
348340 Search engine toolbar doesn't work -- RESOLVED
348344 Form History is not saved if customize toolbar dialog was opened -- RESOLVED
348509 Addition of OpenSearch source fails without error -- RESOLVED
348569 Search bar drag and drop should apply to the search button only (and not the text field) -- RESOLVED
348570 Search through context menu should give a choice of engines -- VERIFIED
348633 [mac] New Search UI doesn't look right -- RESOLVED
348661 When a new search engine is available for addition to the search box the padding for "Add "Technorati Search"" is missing a few pixels -- RESOLVED
348737 restoring defaults in "manage search engines..." results in unordered list P1 VERIFIED
348779 Searchbar demands too much space -- RESOLVED
348886 Search plugin with port in action URL does not retain port when search terms are empty -- RESOLVED
349080 search the "userdir" keyword in Google search bar , Firefox totally disappears -- RESOLVED
349431 Wikipedia wants to install a search-plugin over and over again -- VERIFIED
349444 "Get more search engines" links to wrong page -- RESOLVED
349534 Page not found for Get more search engines in manage search engines -- VERIFIED
349582 Manage search engines is blank -- RESOLVED
349599 check to determine whether an engine is already installed is case sensitive -- RESOLVED
349615 search result by searchbar open in foreground tab, ignoring tabbed browsing settings (open in background) -- VERIFIED
349740 "Open all searches in a new tab" UI -- RESOLVED
349854 Search Engine Reordering doesn't stick after pressing the OK button and unclean exit -- RESOLVED
349911 Autodiscovery of Search Plugin makes it default if previous "Start using it right away" pref is set -- RESOLVED
349957 When adding search plugins, full URL should be displayed -- RESOLVED
350079 esc does nothing in search box P3 NEW
350090 google search sending unofficial code -- RESOLVED
350098 Search Engine add-on Text roll over incorrectly identifies search engine -- RESOLVED
350223 search engine drop down stays highlighted after adding engine from link rel -- RESOLVED
350297 when I go to the firefox search engine it comes up as Yahoo web site instead. -- RESOLVED
350418 search suggestion from cache/history -- RESOLVED
350419 search suggestion fail over url -- RESOLVED
350420 split words and suggest -- RESOLVED
350424 Search is broken -- RESOLVED
350443 Search bar does not appear in latest hourly and when it does no search engines are found. -- RESOLVED
350583 The internet search box on the top tool bar does not appear on first launch -- RESOLVED
350675 Clear Private Data clears grey text in Search Bar -- RESOLVED
350737 Increase padding around search engines in search engine manager dialog -- RESOLVED
350738 Search service engine ordering code should use localeCompare -- RESOLVED
350788 borders between search textbox and surrounding chrome doesn't account for rtl -- RESOLVED
350801 Search Go button doesn't get turned around in rtl mode -- RESOLVED
350862 The RTL version of the search button image should be used in rtl chrome -- RESOLVED
350909 [RTL] Search-engine icon is too far to the right P2 RESOLVED
350963 searchForm and iconUpdateURL parameters are not serialised in sherlock -> mozSearch conversion (icon update and searchForm usage fails for sherlock files after a restart) -- RESOLVED
350998 Problems adding/removing multiple search plugins -- VERIFIED
351050 Arrow in searchbar drop down should be horizontally centered -- RESOLVED
351089 "Add a Keyword for this search" and "Manage Search Engines" integration -- RESOLVED
351091 deleting private data should not vanish the grey "Google"-string in the search bar -- RESOLVED
351253 Search button misinterprets modifiers when clicked P2 RESOLVED
351265 search with multiple engines at once -- RESOLVED
351441 Search engine is repeatedly offered to be added: preload autodetected plugins P5 RESOLVED
351660 Search UI uses <ShortName> instead of <Description> -- RESOLVED
351750 "enter search" as text for search plug-ins -- RESOLVED
351817 Implement pref-based search parameters -- RESOLVED
351857 Implement stub verasion of window.external.IsSearchProviderInstalled P2 RESOLVED
351945 very long search history items truncated prematurely -- RESOLVED
351993 Hover image is missaligned with normal image on go button for search box (OS X) -- VERIFIED
352002 no more searchengines ("for each" loop treated as a "for" loop) -- RESOLVED
352106 Moving search engines up and down does not work right P1 RESOLVED
352152 Search dropdown button misaligned and lacks hover -- RESOLVED
352348 pasting text with newlines in the search textbox is confusing -- RESOLVED
352592 moz:distributionID should not be hardcoded into nsSearchService.js P1 RESOLVED
352672 May wanna add hl={moz:language} to google.xml's suggest P4 VERIFIED
352689 [mac] regression: autodiscovery of search engines is not announced by color change in search bar -- RESOLVED
352768 searchForm isn't parsed for Sherlock engines P1 RESOLVED
352781 Need to update Yahoo search tracking codes for ja, ko, and tw to use moz2 by default -- RESOLVED
353025 Search engine in Search Bar is randomly changed every time search updates are checked P1 VERIFIED
353056 can't overwrite default/shipped search plugins/engines P5 NEW
353143 Search Engine changes at start up -- RESOLVED
353322 Search bar looks strange when on customize toolbar palette -- RESOLVED
353324 When search engine is found and search bar icon highlighted in blue, it loses effect on hover -- RESOLVED
353801 See error when dragging the searchbar to the customize window -- RESOLVED
353921 We leak on shutdown if the search bar is focused P3 RESOLVED
353930 it is not searching field properly -- RESOLVED
354016 Mycroft Project should be included as a pre-installed search engine plugin -- VERIFIED
354439 Command+K when the toolbar is hidden results in a blank firefox search page and not the expected dialog -- RESOLVED
354459 Search box disappears after upgrading Firefox 2 -- VERIFIED
354526 Web search doesn't respect tab settings (when search bar is not visible) -- RESOLVED
354531 Moving (reordering) search engines should enable the Restore Defaults button -- RESOLVED
354534 Restore Defaults button should be enabled when new engines are added -- RESOLVED
354801 I'm linked to even if I use the italian version of Firefox -- RESOLVED
354950 OpenSearch support doesn't honour 'pageOffset' and 'indexOffset' attributes of description P5 NEW
355074 search suggestions can be extremely inappropriate -- VERIFIED
355180 There are not any search engines listed in the search box and when i try to add them, they do not add. -- RESOLVED
355182 when adding a new plugin to my quick search toolbar, it does not appear -- RESOLVED
355191 Can't manage search engines if default folder gets empty -- RESOLVED
355500 firefox search toolbar does not show any search engine and is not working -- RESOLVED
355534 Manage search engines dialog inoperative -- RESOLVED
355625 Arbitrary code execution by JSON text for search suggestions P1 RESOLVED
355900 Web Search (Crl+K) opens firefox start page instead of the searchbox -- RESOLVED
356128 Add option to disable search engine autodiscovery notification (search bar glow) -- VERIFIED
356211 Search bar buttons dont have any drop-down text when hovered over -- RESOLVED
356276 search bar does not display security warning during the first search -- RESOLVED
356289 No way to unhide an extension search engine that has been removed P1 RESOLVED
356332 Select default search engine again after searching with another -- RESOLVED
356726 There is no way to rename a search engine -- VERIFIED
356821 UI wording change for search engine addition dialog P4 RESOLVED
357109 Invalid search engine update URLs may cause an assertion dialog each time an update check occurs -- VERIFIED
357257 Search autocomplete/suggestions use only half of the available width due to the word "suggestions" -- RESOLVED
357622 Search bar autocomplete entries should expire after a configurable delay -- RESOLVED
357743 Search engines gone, cannont load or add engines from any sites. -- RESOLVED
357744 Search engines gone, cannont load or add engines from any sites. -- RESOLVED
357830 OpenSearch: plugin not added if description not in utf-8 encoding P1 VERIFIED
358006 Empty query no longer takes you to some default page -- RESOLVED
358460 Unable to install or use search from toolbar. -- RESOLVED
358494 Display search engine selection dropdown when selecting search engine with the keyboard. -- RESOLVED
358523 use better transparent icons in Search Bar for some engine -- RESOLVED
358570 The query characters are garbled with OpenSearch without <inputEncoding> -- RESOLVED
358891 Firefox doesn't remember the search engine with non-ascii characters as its selected engine -- VERIFIED
359146 Authorization window opens when I type something into search toolbar (Google checked) -- RESOLVED
359178 Search Google in other language -- RESOLVED
359243 Failed request due to inclusion errors ERROR CODE IN DOGPILE -- RESOLVED
359425 When network connections settings are high, some searches hang -- RESOLVED
359549 Yahoo search box (input field) steals focus under different scenarios -- VERIFIED
359564 search.sqlite can be corrupted when running out of disk space, resulting in broken search functionality -- RESOLVED
359752 changing search engines while the autocomplete popup is visible (e.g. using Ctrl+Up/Down) doesn't clear Suggest entries P3 NEW
359880 Add param "aq=t" to the Google search engine spec -- RESOLVED
360270 Add OpenSearch Referrer Extension support P3 NEW
360273 Firefox should substitute unrecognized parameter extension with blank string -- RESOLVED
360331 getBrowserSelection() (context menu search) does not get text from input or textarea -- RESOLVED
360332 Search <Engine> for <String> context menu option doesn't support Ctrl/Shift/Middle clicks P5 NEW
360411 Restore default set in toolbar customization throws this._getParentSearchbar() has no properties -- RESOLVED
360450 not displaying the search result -- VERIFIED
360572 deleting a previous search entry does not work if a search suggestion is shown P1 VERIFIED
360606 on right clicking highlighted text, give option to use choose from all installed search engines -- RESOLVED
360867 Can't distinguish long search suggestions -- RESOLVED
360907 Search current site with OpenSearch P5 NEW
360915 search bar doesn't work after firefox open for a while -- RESOLVED
361061 params added nsISearchEngine::addParam() are sometimes forgotten after a restart (especially for engines added without icons) -- RESOLVED
361100 Using the "google" keyword to search for a string, firefox sends "google" as part of the string -- RESOLVED
361171 search bar doesn't work at all -- RESOLVED
361258 Tooltip misplaced for "Manage search engines..." -- VERIFIED
361631 don't work search in the toolbar -- RESOLVED
361735 middleclick on a search suggestion should open the result in a new tab -- VERIFIED
361769 the V before Show Suggestions is too big -- VERIFIED
361923 Can't use remote search engine icons larger than 10KB P1 RESOLVED
361952 Restore old behavior of search with ctrl-k when NO NAVIGATION BAR is present. -- RESOLVED
362460 Search service shouldn't assume that builds with branding directories are "official" builds -- RESOLVED
362678 Option to ignore search engine detection on a case-by-case basis -- RESOLVED
362679 Option to ignore search engine recognition on a case by case basis -- RESOLVED
363011 click on search suggestion doesn't start the search anymore -- RESOLVED
363069 error_duplicate_engine_msg is confusing when the search engine is a hidden default engine -- RESOLVED
363130 Search Engine dropdown icon ugliness where iconsize!=16x16 P2 VERIFIED
363376 Search Engine list should be alphabetized automatically, at least after app restart. -- RESOLVED
363512 remove base-64 encoding functions in favor of built-ins P3 RESOLVED
363970 Ctrl+UP/Ctrl+DOWN is slower than it was in 1.5 -- RESOLVED
364514 Use mozComponentLoader's btoa/atob in nsSearchServie -- RESOLVED
364957 Searching in search bar is not possible when profile path is not accessible anymore -- RESOLVED
365215 Search box takes all the available width in the menu toolbar -- RESOLVED
365227 Add context menu to search magnifying glass for temporary engine switch -- RESOLVED
366442 search.rdf is obsolete -- RESOLVED
367443 highlight in search bar engine drop down menu doesn't work when holding down mouse button and instead highlights any tab below it -- RESOLVED
367473 Navigation Toolbar's Manage Search Engine function did not work -- RESOLVED
367882 use current page's favicon rather than domain's favicon.ico for "Add engine" menu item P3 NEW
368562 exception in nsSearchService.js breaks chrome search box -- RESOLVED
369180 Proxy Authentication required while typing Search String -- RESOLVED
369203 Search Engine Discovery is broken on some sites (e.g. Urban Dictionary) -- VERIFIED
369452 Search text should be deleted right after I've searched for it -- RESOLVED
369739 when an engine update changes the engine's name, getEngineByName will only work with the old name P4 NEW
370067 Quick searches do not escape characters such as "+" -- RESOLVED
370310 Ctrl-K sends FF to Google's Firefox Start instead of placing cursor in web search box -- RESOLVED
370482 Loading an OpenSearch Description directly should offer to install -- RESOLVED
371506 search plugins images aren't scaled when displayed -- RESOLVED
371752 links on ff default google homepage are broken. -- RESOLVED
371825 When I try to search using google images or news in the latest version of Firefox, I get a 'Server Not Found' message and problem loading page. -- RESOLVED
372293 Search engine disapear after add one and restart -- RESOLVED
372326 search field stops working when harddrive is full -- RESOLVED
373583 cannot remove and readd Google from search engine toolbar -- RESOLVED
374484 add search plugin list becomes repetitive when reload page is on -- RESOLVED
375354 Enhancement: Bookmark Keyword feature moved to Search feature -- RESOLVED
375960 Search toolbars gets squashed in arbitrary ways. -- RESOLVED
375961 Bookmarks do not tile. -- RESOLVED
376752 Search results delayed until Save or Print dialog box in another FF window is closed -- RESOLVED
377274 broken linjk -- RESOLVED
378553 Expose search engine alias functionality -- VERIFIED
378848 use of BT Yahoo! browser replaces Google search in Firefox with Yahoo search -- RESOLVED
380276 Search Bar no longer works after windows changes state between online and offline when application data folder is redirected -- RESOLVED
380429 Default search engine not preserved when updating from 2003->2004RC2 P1 RESOLVED
380527 search terms stickiness should at least be configurable, not so persistent -- RESOLVED
380627 The search box should be cleared afer submit. -- VERIFIED
380785 Add Wikipedia to the default search engine list P2 VERIFIED
382436 Enable assigning shortcuts to switch search engine -- RESOLVED
382783 Search Bar Defaults to German for Irish Users -- RESOLVED
383054 Google Search thru web search box, does not search the appropriate regional site (.ie in my case) but a foreign language google site (.de) -- RESOLVED
383271 leak document (and sometimes windows and XBL docs) after typing in search box P1 RESOLVED
383562 Search engines move by themselves? -- RESOLVED
383726 Can't delete all search engines -- RESOLVED
384047 Search becomes non-functional after accidental 'no free space at profile location' condition -- VERIFIED
384124 Option to reset search bar engine to default when starting Firefox -- RESOLVED
384300 QuickSearch Includes the shortcut in the query field -- RESOLVED
385088 unable to close the manager search engine dialog with ok or cancel buttons -- RESOLVED
385105 Manage Search Engine List is broken -- RESOLVED
385492 XPCOMUtilify search suggestions -- RESOLVED
385889 search engines stoped working with cyrillic requests -- RESOLVED
386090 Remove aliases from uncommitted changes -- RESOLVED
386103 Localizability issues with search engine aliases -- VERIFIED
386205 Automatically resolve conflicts between existing user aliases and shipped/added ones P3 NEW
386214 Firefox quits if a user changes in the Search bar from to -- RESOLVED
386437 Use inline tree editing instead of a modal dialog when changing keywords in the Search Engines Manager -- RESOLVED
386473 XPCOMUtilify SearchService P5 RESOLVED
386487 Bottom left corner of the searchbox dropdown is missing the border -- RESOLVED
386591 Support "result URLs" for search suggestion results (OpenSearch) P5 NEW
386987 No Google Search option -- RESOLVED
387069 Exclude empty strings from the duplicate check -- RESOLVED
387070 Consider adding aliases/keywords to default/shipped search engines P3 NEW
387516 Searchbar bindings depend on global pollution from printUtils.js -- RESOLVED
387723 smart/keyword/bookmark searches don't work with non-ascii (russian) characters with the new urlbar binding P3 VERIFIED
388041 New web interface of google to reduce energy problem -- RESOLVED
388152 choosing a search engine should start a search for pre-entered text -- VERIFIED
388309 "Manage Search Engines" accesskey breaks quick menu navigation to engines beginning with "M" -- VERIFIED
389978 Keyword & Middle mouse button no longer work as in FF1.5 and earlier -- RESOLVED
389989 Toolbar Google Hijacked by -- VERIFIED
390093 Make searching with multiple engines require less steps for the user -- RESOLVED
391831 google search should use regional google depending on locale [Gentoo] -- RESOLVED
392220 Allow folder creation in search engine editor/drop down -- RESOLVED
392400 changing search engines clears text in search box -- VERIFIED
392633 [Search suggestion of search plugin] Suggestion display is broken if fast user typing overruns slow server response -- RESOLVED
392771 Load search engines from appdir/distribution/searchplugins dir tree -- RESOLVED
394979 Search Service is slow on startup (Ts hit) P1 RESOLVED
395750 clicking search button doesn't respect pref anymore -- VERIFIED
396000 support a "search:" protocol -- RESOLVED
396236 Removing the Search Bar results in (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIObserverService.removeObserver] -- VERIFIED
396388 Firefox quits in ubuntu when entering searches in the search tool bar. -- RESOLVED
396546 On first start, placeholder text in search box can be selected -- RESOLVED
397350 Google Suggest drop-down list too narrow -- VERIFIED
398026 Clean up the searchbar -- RESOLVED
398184 rebuild search bar dropdown onpopupshowing, not at startup -- RESOLVED
398455 Search history in search plugin should cap to 8 or 10 entries -- RESOLVED
398469 Ctrl+arrows does not change search engine in search field P1 VERIFIED
398569 After customizing toolbar, Search bar does not return the proper results -- RESOLVED
400127 Webster Search Error, When looking up a word it brings up an Invalid Input error on -- RESOLVED
400963 after install over .7 search plugins missing -- RESOLVED
401696 Real time display of searched criteria -- RESOLVED
402895 The search bar no longer has a blue border when the website has a search engine available P4 VERIFIED
403057 Search Engine manager icon issues where iconsize!=16x16 -- RESOLVED
403686 Search plugins get multi-selected when selecting them quickly -- RESOLVED
403854 Removing searchbar or location bar breaks many things P1 VERIFIED
404070 Google search from toolbar in Japaneses -- RESOLVED
404201 add comment to nsBrowserSearchService.idl stating that the parameters for addParam should already be uri encoded P3 NEW
404409 Everytime I try to perform a search using Yahoo or Google my browser crashes. -- RESOLVED
405079 Feature enhancement : show multiple search results in multiple tabbed pages. -- VERIFIED
405235 search bar autocomplete popup (history, suggestions) doesn't work P1 VERIFIED
405269 Ctrl+Click / middlemouse click on search bar autocomplete results is broken P1 VERIFIED
405443 Making search engine discovery more discoverable -- RESOLVED
405581 real google page wanted -- RESOLVED
405587 Allow multiple search engine UI elements in the toolbar -- VERIFIED
405664 keyboard shortcut to display the search engine list broken (alt+up/down, f4) P1 VERIFIED
405912 No reponse when click on Google search button. -- RESOLVED
405975 Search Bar icon disappears, caused by star popup -- RESOLVED
406272 Search Engines do not work -- RESOLVED
406303 Google Suggest in the Search Bar got broken -- RESOLVED
406446 Search bar does not support Firefox -- VERIFIED
406908 Installing Firefox deletes user searchplugins -- RESOLVED
407197 Hovering over search engine should show URL P4 NEW
407723 ask proxy ID with blank box when i type something on search -- RESOLVED
407922 Changing the Search plug in order for en-US from alpha to category based P3 RESOLVED
408014 Caret in Search bar is not needed when Dragging text on Empty Search bar -- VERIFIED
408132 Clicking in the search toolbar may not shift input focus correctly -- RESOLVED
408244 show opensearch plugin availability same as feed availability in location bar -- RESOLVED
408246 Shift+Clicking search autocomplete result (suggestion, history) opens search in new window, but fills search bar of current window -- RESOLVED
408251 When middle+ or shift+clicking suggestion entries in the search bar autocomplete popup, the selected search term isn't entered into the searchbar history -- RESOLVED
409103 JS Assert when opening a popup with toolbar=no -- RESOLVED
409684 Add clickSelectsAll option that's specific to the toolbar search field (search bar) -- RESOLVED
410345 search page displays cyrillic/russian characters -- VERIFIED
410499 Cannot add an opensearch engine with an accent in the title -- VERIFIED
410603 Revert bug 346079 or make it less annoying (scrolling the mouse wheel in the search bar switches the engine) -- VERIFIED
410672 "Manage Search Engines..." menu entry is misaligned -- RESOLVED
410850 Firefox crashes on any Google search -- VERIFIED
410945 Toolbar Search field do not respect tab option by keyboard shortcut -- VERIFIED
411674 dfsg -- VERIFIED
411677 Search bar suggestion list length should be user settable -- VERIFIED
412254 OpenSearch: when {searchTerms} specified both in searchUrl and as Param, data passed twice -- RESOLVED
412741 Using system native colors for "Add" Search Engine -- RESOLVED
412960 re-enable search service logging for non-debug builds P3 RESOLVED
412966 Search toolbar should be able to import Google Custom / allow the creation of custom searches from right click context menu -- RESOLVED
412990 Sherlock conversion code fails to add icon P1 RESOLVED
414642 Remove tooltip workaround from bug 336231 once bug 374288 is fixed -- VERIFIED
414849 Support middle-click paste and go behaviour on search icon P5 NEW
414861 Context menu Search does not honor -- VERIFIED
414964 POST searches works only from search bar, but not as keyword searches -- RESOLVED
415058 automatic fill in -- RESOLVED
415424 Multiple "Add new engine" options in search bar dropdown list if page is reloaded in the background and advertised engine name changes P4 NEW
415429 Search Bar jumps around in RTL mode -- VERIFIED
415700 Search engine aliases can "take over" the location bar P2 RESOLVED
416135 Typing text in search-field leaves artifacts (cursor?) -- VERIFIED
416367 Web search results not returned properly -- RESOLVED
416375 After running ccleaner, A Firefox/Google search defaults to Google France -- happens on 2 difference computers with 2 non-networked users. -- RESOLVED
416563 Search engine list should be sortable -- RESOLVED
417083 Open an information bar the first time a search engine is detected (not per page) -- RESOLVED
417143 Duplicate entries to add same search engine -- RESOLVED
417251 Search bar magnifying button should respect common shortcuts to open links -- RESOLVED
417269 Restore Defaults in search engine list manager window should ask for confirmation -- VERIFIED
417353 no selection possible for find selected text with search engine -- RESOLVED
417413 can't scroll search engines with mouse wheel -- RESOLVED
417478 Search bar does not recognize an offered search engine if added to the toolbar after a Web page loaded P3 RESOLVED
417717 idea: add search box for a specific website -- RESOLVED
417933 when typing in the search box it adds a "." to the last char when the cursor blinks. -- VERIFIED
418011 idea: change search engine after highlight text and right click -- RESOLVED
418373 I liked the wheel-scrolling between the search engines in MF-beta2 but i am disappointed not to find it in beta 3. Please add it as an update, it was really handy. -- VERIFIED
418452 patch / option to re-enable mouse-scrolling search engines -- VERIFIED
419193 Add preference so that toolbar search always shows results in new tab/window -- RESOLVED
420114 Rename Manage Search Engine List window to Search Engines -- RESOLVED
420269 search in tabs -- VERIFIED
420549 Removing an engine shortly after adding it triggers NS_ASSERT P2 RESOLVED
420560 Crashes when searching words -- VERIFIED
420685 Assign keywords for search engines into search engine manager -- RESOLVED
421613 update search plugin icons for ebay, creative commons, and amazon -- RESOLVED
421770 Iceweasel search bar prepends the phrase "Just Added" to all search strings -- RESOLVED
422387 Suggestions in search field no longer working after 'customize' of Navigation bar -- VERIFIED
422390 Search 'Suggestions' appear left of window when Search box out of screen -- RESOLVED
422646 Default Wikipedia search plugin removed from GUI can't be reinstalled -- VERIFIED
423158 Ctrl-z / Undo on search bar box dont work -- VERIFIED
424206 Opening new window while typing in search bar causes [Enter] not to function in search bar -- RESOLVED
424235 search icon covers input -- VERIFIED
424373 remove a search engine will not remove its associated keyword -- RESOLVED
424690 search-go-button don't ignore right click -- RESOLVED
425313 Search Engines and "Manage Search Engines" window do not function. -- RESOLVED
425431 Update wikipedia search engine P1 VERIFIED
425966 FF reverts to Google even when other location bar search services are specified -- RESOLVED
426304 Search toolbar unuseable with Sandboxie -- VERIFIED
426328 pressing enter in the search box no longer functions to submit the query -- VERIFIED
426329 Search box - pressing enter does nothing P1 VERIFIED
426382 "Enter" in Search Toolbar doesn't work -- VERIFIED
426387 "enter" key does not work after type in terms in search field of toolbar -- VERIFIED
426403 Pref not working for mouse click -- VERIFIED
426422 Hitting "Enter" or "Return" in search toolbar no longer performs the search. -- VERIFIED
426426 Google search field language comes to default when Firefox is auto-updated -- RESOLVED
426465 searching from searchbox throws "textbox is undefined" -- VERIFIED
426729 Improve open search discovery UI -- VERIFIED
426894 Pressing 'Enter' when focused on search box doesn't do anything -- VERIFIED
426922 Firefox does not display the actual search engine icon of an offered search engine -- VERIFIED
427028 firefox lacks hooks to properly upgrade through packging system (Was: After upgrade in ubuntu address bar sometimes triggers "ASSERT: *** Search: _installLocation: engine has no file!" instead of loading URL) P4 RESOLVED
427387 Search engine box disfunctional -- RESOLVED
428311 Search engines dropdown blank if firefox install directory hidden -- RESOLVED
428621 hitting "m" in search engines toolbar dropdown menu triggers "manage search engines" and not an engine starting with the letter m -- VERIFIED
428823 SearchSuggestionController improperly handles POST method suggestion URLs P3 NEW
429091 Search Engine Manager doesn't consider pending keyword changes when determining whether a keyword is in conflict -- RESOLVED
429166 Drag-and-drop of text to search bar in another window searches in source window -- VERIFIED
429183 if and search bar is absent; search page opens in current tab P4 RESOLVED
429424 search engine selection button becomes huge, only room for 3 characters in search bar -- RESOLVED
429513 Implement a workaround for bug #331105 (allow users to set the default search engine) -- RESOLVED
430263 Get details about installed search engines - their home page, etc. -- RESOLVED
430314 Use a Wikipedia search icon with no white background P4 NEW
430602 data: URIs not supported for sherlock search icons -- RESOLVED
430627 Remove open search notification in primary UI -- VERIFIED
431345 Google search causes first result to be requested and with HTTP_REFERER [prefetching] -- RESOLVED
433135 Internet Search from the toolbar search field doesn't work; entering nor clicking the search icon works. -- RESOLVED
433796 JavaScript exception: component does not have a method named: "observe"' when calling method: [nsIObserver::observe] -- RESOLVED
434494 Opening a new window with Cmd-K does not always focus the search field -- VERIFIED
434509 should be able to search to new tab -- RESOLVED
434667 Search strings with certain characters yield "400 Bad Request" from Google -- VERIFIED
434863 Quickly deleting keywords in search box is broken (Firefox 3 RC1) -- RESOLVED
435287 scroll wheel or touch pad scrolling does not switch search engines -- VERIFIED
435776 Change the search-engine view -- RESOLVED
435812 Remove some of -- RESOLVED
435815 isInAppDir should be true for search plugins in app/extensions directory -- RESOLVED
436265 Use currently selected search engine in the context menu (or Ctrl/Cmd+K) when search bar is hidden -- RESOLVED
436497 Update search engine plug-in favicon for Google -- VERIFIED
436655 New Google Favicon -- VERIFIED
436855 When an existing content is edited/changed in the search-bar - it does not activate -- RESOLVED
437211 Should the new google favicon or logo be added to google.xml search plugin file? -- VERIFIED
437630 OpenSearchDescription not recognized as an installable search engine -- VERIFIED
438056 Search plug-ins should be recognized when opened with Fx -- VERIFIED
438599 the currentEngine attribute of nsIBrowserSearchService should never be null -- RESOLVED
438785 bug in the handling of the duplicate keywords in Search Engine manager -- RESOLVED
438864 problem if I change keyword in search engine (no update) -- VERIFIED
439232 Search engine manager does not handle large icons correctly -- RESOLVED
440109 Dragging a tab from one FireFox window to the search box of the other causes unresponsiveness. -- RESOLVED
440189 Results from Searchbar are displayed on new tab, but without focus -- RESOLVED
440371 search engine manager suggest new search site but is not able to add it -- RESOLVED
440372 "Get MOre Search Engines..." link goes to page with no search engine results -- RESOLVED
440646 Toolbar Search field can not be resized after icon is placed between it and the adressbar -- RESOLVED
440780 idea: share search history between the web and the search box -- RESOLVED
440826 "get search engines": link to no search engines page -- VERIFIED
440836 fast search toolbar dropdown results widget floats in midair outside of firefox as i type. -- RESOLVED
441085 Adding the search engine for is broken -- RESOLVED
441183 between words, spaces become replaced with "%2B" from the toolbar search field to metacrawler's search page -- VERIFIED
441208 site-specific dynamic search plugin and change of method of adding auto-discovered search plugins -- RESOLVED
441333 Search plugins take precedence over keyword searches -- RESOLVED
441510 search bar does not respond to enter -- RESOLVED
442253 search toolbar suggestion dropdown placement issue -- VERIFIED
442613 <show search selection <not checked box> > does not turn off search engine mini window in Yahoo! Mail -- RESOLVED
443822 Built-in search engine may hide custom one for the same site after Firefox update -- RESOLVED
444306 search option is not working properly. -- RESOLVED
444320 After entering a query into a search engine when browsing from search engine results I am sent to a different page. First stop is to -- VERIFIED
444885 Unable to add Search Engine after deleting it -- VERIFIED
444907 search box doesn't show results in new tab after pressing Ctrl+Enter -- RESOLVED
446200 update search engine url is not possible on click "manage search engines" -- RESOLVED
446283 Searches are re-directed to other site than the one chosen -- RESOLVED
447732 Allow search bar to derive results from awesome location bar -- RESOLVED
447983 "Search Engine" Button doesn't change when I hover or click on it. -- RESOLVED
448159 Search content in Unicode Japanese characters cannot be seen -- RESOLVED
448408 browser. search. openintab -- VERIFIED
449622 right clicking on Get more search engines in search manager acts as a left click -- RESOLVED
449750 Request: New search bar -- RESOLVED
450643 When editing a searchengine's keyword in the engineeditor, Firefox messages that the keyword is already used -- RESOLVED
450931 Google search plugins localization -- RESOLVED
451245 Google is not listed as a search provider in the Get more search providers page -- RESOLVED
451313 do not search bio technology -- RESOLVED
451736 Google switches to the local language while abroad (should use Accept-Language) -- RESOLVED
452059 Dragging text from one instance to another instance's search box causes first window to be topmost -- RESOLVED
452536 Change the url for eBay search plug-in for (en-US) -- VERIFIED
452910 Selecting text in webpage should allow to right-click search options -- RESOLVED
453027 hide the magnifying glass until you start typing -- VERIFIED
453789 Allow multiple keywords for search engines -- RESOLVED
454090 Use .trim() in search service -- RESOLVED
454273 Clicking link on search result page is redirected to alternative results page. -- RESOLVED
454570 nsSearchService.js stores document and element on its global object -- RESOLVED
454783 Set manage Search Engines in the Add-ons panel -- RESOLVED
455192 Certain letters do not appear when typed in the search box -- RESOLVED
455492 Scrolling through search engines without moving the mouse -- RESOLVED
455838 List shortcut keywords next to search engines in search box engine selection drop down -- RESOLVED
455951 Move search engines manager to Add-ons Manager -- VERIFIED
456107 Ability to restore default profile search engines, manually. -- RESOLVED
457014 integration between the search bar and the address bar -- RESOLVED
458638 Unable to re-install search engines after update; Firefox says files already exist -- RESOLVED
458810 Implement search service test suite P4 NEW
459138 after deleting the active search plugin, you default to google in the search bar, not the top search plugin -- RESOLVED
459603 Search and location bar occasionally "blank out" -- RESOLVED
460235 Additional search service Ts improvements -- RESOLVED
460623 Google searches for Firefox could be faster -- RESOLVED
461042 Setting a keyword's search engine now fails without an error message if the keyword already exists -- RESOLVED
461247 Typo in eBay search plugin description -- RESOLVED
461954 Folders, separators and tags for search plugins -- RESOLVED
461985 "Add a keyword for this search" should use search plugins -- RESOLVED
462052 all searches saved to system.log -- RESOLVED
462062 hoiujo -- VERIFIED
462140 Default Search Engine Should be Random -- RESOLVED
464886 functionality is nt working -- VERIFIED
465144 Find on page should be integrated into search bar -- RESOLVED
465757 / Firefox homepage and from Google search bar: localizes to German ( -- RESOLVED
465922 Can't get lnks to urls to open in a new window -- RESOLVED
466278 I can't go to any page because it throw error when i hit Enter on location bar with URL -- RESOLVED
467066 Search bookmarked sites -- RESOLVED
467149 If a specific language is retrieved, it illegal ends. -- RESOLVED
467675 Allow setting custom keyword while adding a new search engine P5 RESOLVED
467745 disturbed me at right hand side when I want to search using google -- RESOLVED
467890 Support automatic updates for app-shipped search plugins P1 RESOLVED
468267 JSON error in SuggestAutoComplete.prototype.onReadyStateChange -- VERIFIED
468558 "Yoog" applies itself as search bar's default search engine. -- RESOLVED
468642 Search toolbar does not work -- RESOLVED
468810 Make "Manage search engines" window resizable -- VERIFIED
469378 CTRL-Z (undo) reveals typed sentences in the search *after* clearing history -- VERIFIED
469458 Web search should also give the local bookmark results -- RESOLVED
469765 I manually delete search engines, and they reappear in next session (e.g. EBay or Amazon) -- RESOLVED
470155 中文输入法切换会使浏览器关闭 -- RESOLVED
470193 "engine has no file" error when trying to manage engines after removing engine from the appdir manually -- RESOLVED
470590 manually added invalid search plugin causes search service initialization to fail -- RESOLVED
471116 search bar doesn't work anymore -- RESOLVED
471241 This is the 2nd time I'm sending this in because you deleted the first one. Please apologize. Search server error Mozilla. -- VERIFIED
471521 Custom search-engines are deleted when migrating from Firefox v2.0.0.20 to v3.0.5, only default ones are installed in 'C:\Programme\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins\'. -- RESOLVED
471561 Change search/start defaults to Yandex in ru builds P2 VERIFIED
472511 quick search box does not show complex text descenders of fonts -- RESOLVED
472525 Search plugin list should be draggable -- RESOLVED
472901 Google has updated its favicon, again P2 VERIFIED
472906 The "Restore" functionality in "Search" does not remain active -- RESOLVED
473591 Search bar does not work. -- RESOLVED
473913 Search bar not working. Unable to search any query. -- RESOLVED
474081 Sporadic failures in browser_bug321000.js -- VERIFIED
474128 remove newlines="replacewithspaces" from the search bar -- VERIFIED
474285 search toolbar (google selected) display a 404 page error -- RESOLVED
475289 Lazily initialize engineMetadataService -- RESOLVED
475471 Engine._updateInterval isn't cached properly -- VERIFIED
476180 Search bar does not function -- RESOLVED
476193 Adapt Firefox' Google icon to the new one used by Google -- RESOLVED
476907 Pressing Ctrl+Enter should open a search or URL in a new tab -- RESOLVED
477163 Digsby causes: Assertion Failed: Search Bar on top right -- RESOLVED
477211 Add To Firefox for new search engines takes very long to work -- RESOLVED
477542 Tries to add a already added search-engine. -- RESOLVED
478338 Uninstalling an add-on which provides a search engine in Firefox 3 breaks searching and managing search engines in Firefox 3.5 P1 VERIFIED
478343 Search toolbar have an error when managing search engines. -- VERIFIED
479408 search engine discovery code doesn't properly handle frames ("browser is null" in BrowserSearch::addEngine) -- RESOLVED
480108 Awsome bar doesn't search prioritarly in the history of a search engine after having typing its shortcut -- VERIFIED
480258 right click "search google for" brings up google firefox homepage instead of searching -- RESOLVED
480698 Search bar dropdown menu doesn't open on click -- VERIFIED
480707 Search bar's drop down menu does not work in the newest nightly. Stacked on Google Search. -- VERIFIED
480737 lastModifiedTime cache invalidation is broken (multiple strict warnings is search service) P2 RESOLVED
480827 Search-Engines select-box doesn't pop-up in Firefox latest Trunk -- VERIFIED
480959 Search bar doesn´t work -- RESOLVED
481041 Changes to search plugin dir are not detected anymore -- VERIFIED
481423 Support "descriptions" for search suggestion results (OpenSearch) -- RESOLVED
481810 Search toolbar does not function -- RESOLVED
481967 the search engine bar in firefox /3.1b2 isn't responding. -- RESOLVED
482145 Crash on minimize when drag and drop from one window to another -- RESOLVED
482229 Always provide the ability to add an engine for a site P5 NEW
483086 non-http[s] SearchForm URIs should be ignored (possible XSS if a malicious search plugin is installed) P1 VERIFIED
483121 closing the engine manager dialog after multiple changes is slow with many windows open P3 NEW
483449 phishing bug intercepts & redirects all searches to their own clients -- RESOLVED
483724 Yauba search engine -- RESOLVED
484220 pointless file move in search service -- RESOLVED
484288 Moving non-Default Search Engines in Manager activates "Restore Default" button -- RESOLVED
484636 AddSearchProvider() should support data: urls -- RESOLVED
485083 can't gain search to replace search -- RESOLVED
485546 moving a search engine on manage search engines takes 5 minute delay - too slow -- RESOLVED
486642 "Get more search engines ..." no longer links mycroft -- RESOLVED
488369 Google Search Bar Hogs Space and Bumps Other Options -- RESOLVED
488555 Search engines should update using AMO by default -- RESOLVED
489875 Dragging text from one window onto the search field of another locks this window -- RESOLVED
491125 Searchplugin disappears permanently after uninstalling extension with the same named plugin bundled P1 VERIFIED
491592 use mozBackgroundRequest for search service requests rather than implementing nsBadCertListener ourselves -- RESOLVED
492809 searching in Address bar results in FILE NOT FOUND error -- RESOLVED
492991 firefox vunerablility to searches being redirected to be displayed by "" -- RESOLVED
493051 nsIBrowserSearchService addEngine changes -- RESOLVED
493515 Ctrl + arrow keys shortcut don't work anymore since Firefox 3.x -- RESOLVED
493533 search in address bar does not work when started with a number. -- VERIFIED
493919 Remove or update obsolete default settings in existing-profile-defaults.js -- RESOLVED
494733 Unexpected behaviors of the Search Bar... -- VERIFIED
495584 search suggestions passes wrong previous result to form history -- RESOLVED
496136 Seach Bar does not work -- RESOLVED
496409 Change value of the en-US Yahoo! search plugin fr code for Firefox 3.5 -- RESOLVED
496451 Setting Default Search Engine Back Does not Work -- VERIFIED
496502 textbox focus steals focus away from searchbox -- RESOLVED
496899 when left clicking the search button on search bar nothing happens. -- RESOLVED
497093 Google Live Search doesent work -- RESOLVED
498070 Trouble Removing "Fast Browser Search" as desired search engine -- RESOLVED
498840 Duplicated accesskey in the Toolbar search -- VERIFIED
498908 Add Google Translate to default search engines -- RESOLVED
499575 Distinguish search engines on mouse-less navigation. -- RESOLVED
500217 Search fails on Yahoo Toolbar or internal search box -- RESOLVED
500623 Manage Search Engine List empty the OK and Cancel functions for this box do not work -- RESOLVED
500902 drag tab to searchbar doesn't remove default text -- VERIFIED
501089 Exception when removing search bar: "Component does not have requested interface arg 0" -- RESOLVED
501185 using the search tool bar or normal search engines gives a error notification for a thread -- VERIFIED
501571 Favorites and search box on same toolbar causes favorites to collapse -- VERIFIED
501604 dragging+hovering over the search bar should cause the list of engines to popup/open P3 NEW
501631 Search bar contents disappear after running Glary Utilities -- RESOLVED
502202 modifications to search plugin description files don't get picked up on Windows (editing google.xml manually has no impact) -- RESOLVED
502286 Dropdown/Drag-and-Drop functionality for search bar. -- VERIFIED
502338 Context Menu search feature. -- VERIFIED
502802 Drag and overwrite of the text in the search bar does not function with google toolbar -- RESOLVED
503089 URI encoding not done -- RESOLVED
503492 search toolbar doesn't work; search box unresponsive when executing a search -- RESOLVED
504045 Allow addSearchEngine/AddSearchProvider to update default engines -- RESOLVED
504048 Implement update retries, backoffs and fuzzing P5 RESOLVED
504049 Support one-time updates P5 RESOLVED
504568 Specified search engine is only used in contextual menu when search bar is shown in tool bar -- VERIFIED
504872 Investigate further delaying initialization of the search bar -- RESOLVED
505073 In the Ubuntu version of Firefox 3.5.1 the search box does not perform a search -- RESOLVED
506495 Search now requires two button pushes to search (instead of previous single push) (Firefox 3.5.1) -- RESOLVED
507913 Can not search from the search toolbar. -- RESOLVED
508221 Favicons in search bar dropdown not shown if menus_have_icons=false -- VERIFIED
508712 search.json not rebuilt when search plug-ins updated -- VERIFIED
508792 Search Bar + Google Search Engine leads to feature-poor Custom Google Search -- RESOLVED
509228 Default search not Google but OpenDNS -- VERIFIED
511017 Replace existing Google search plugin with one that supports dynamic updates -- RESOLVED
512510 Ship a JSON representation of default search plugins P3 RESOLVED
512681 Automatic Sorting of Search-Engines in the Firefox-Searchbar missing -- RESOLVED
513180 When == true, and you click the search magnifier instead of enter, it does not open in a new tab P5 NEW
513612 paste behaviour changed for the worse -- RESOLVED
514376 Remote favicons in default plugins aren't displayed -- RESOLVED
514377 Pass SearchForm through ParamSubstitution() P2 VERIFIED
514407 Make cache file writes asynchronous -- VERIFIED
514417 CTRL-N raises 'Assertion Failed' popup -- RESOLVED
515232 "distribution" searchplugins dont work for complex general.useragent.locale -- RESOLVED
515434 Drag and drop from separate windows to the search box loads the search on the original window. -- RESOLVED
515635 "Search Google for ..." context menu should open tab next to current active tab -- VERIFIED
516252 dragging text from window A into the search field on window B displays results on window A -- RESOLVED
516361 search plugins shipped by extensions keep being re-added on each firefox update although hidden before -- RESOLVED
516907 Google Search provider missing in 3.5.3 -- VERIFIED
517485 Google suggest and yahoo suggest are giving results from history -- RESOLVED
517720 Adding a search engine using relative URIs is not supported -- RESOLVED
517738 Up/down arrow keys for selecting engines in search bar? -- RESOLVED
518447 Search Storage usage changes: Don't create statement wrapper & don't use step() -- VERIFIED
518813 Internet search from the Toolbar Search field for 'Jingoism' results in repeated reload of page -- RESOLVED
519112 Closing a tab opened via Alt+Enter from the search bar should move focus back to the page in the current tab -- RESOLVED
519456 Using Google search in the top search bar or within a Google page; also clicking on a link within a Google search page; browser crashes consistently -- RESOLVED
520284 Search should use the method for participating adding a timerManager timer implemented in bug 471219 -- RESOLVED
520334 Store updateexpir/updatedatatype metadata in the cache -- RESOLVED
521749 Allow more than one search bar on toolbox -- RESOLVED
521808 Restoring the default toolbar set results in 'a.initialize is not a function' being displayed in the error console. -- RESOLVED
522040 no way to open "Manage search engine" window (to edit search keywords) when search bar is removed -- RESOLVED
522606 Bug Causes Firefox to Copy Google Search Result Links Instead of Direct Links -- RESOLVED
522842 Don't notify during startup until all engines are loaded -- RESOLVED
523453 optionally allow loading engines from chrome:// URIs -- RESOLVED
523780 Can not drag the first search engine in the listbox of Search Engine Manager -- VERIFIED
526167 misleading tooltips in search field context menu P5 NEW
526752 Search keywords don't work with leading/trailing spaces -- VERIFIED
526989 getEngines, getVisibleEngines and getDefaultEngines engineCount out params should be optional -- RESOLVED
527427 In full-screen, the search-engine through the context menu is not the selected one, instead it's google. -- VERIFIED
527892 Replacing a search engine/tool/plugin not user friendly -- RESOLVED
527966 Update Yahoo! Favicon in default search plugins -- RESOLVED
528185 The 'Manage Search Engines' dialogue does not work -- RESOLVED
528745 Search Bar History Window (Sidebar?) fails to dismiss -- RESOLVED
528898 ask search installed even though I ask not to. -- RESOLVED
529173 Replace search.json with startup cache -- RESOLVED
529345 need to ensure that updateIntervals are not negative P4 NEW
530483 Tool Bar "Search" input field value is not taken when press Enter Key or Search Button -- RESOLVED
530533 Add pref to control whether addEngine prompts to "use immediately" -- RESOLVED
530790 Search Engine ordering gets jumbled up when switching from Fx 3.5.5 to Fx 3.6 Beta 1 -- RESOLVED
531207 search service should accept non-16x16px images if they're the only ones available P3 NEW
531370 Searchbar dropdown menu favicons disappeared -- RESOLVED
531458 Dragging highlighted text in the Search Field erases the un-highlighted text. P5 NEW
532178 moz:official parameter should depend on MOZ_OFFICIAL_BRANDING rather than MOZILLA_OFFICIAL -- RESOLVED
533134 Dragging a tab into an empty search bar causes text to be gray, and search is blank. -- RESOLVED
533228 After I install Fast Youtube Download and Tab Progress Bar,Google disappears from search box -- RESOLVED
533674 for my custom search plugin search suggestions are not work -- RESOLVED
534230 Icons on search engine pull down menu disappeared -- RESOLVED
534617 Bing is not on available search engines -- RESOLVED
534663 [ubuntu] updates overwrite/erases defined keywords for default search engines -- RESOLVED
534840 opening a new tab and loading with Ctrl+K keeps focus in the location bar rather than focusing the search field -- RESOLVED
534889 test: browser_426329.js | Timed out -- RESOLVED
535104 With the search bar removed from the toolbar, Ctrl+K still unhides the toolbar in full screen mode -- RESOLVED
535527 add pref to control search suggestion timeout P5 RESOLVED
535538 searchplugins cannot be found if chrome:// search engine loading is used with flat chrome -- RESOLVED
536096 Since yesterday, I haven't been able to open multiple windows in Firefox. I'm using Windows 7 -- RESOLVED
537222 Searchbar: Editing of Searchplugin Preferences (e. g. Parameters) not possible -- RESOLVED
537450 when search toolbar is empty, it will not collapse when other item is clicked, blocks other items -- RESOLVED
537899 Make search bar to search on multiple sites at the same time -- RESOLVED
538953 Using Search bar AND a proxy with password authentification ... keeps asking the password at any key entered -- RESOLVED
539121 Dragging a Tab into the Search Bar - Grayed Out -- RESOLVED
540239 Right clicking in the Search Bar selection pulldown bugs when done on two different selections -- RESOLVED
540492 Suggestion list at wrong position -- RESOLVED
541695 search box problem - will not properly overwrite selected text -- RESOLVED
542226 Pressing spacebar on the search box crash firefox!!! -- RESOLVED
542427 I installed new tool bar and my default search engine is changed -- RESOLVED
542486 Firefox crashes when search is used -- RESOLVED
542586 crash when suggestions are enabled in the searchbar -- RESOLVED
542990 Don't cont search suggestion result timeouts as no results to avoid erroneously closing the popup P5 NEW
544194 google.xml and other searchplugins should be *per user* -- RESOLVED
544836 Proxy authentication broken while typing in the search field -- RESOLVED
545122 use the new d&d API in search.xml -- RESOLVED
545967 After resize "Manage search engines", the engine item could not drag. -- RESOLVED
547837 _isDefault called during from-the-web engine installation only accidentally works, breaks stuff P4 NEW
548447 Search bar not working -- RESOLVED
550290 nsSidebar.js check for icon validity flawed -- RESOLVED
551591 ASK appeared as a default search engine on Firefox start up page -- RESOLVED
552559 searching from search bar (google - and logged in) - defaults to IP address rather than signed in state -- RESOLVED
552659 improve sanitizeName function -- RESOLVED
553577 failure to save searches to form history breaks the search bar -- VERIFIED
554265 Search engine icons are not downloaded if searchplugin is readonly -- RESOLVED
554400 Convert search.xml to use api from bug 545714 -- RESOLVED
554454 Open links in new tab not working in 3.6.2 -- RESOLVED
554459 favicon fallback for addSearchEngine/AddSearchProvider shouldn't cause installation failures -- RESOLVED
555137 Google Search should use the language of my browser instead of the localized language of the country I am in -- RESOLVED
556437 nsSearchService.restoreDefaultEngines should also restore the default order P5 NEW
556512 Add ability to lock params in search plugins -- RESOLVED
557062 crash when I search in Google -- RESOLVED
557665 Allow specifying SearchForm as a normal <Url> in engine description files -- VERIFIED
557890 Update Google search plugin suggestion URLs -- RESOLVED
558023 Google Search Bar fails to clear highlighted text -- RESOLVED
558703 "Matches found" feature request for contextual search -- RESOLVED
559010 Pressing ENTER key for a search from the search box focuses the search on page -- RESOLVED
560517 Search and location bar do not work when on -- RESOLVED
561113 Firefox changes my Headsearch-engine in fullscreen -- RESOLVED
561291 Search NOT finding MOST words on pages, in email, etc. -- RESOLVED
562401 crash when i writing the word "rhe;bv" in the search field -- RESOLVED
562612 search.json doesn't handle boolean values consistently -- RESOLVED
563359 Default search engines re-appear after upgrading Firefox on Ubuntu -- RESOLVED
564777 Search toolbar does not produce any results when I select 'enter' or the magnifying glass icon -- RESOLVED
567493 Google OpenSearch plugin uses deprecated parameters -- RESOLVED
567528 [Linux] Some search engines' suggestions don't work in Firefox search field -- RESOLVED
567973 Search engine suggestions not always visible. -- RESOLVED
568286 Search field broken in latest Mac Nightly -- RESOLVED
568477 Search box is not generating the search URL -- RESOLVED
568865 Toolbar search is broken -- RESOLVED
568915 Search service init is 1% of startup -- RESOLVED
569459 background color of even rows in search dropdown illegible on dark Ubuntu theme -- VERIFIED
570123 Add preference to allow selecting all text in the search bar with a single click -- RESOLVED
571129 contextMenuSearchText should have numbered arguments -- RESOLVED
571467 can't weight the search engine addons by pref -- RESOLVED
572425 nsISearchEngine.getSubmission reponseType should be an [optional] param -- RESOLVED
572972 new geolocation popup: show geo icon when geolocation is active, allow managing permission prefs -- RESOLVED
573110 unexpected close while using google search bar -- RESOLVED
573436 Google Search after installed new Firefox pulls up "download new version of Firefox"page -- RESOLVED
573517 after entering a search all results will not go to URL. -- RESOLVED
575737 When FF is on the right screen of a dual-screen system, the search results are printed on the left screen. -- RESOLVED
575783 Search suggestions appear on primary screen instead of under search box on secondary screen -- RESOLVED
575960 Why send google the rls parameter? -- RESOLVED
576127 Add a field to enter a search keyword to the Add Search Engine dialog box -- RESOLVED
576696 Google search will not function after initial search -- RESOLVED
577276 Suggestions on search is shown incorrectly (in a different monitor) -- RESOLVED
577293 Search Suggestions in Search Field is Unreadable -- RESOLVED
577302 Search box drop-down menu displaced on second monitor -- RESOLVED
577975 Cannot drag search plugins into Firefox to install. -- RESOLVED
578166 Search suggestions box doesn't screen offset into account -- RESOLVED
578184 On multi-monitor setup, search suggestions show up wrong. -- RESOLVED
579658 Suggestions of the serachbar appear on the wrong screen -- RESOLVED
581638 Getting more search engines? -- VERIFIED
581667 minefield could not install the search plugin from -- RESOLVED
581670 install error for search plugin -- RESOLVED
583073 Search bar stopped working -- RESOLVED
583541 Restore Defaults button in Manage Search Engine UI should be Press-able after adding/removing search engine(s) -- RESOLVED
583674 User should be able to choose search engine from quick search list via the _Context Menu_ -- RESOLVED
583707 the button drop-down list in the tool bar does not work -- RESOLVED
583866 using igoogle search result redirects to -- RESOLVED
584234 Search suggestions display in primary monitor, when browser is maximized in secondary monitor. -- RESOLVED
584341 Autosuggest displayed on wrong screen in multi-monitor setup -- RESOLVED
584435 no default keywords in search dropdown -- RESOLVED
585135 Search autocomplete dropdown results appear on wrong monitor in dual-monitor configuration -- RESOLVED
585447 Toolbar Search Field is not removable, reappears upon FF restart -- RESOLVED
585741 Remove from list of default search engines in en-US -- VERIFIED
586821 Add affiliate URL queries to location bar search -- RESOLVED
587691 need a way to get the default engine, even if it is hidden -- RESOLVED
587780 add "purpose" argument to getSubmission -- RESOLVED
587785 toolbar search should allow https -- RESOLVED
592909 Streamline the visual appearance of the search field -- RESOLVED
593692 No search engines available when upgrading from Fx4.0b4 to b5 -- RESOLVED
593694 No search engines in the search bar -- RESOLVED
593965 Error when running search from search box -- RESOLVED
595511 If Navigation toolbar hidden, r-click context-menu "Search" uses default engine instead of selected search engine -- RESOLVED
597916 Allowing adding custom Search Engine(s) -- RESOLVED
598189 Cmd-K when search field is hidden should focus URL field instead -- RESOLVED
598623 addEngine* APIs are broken in multiple ways -- RESOLVED
598630 Need searchservice.reload() P5 RESOLVED
598697 <ext-xpi-root>/searchplugins/ doesn't work with packed extensions P5 RESOLVED
599187 Operation of search bar changes if I press ENTER key or the button -- RESOLVED
599449 Opensearch suggestsions do not show if the server is slow. -- RESOLVED
599751 Javascript strict warnings in nsSearchService.js -- RESOLVED
600244 Some cleanups in search and sidebar code found by SeaMonkey's OpenSearch work -- RESOLVED
601409 searchbar-engine-button only child inside a very anonymous box without attributes -- RESOLVED
601899 searchplugins are combined from all language packs -- RESOLVED
602840 Last searched term in search box should fade away after a while -- RESOLVED
603298 Add Bing to the default en-US search plugins; remove and CC -- RESOLVED
604390 Text in search box is automatically selected while writing "search keyword" -- RESOLVED
604979 Bing doesn't switch locale automatically -- RESOLVED
605390 Proxy authentication required for each letter typed in search toolbar -- RESOLVED
605929 Wikipedias OpenSearch does not work on, even if the original entry is removed -- RESOLVED
606742 <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL="> -- VERIFIED
606859 Unable to add Sherlock search plugin -- VERIFIED
606886 don't notify about added engines until we're done adding them P3 RESOLVED
607855 An idea to make selecting search plugins easier -- RESOLVED
610795 "Manage Search Engine List" window is not resizable and smaller than needed. -- VERIFIED
610801 Allow multiple keywords for a single search engine -- RESOLVED
612453 Provide search suggestions on Firefox Start Page (about:home) -- VERIFIED
612965 Open search results in foreground -- RESOLVED
613930 Only Bing searchengine shown/present/available/exists in searchbox dropdown, other engines missing, but present in search.json and searchplugins folder -- RESOLVED
614807 Add/edit search engines manually -- RESOLVED
615761 window.external.AddSearchProvider loop DoS P3 NEW
616331 'Search' context menu target does not match menu item text when selection changes -- RESOLVED
618697 Search engine button doesn't change when a searchplugin is detected -- RESOLVED
618699 Embedded icons are not displayed in searchbar menu item "Add searchplugin" -- RESOLVED
620231 Search bar auto clear -- RESOLVED
620318 Search Providers gone for no reason -- RESOLVED
620565 Adding a keyword for a search with an URL containing '?' yield invalid quicksearch bookmark -- RESOLVED
620672 Disappearance of search engine list when using Firefox 4.0 beta releases [caused by testpilot] -- RESOLVED
620677 Window focus issue - drag and drop to search box in 2nd FF window updates source window -- RESOLVED
620959 search engines settings: by default search entries language settings are lost -- RESOLVED
621450 Search Bar will not "search" -- RESOLVED
622102 search modul Google givs results in instead of -- RESOLVED
622189 search engine list is empty after update to beta8 breaking search bar -- RESOLVED
622658 Search Engines disappear between beta 6 and 7 for some users -- VERIFIED
623110 new default search engine overrides user-installed search engine with same name (Bing search in Firefox 4) -- VERIFIED
624054 Searches from URL bar should include source attribute -- VERIFIED
624768 Minefield search bar suggestion menu positioning bad when hitting ALT to bring up the menu bar. -- VERIFIED
625062 Update eBay Search Plugins (Metabug) -- RESOLVED
625115 Update default eBay Search Plugin -- RESOLVED
625466 Ctrl-K uses default search engine, not selected Engine -- RESOLVED
625509 After adding several new Search Engines, most of the engines disappeared. -- RESOLVED
626057 Slow searches with client=firefox / client=firefox-a -- RESOLVED
627696 Search Engine list should show the description of the engine P5 NEW
629317 In-page search results should be centered in the browser -- VERIFIED
630846 Manage Search Engines DOES NOT allow for removal of selected engines -- RESOLVED
631152 Search autocomplete popup opens in the wrong position in RTL mode -- VERIFIED
631746 Search bar: Search engine cannot be switched -- RESOLVED
632566 Clicking Magnifying glass icon in search box links to Google's homepage -- RESOLVED
633773 Use Google's HTTPS search by default -- RESOLVED
633799 The selected search engine in the search field won't change -- RESOLVED
633824 "we" search keyword unavailable after upgrade -- RESOLVED
634140 Determine colors for each search engine P5 NEW
635020 can't change search provider from search field after watching videos on youtube -- VERIFIED
635136 Search provider defaults to Google when search bar is not visible -- RESOLVED
635596 firefox sync doesn't sync search engines in search bar -- RESOLVED
635753 can't change searchengine in the search bar -- RESOLVED
636821 New URL/status bar(?) in bottom-left of UI can occlude text highlighted by page-find -- RESOLVED
637320 Search in address bar ignores default search engine -- VERIFIED
638447 google search continues after results display. Screen is locked -- RESOLVED
639509 Ineradicable and Immoveable Search Engines -- RESOLVED
641090 context/right-click menu "Search Google for" broken in popup windows, displays assertion failed dialog, And Firefox should open the new tab in a full browser window -- VERIFIED
641271 If the uninstall.log file has been removed, a pave-over installation of Firefox 4 will not remove all old files and causes the 'I'm feeling lucky" search to fail -- RESOLVED
641752 id textbox should have limited values -- RESOLVED
642797 Search suggestions appear on wrong monitor when FF window spans two -- RESOLVED
643172 Some searchbar cleanup found by SeaMonkey reviews -- RESOLVED
643192 add possibility to manage search engines with hidden searchbar -- VERIFIED
643223 character j leaves a small . in search field after erasing it using backspace. -- RESOLVED
645232 search button dont work in the nevigation toolbar when i wrote somethin into that -- RESOLVED
645595 right-click menu lacks "Go To" option and instead offers a Search option -- RESOLVED
645970 Search engines in fennec language packs don't work, search service doesn't unpack jar:jar: -- VERIFIED
646277 Add a "search using ..." context menu to search bar go button -- RESOLVED
646301 The 'Get more search engines' link under 'Manage search engines' - opens the wrong page -- RESOLVED
647163 Toolbar Search field: CTRL + ENTER don't open search in a new tab -- RESOLVED
647306 search pages on Firefox 4.0 (Google and Yahoo, for example) not "clickable" -- RESOLVED
647616 Address bar search does not work. -- RESOLVED
648348 search does open when you type and when you pull it up from drop box it does not come up -- RESOLVED
650104 search bar to move left right content page is no longer visualize -- RESOLVED
650751 can't re-add through OpenSearch discovery a removed default search provider -- RESOLVED
650755 Make search choices "spring back" -- RESOLVED
650950 Simplify DOMMouseScroll event handler -- RESOLVED
652487 Context menu item to search the web for selected text should just use the user's default engine -- RESOLVED
653774 when I open this page appear the address 'file:///C:/Users/Adriano/AppData/Roaming/ToolbarInstaller/ToolbarInstaller/' -- RESOLVED
655106 Removing the search bar by customizing reverts context menu search to Google -- VERIFIED
655593 Mac OS X search field round corners design -- VERIFIED
657156 problem with displaying Cyrillic in searching the Yahoo!. -- RESOLVED
657157 State of the search bar should be local to current tab -- RESOLVED
657241 Unable to search SVG files for text -- VERIFIED
657914 Function request: export/import search engines to a file including their order and keyword -- RESOLVED
662148 Firefox hangs and sometimes crashes when using "Organize Search Engines" addon [@nsXULTemplateBuilder::DetermineMatchedRule] -- RESOLVED
662230 Manage search engines should be accessible from Preferences -- RESOLVED
663066 RR -- VERIFIED
663476 Make an option to scroll search engines with mouse wheel without pressing a key -- RESOLVED
664050 in fx 5, I can't change the default search engine -- VERIFIED
664063 'Search Backwards' Broken when viewing an XML file -- RESOLVED
664106 If search field has been removed from the toolbar pressing Cmd/Ctrl+K leaves the current page -- RESOLVED
666749 search suggestions drop down is offset to the left in RTL firefox -- VERIFIED
670104 A modified searchplugin XML file does not get updated immediately after restarting Nightly -- RESOLVED
670450 Google search from about:home should not reveal anything about user's UI locale in URL -- RESOLVED
670451 OpenSearch "language" and MozSearch moz:language parameters shouldn't use UI locale -- RESOLVED
670849 browser_bug422590.js, browser_bug599325.js and browser_customize.js cause nsIObserverService.removeObserver failure in search.xml -- RESOLVED
671307 Add Twitter to the default search plugins (en-US only) -- VERIFIED
671877 unable to search special character -- RESOLVED
671878 unable to search special character -- RESOLVED
672044 unable to search number -- VERIFIED
674174 the search button doesn't work -- RESOLVED
675186 Hover and mouse-scroll search engine's favicon to change it P5 NEW
675753 Finish streamlining the search field -- RESOLVED
675881 search not working correct on pages -- RESOLVED
676080 Right click search for "Search the web" redirecting to localhost -- RESOLVED
676830 Missing Clear Button in Search Field -- RESOLVED
678862 Showing recent searches from the search bar should be more discoverable than just arrow-down P5 NEW
680146 xulrunner 1.9.1 or apmebf allows googleads to redirect google web searches -- RESOLVED
680330 No visual indication of auto-discovered search plugin -- RESOLVED
683835 highlight all in large pages does not work -- RESOLVED
688550 Text on search bar should stay on the tab - clear search field contents when you open a new tab -- RESOLVED
688983 When using the search box, the magnifying glass doesn't respect the value of -- RESOLVED
689021 has replaced and removed all my search options -- RESOLVED
690658 Duplicate twitter search engine listed in search bar -- RESOLVED
691019 Search text is searched as typed regardless of setting -- RESOLVED
691206 URL popup blocks text when using quick find -- RESOLVED
691254 Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIObserverService.removeObserver]" nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://browser/content/search/search.xml ::  :: line 91" data: no] -- RESOLVED
692661 Using arrow keys to scroll though search suggestions skips results -- RESOLVED
694291 Removal of additional search field in Navigation Bar P1 RESOLVED
694847 unable to search field form searching -- RESOLVED
696055 Make search engines more discoverable -- RESOLVED
696179 search engine "alias" getter caching is broken, results in many unnecessary synchronous SQLite reads when entering text in the location bar -- RESOLVED
696208 Add Hammer search engine to Firefox -- RESOLVED
697326 Add DuckDuckGo to search engine list. -- RESOLVED
698122 After uninstall of built-in/shipped OpenSearch searchengine, not possible to install it from search menu while on its website -- VERIFIED
698209 Intermittent browser_426329.js | Test timed out -- RESOLVED
698398 Cannot search selected text by "Search Google for " -- RESOLVED
698990 A blank page is displayed when performing a search with 1017 chars or more using the Twitter search engine -- RESOLVED
699856 Refactor nsSearchService.js to not use a database engine -- RESOLVED
700274 Search box text doesn't get selected on left-click under X11 -- RESOLVED
701135 After clicking "Search <search engine> for "(...)"", Firefox focuses on the newly-opened tab -- RESOLVED
702644 Consider supporting or switching to SSL Google search (https) -- RESOLVED
703901 There is no way to add "vanilla" Google Search to the Search bar. Default on Linux Mint 11 is LinuxMint Google Custom Search. -- RESOLVED
706523 nsSearchService cache should not be synchronous -- RESOLVED
707102 Search in XLM fails if "Previous" button is pressed -- RESOLVED
707525 Enforce secure connection for search bar searches -- RESOLVED
708660 Search plugins are not being loaded from the distribution directory -- RESOLVED
709589 Some engine manager cleanup found by SeaMonkey reviews -- RESOLVED
710437 Add a Keyword for this Search does not warn on duplicates -- RESOLVED
711554 finalize statements and close connection -- RESOLVED
711686 "Search using" string in tooltip on search provider dropdown is inaccurate -- RESOLVED
712452 JavaScript strict warning: nsSearchService.js, line 2702: reference to undefined property json._dataType -- RESOLVED
713347 Extra search box seems irrelevant -- RESOLVED
715108 search websites with <tab> -- RESOLVED
716105 Send quit-application in toolkit/components/search/tests/xpcshell/test_645970.js -- RESOLVED
716982 Table creation failed in nsSearchService.js -- RESOLVED
717562 Search service should use async XHR instead of DOMParser::parseFromStream P5 RESOLVED
722332 add async initialization API to nsIBrowserSearchService -- RESOLVED
722352 Modify Google Search String Attributes P1 RESOLVED
725457 add <Param name="gbv" value="1"/> to google.xml -- RESOLVED
725943 Refactor nsSearchService to generalize use of Lazy -- RESOLVED
726189 get rid of search engine "used" attribute, since it causes unnecessary I/O -- RESOLVED
726232 handle loss of search engine metadata without losing default engine ordering P3 NEW
726279 Generalize use of Services.jsm in nsSearchService -- RESOLVED
727555 Refactor nsSearchService to use Map -- RESOLVED
728245 Figure out how much people actually use Google Suggest results from the search box -- RESOLVED
728508 Fix check for duplicate keywords on the search engine manager -- RESOLVED
728603 Google search results formatted weird on Nightly channel -- VERIFIED
732671 Prevent third party apps to change default search engine -- RESOLVED
733215 telemetry for search suggestions and engines -- RESOLVED
733739 added search engines still appear in the "Add ..." list in the search box dropdown -- RESOLVED
735543 Overlap TCP/SSL handshake with typing in search box -- RESOLVED
736918 Intermittent "test_nodb_pluschanges.js | false == true" P2 VERIFIED
737269 search bar show drag feedback caret only when drag enters a second time -- RESOLVED
738141 Twitter search adds '+' for spaces -- RESOLVED
738376 Use instead of for security and privacy reasons -- VERIFIED
738818 consolidate Firefox search preferences -- VERIFIED
739157 search engines are gone after 'upgrading' to Firefox 11 -- RESOLVED
739167 Investigate a manner of resetting search engines for safe mode without having to load the search service P5 RESOLVED
741311 Search 'Testing' -- RESOLVED
741802 mochitests: "nsSearchService.js, line 2652: reference to undefined property cache.directories" -- RESOLVED
742096 search engine JSON cache is permanently disabled if an install location contains only duplicate/invalid plugins -- RESOLVED
743440 goolge search defaults to US when time zone set to Australia -- RESOLVED
744698 Intermittent test_nodb_pluschanges.js | command timed out: 1200 seconds without output -- RESOLVED
748714 bugzilla report modification- I am not able to add more fields in Vertical and Horizontal axis -- RESOLVED
753157 slow timeout handlers in search.xml delay startup -- RESOLVED
756137 switch from http:// to https:// in searches -- RESOLVED
756728 search engine language -- RESOLVED
758857 Use Wikipedia's HTTPS search by default for Firefox desktop and Android -- VERIFIED
759037 "Manage search engines" not available without search bar -- RESOLVED
760035 nsIBrowserSearchService asynchronous clients -- RESOLVED
760036 nsIBrowserSearchService should load metadata asynchronously -- RESOLVED
761592 Change search default to Google in ru localization -- RESOLVED
762315 Context menu's “Search for” option uses Google when the search bar is not in the toolbar -- RESOLVED
762958 Exception... "Can't find engine in store!" in tests browser_483086.js, browser_addEngine.js -- RESOLVED
763230 Preserve existing user choice of default search engine for Russian builds -- RESOLVED
763255 firefox switches google search to other language -- RESOLVED
763680 Firefox will not load search engines from add-ons if omni.ja is unzipped -- RESOLVED
764270 Generalize use of Services.jsm in nsSearchSuggestions -- RESOLVED
765210 Error: Search service falling back to synchronous initialization in nsSearchService.js -- RESOLVED
765619 Add a preference to open the tab with search bar results in the background P4 UNCONFIRMED
768175 Google https search functionality regression: no search term highlighting in cached view -- RESOLVED
769557 search.sqlite should be removed from user profile P3 NEW
770967 Allow using keyword-searching in context menu for selected text P5 RESOLVED
772655 (Manage Search Engines) Dragging Search Engine to Bottom of White Area Does Not Work -- RESOLVED
773344 Investigation - searchbar suggestions not chosen after highlighting and pressing ENTER P4 RESOLVED
773566 search icon missing when search performed in google -- RESOLVED
773584 search option not working in Aurora 15.0a2 (2012-07-12) -- RESOLVED
774836 Google Search from the search box does not work in Mainland China due to Chinese government blocking -- RESOLVED
776153 [RFE] Easy way to set up "Default Search Engine" -- RESOLVED
782557 Provide equivalent to Chrome's OpenSearch-based "Press Tab to search ..." completion behaviour P3 NEW
782562 Unify quicksearch bookmarks and search plugins P3 RESOLVED
782563 [meta] Catch up to Chrome for web search integration -- RESOLVED
782641 Intermittent test_nodb_pluschanges.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0) | Timeout - See following stack | head.js | exception thrown from do_timeout callback: 2147500036 -- RESOLVED
783275 value does not change if user just deletes the current Search Engine -- RESOLVED
783778 Update Google favicon in the search bar -- VERIFIED
784189 Offer to re-set keyword.URL if it has a non-default value until a better solution can be found -- RESOLVED
785487 "Search service falling back to synchronous initialization" when about:home is loaded before the search bar initialization -- RESOLVED
786630 Search bar doesn't remove grey text when you click in the textbox -- RESOLVED
786873 Format change for Google search suggest JSON -- RESOLVED
787753 The "Google" string in the search bar doesn't disappear when focused -- RESOLVED
787875 Quick access to "Google search by image" is needed P5 NEW
790030 Redirect about:home searches for "" (etc) to website, not Google search P5 NEW
790325 manage search engines not enforced address bar (keyword.URL should be synced with selected search engine) -- RESOLVED
790956 Collapse navigation toolbar and cannot use custom search engine -- RESOLVED
795095 Main thread IO when you press enter in the search box -- RESOLVED
795866 Pick the optimal search icon for Search Engines, not just 16x16 P3 NEW
798221 A previously deleted default search engine can't be re-added on its own easily -- RESOLVED
801049 performing a search from the browser search field leaks search suggest results to the disk cache -- VERIFIED
802761 If a system wide search is "deleted" (_hidden set) it cannot be restored normally -- RESOLVED
803335 Fix Twitter built-in search engine URL -- RESOLVED
803970 No packets should be sent to search providers when search suggestions are disabled, not even to establish a connection -- RESOLVED
804699 Search with keyword does not work from the search bar -- RESOLVED
809330 search button fun not working with blank data -- RESOLVED
812468 Bidi issue in placeholder text in Firefox quick searchbox -- RESOLVED
812682 Updated eBay Logos for Desktop -- RESOLVED
815221 Invalid defaultenginename breaks keyword search -- RESOLVED
816021 search suggestions behave badly when suggestion URL requires http authentication -- RESOLVED
818328 update eBay search logos for en-US and non-en-US builds (desktop and mobile) -- RESOLVED
821967 in search field when cursor is placed then the text is not getting cleared -- RESOLVED
825065 Open searches in a new tab when dragged and dropped -- RESOLVED
828223 nsSearchService write cache using OS.File -- RESOLVED
828228 Instrument nsSearchService initialization with Telemetry -- RESOLVED
829903 Search on home page is not working -- RESOLVED
831143 Using Google search one its website sometimes causes the auto-complete to not work until you hit click "search" again. -- RESOLVED
839670 Remove usage of gXULAppInfo and createAppInfo in toolkit/components/search/tests/xpcshell/ -- RESOLVED
839736 Annoying "This search engine isn't supported by Nightly and can't be installed." alert window (AddSearchProvider) P5 RESOLVED
839844 Can't add a search engine after removing the search box from the nav toolbar -- RESOLVED
840413 doesn't work as a default preference -- RESOLVED
844537 Intermittent browser_contextSearchTabPosition.js | 2 searches recorded in FHR. - Got 1, expected 2 -- RESOLVED
844662 Firefox 17ESR no search box access -- RESOLVED
848943 Frequent components/search/test/browser_contextmenu.js | Check context menu label - Got Search Google for "", expected Search Foo for "test search" | Checking context menu search URL - Got http://mochi.test:8888/browser/browser/comp... -- RESOLVED
850349 Intermittent components/search/test/browser_contextmenu.js | Test timed out | Found a tab after previous test timed out: data:text/plain;charset=utf8,test%20search -- RESOLVED
851040 Intermittent components/search/test/browser_contextmenu.js | Test timed out -- RESOLVED
852152 User should be warned when search preferences are changed by an add-on -- RESOLVED
852770 search stops working randomly -- RESOLVED
853992 Provide logo images for about:home for each of the built-in search engines -- RESOLVED
854478 drop support for converting files in the profile directory from Sherlock -- RESOLVED
855248 Deleted default search engines reappear after update -- RESOLVED
858046 feature request: add DuckDuckGo as default search engine -- RESOLVED
858809 Don't wait until shutdown to save search engine order -- RESOLVED
860119 Live-update about:home when defaultEngine changes -- RESOLVED
860276 engines whose URLs specify a template that includes a query string in addition to <Param>s fail to properly construct the submission URI -- RESOLVED
860560 Search Box should respond to the changing of the selectedEngine/defaultenginename preferences -- RESOLVED
861164 add mechanism for using different search URLs for tablet vs. non-tablet -- RESOLVED
861556 Search bar uses the wrong search engine for some strings when input using the enter key -- RESOLVED
862137 stop supporting Sherlock search engines P3 RESOLVED
862143 stop loading Sherlock files from disk -- RESOLVED
862148 stop supporting installation of Sherlock plugins from the web P3 RESOLVED
862179 implement asynchronous loading of search engines -- RESOLVED
862401 keyword search is broken for search engines using POST -- RESOLVED
862550 write OpenSearch engines to the profile, rather than MozSearch -- RESOLVED
862688 functionality of data: protocol for custom forms in keyword.URL when searching from awesomebar is gone -- RESOLVED
863280 Search Engine Refuses to stay on Google -- RESOLVED
863474 Search service shouldn't be responsible for prompting for engine installation failures P3 NEW
865165 Theam Issue -- RESOLVED
865218 application/x-moz-keywordsearch should still be used in keyword search (nsDefaultURIFixup.cpp) -- RESOLVED
866104 Intermittent components/search/tests/xpcshell/test_engineselect.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0) -- RESOLVED
866254 Starting firefox with search windows not working / issues at about:home in Private Browsing mode -- RESOLVED
867108 hiding and then restoring the default search engine leads to the wrong engine being returned from searchService.defaultEngine until a restart -- RESOLVED
867290 Focusing the search bar leaks an nsDocShell -- RESOLVED
869374 No way to fix mistyped URLs -- RESOLVED
869398 Don't pollute search URLs with branding -- RESOLVED
871304 search functionality is not working properly P1 RESOLVED
871394 OpenSearch does not support XHTML application/xhtml+xml "Url" element P4 UNCONFIRMED
873734 Firefox 23 ignores keyword.URL setting -- RESOLVED
873947 Search button not working on Firefox browser home page v21.0 -- VERIFIED
874870 Search plugins using POST broken in Firefox 23 Aurora, Firefox Nightly since 2013-05-17 -- RESOLVED
875042 Remove unnecessary setTimeout from search-textbox constructor -- RESOLVED
875223 Searchbar does not work on certain Search Plugin -- RESOLVED
875297 Move the contents of the initialize method into the constructor of the search-textbox binding -- RESOLVED
876592 After Aurora update 2013-05-27, home page search and url searchin address bar replaced with wikipedia -- RESOLVED
876708 search on firefox home page(about:home) is not working in linux mint -- RESOLVED
879155 Show UI to add a search engine on websites the user repeatedly searches on P5 NEW
879643 Installing a search plugin (as default) doesn't change url bar behaviour -- RESOLVED
880307 search.json still read on main thread during startup -- RESOLVED
880882 handle migration of search preferences on upgrade to Firefox 23 -- RESOLVED
882035 Hide Autosuggest Search Engine behind a pref -- RESOLVED
883102 Default duck duck go search uses wrong page. -- RESOLVED
885351 Google is always used in about:home and the URL bar when setting the default search engine to an invalid one -- VERIFIED
887230 Add the ability to perform searches after a number from the URL bar -- RESOLVED
887704 The Search button in the Firefox home page does not work -- RESOLVED
887868 remove search.sqlite migration code -- RESOLVED
888490 Search field clears when changing tabs -- RESOLVED
888550 use a dynamic port in search/ xpcshell tests so they can be run in parallel -- RESOLVED
888958 nsBrowserContentHandler should use the search service's async initialization API P3 RESOLVED
889113 Show alternative search engines in autocomplete dropdown -- RESOLVED
890085 Malformed string can lock user's searchbox selection -- RESOLVED
890208 keyword.URL was not disabled perfectly -- RESOLVED
890283 should not be case sensitive -- RESOLVED
890581 Search Bar makes Unwanted Requests -- RESOLVED
890690 Homepage broken when search engines contain engines with POST requests instead of GET -- RESOLVED
890890 address bar search now using search engine -- RESOLVED
895137 At debug-build startup: "JavaScript strict warning: chrome://browser/content/browser.js, line 10632: in strict mode code, functions may be declared only at top level or immediately within another function" -- RESOLVED
896688 Remove state machine from nsSearchService initialization -- RESOLVED
898215 New windows are painted with a default search provider icon/text and then repainted with the current engine -- RESOLVED
898863 Enhancement Idea: Implement Google Site Search and similar into OpenSearch Box -- RESOLVED
900137 Add support for multple icon sizes to the search service -- RESOLVED
900712 about:home doesn't handle ISO-8859-1 search engines properly -- RESOLVED
900865 Make homepage call nsSearchService.getSubmission for all searches -- RESOLVED
901315 Manage Search Engines should be available without the Search toolbar item activated -- RESOLVED
902161 URL bar and search bar are nolonger in sync -- RESOLVED
902904 about:home search is not working intermittently -- RESOLVED
903274 this.updateDisplay is not a function at chrome://browser/content/search/search.xml:79 from every window during tpaint and tspaint -- RESOLVED
903650 Support multiple-resolution OpenSearch engine icons in nsIBrowserSearchService and nsISearchEngine -- RESOLVED
904067 no icon displayed on about:home when custom search engine is selected P5 NEW
906299 keyword.url not used as default search -- RESOLVED
906463 Search bar auto-selects text AFTER I have started typing, so when I hit the next key, it replaces what I typed earlier, and half my search query disappears. -- RESOLVED
907893 nsIBrowserSearchEngine interface on FF24b needs a uuid bump -- RESOLVED
917712 Firefox should not offer to add invalid search plugins -- RESOLVED
918009 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser_426329.js | Exited with code 1 during test run | PROCESS-CRASH | application crashed [@ nsXPCOMCycleCollectionParticipant::CheckForRightISupports(nsISupports*)] -- RESOLVED
918412 Search engine override of last one used does not work. -- RESOLVED
920487 Search will not use local file as search engine - only http and https seem tolerated -- RESOLVED
923099 The search bar on the top-right needs an easy means of clearing it. -- RESOLVED
925037 Update general Yahoo! search engine icon -- RESOLVED
925892 add "channel=sb" parameter to Google plugin to distinguish search bar searches -- RESOLVED
925898 no longer sending homepage search params for about:home searches -- VERIFIED
925967 Indicate the purpose of command line searches to getSubmission -- RESOLVED
930456 [e10s] search service initialization should explicitly fail in child processes -- RESOLVED
936198 Updated Yahoo Logo on desktop search drop-down -- RESOLVED
936530 DirectoryIterator used in nsSearchService.js causes "A promise chain failed to handle a rejection." failures -- RESOLVED
937870 nsSearchService displays duplicate engine prompt regardless of confirmation set by caller -- RESOLVED
939804 Creative Commons searchplugin is not working -- RESOLVED
940446 Broken search engines and urlbar after update to Nightly 2013-11-07, if malformed/old search plugin is installed -- VERIFIED
940685 Load about:home instead of the engine's searchForm when the search bar is customized away -- RESOLVED
942312 Search bar no response -- RESOLVED
943571 Write a test for bug 940446 -- RESOLVED
945629 Handle the Search Service XML serialization on shutdown -- RESOLVED
947275 Update Bing favicon to match current branding -- RESOLVED
947574 Intermittent browser_426329.js | This test exceeded the timeout threshold. It should be rewritten or split up. -- RESOLVED
950204 Bing search suggestions on desktop do not include locale -- RESOLVED
951174 "System JS : ERROR chrome://browser/content/search/search.xml:83 - TypeError: this.updateDisplay is not a function" in most talos runs -- RESOLVED
951614 Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/components/search/test/browser_426329.js | Checking length of expected menu - Got 4, expected 3 -- RESOLVED
956770 Firefox search bar resets itself on every nightly update. This bug is always reproduced. P3 RESOLVED
958204 [meta][Theme] Search Suggestions P5 RESOLVED
958873 Use HTTPS for Bing searches -- RESOLVED
958874 Use HTTPS for Bing search -- RESOLVED
958877 Use HTTPS for Wikipedia searches -- RESOLVED
958883 Use HTTPS for Yahoo searches -- VERIFIED
958885 Use HTTPS for eBay searches from the search box -- RESOLVED
958886 Use HTTPS for searches from the search box -- VERIFIED
959564 [UX] Design for awesomebar search suggestions P1 RESOLVED
959565 [User Story] Decision on opt-in/opt-out for awesomebar search suggestions P1 RESOLVED
959567 [User Story] Implement search suggestions opt-in/out UI P1 RESOLVED
959571 Define UX requirements for Search Provider Top Suggestions -- VERIFIED
959573 Design the interaction between the UI for top search provider and the places database -- VERIFIED
959576 Create a component to get the list of priority domains -- VERIFIED
959579 Implement custom styling for the awesomebar suggestion of the search provider -- RESOLVED
959581 Add probes to measure whether or not highlighting the search provider in the awesomebar is yielding the desired results P4 RESOLVED
959594 Retrieving the results from the default search provider P1 RESOLVED
959595 Display the results from the default search provider P1 RESOLVED
960076 Switch to ssl for bing search -- RESOLVED
960864 Placeholder text disappears in SearchBar after customize -- VERIFIED
962533 search engine icon is not available in search bar after restarting FF 29.0a1 -- RESOLVED
964369 browser_405664.js leaks due to speculative connections from the search bar -- RESOLVED
966733 Do not allow external software to modify the default search engine -- RESOLVED
967013 Intermittent browser_contextSearchTabPosition.js | Test timed out P3 RESOLVED
970424 Non-default search engines lost after upgrading to Firefox 27 when using "Add to Search Bar" extension -- RESOLVED
972452 One-word URLbar searches are incredibly slow. -- VERIFIED
972860 search bar is positioned far left. This is ugly and not functional -- RESOLVED
975528 Searches using Bing are missing codes for search bar, about:home, and context menu -- VERIFIED
980244 clearing search bar form history doesn't provide any visible feedback P5 NEW
980606 new tab search input affiliate codes -- VERIFIED
984199 Add support for industry-standard safe search -- RESOLVED
986676 Store the search engine icons more efficiently P4 RESOLVED
987715 Avoid main-thread IO for {xre}\browser\searchplugins\* -- RESOLVED
988023 telemetry on how often we hit search service synchronous fallback -- RESOLVED
988303 First FF 28.0 execution : search bar is inefficient, whatever the search engine selected -- RESOLVED
988701 Firefox-24.3esr for OS X cannot browse Google . -- RESOLVED
990799 Update search plugins to use rel="searchform" -- RESOLVED
991359 update context menu form code for Bing -- RESOLVED
991543 [tracking] (desktop) Update localized search plugins with resultdomain -- VERIFIED
992270 browser_google_behavior.js & browser_bing_behavior.js fails when run in chunks on Cedar -- RESOLVED
992523 Search bar is not working -- RESOLVED
992603 After an auto-update completes, search engines are removed from the search bar -- RESOLVED
992776 Automatically hide search field after use -- RESOLVED
993792 [UX] new ctrl-k behavior with search bar hidden (open about:home) is sub-optimal -- VERIFIED
993928 cannot type in search bar - Have to use the Address Bar to enter search string -- RESOLVED
994141 update localized Yahoo plugins to use SSL -- RESOLVED
995390 Make Bing/Yahoo partner codes consistent across channels -- RESOLVED
997432 log failures when MozParams don't include a condition attribute -- RESOLVED
997970 add search suggest to Amazon for en-US -- VERIFIED
998068 Implement comprehensive testing for search provider codes on Desktop -- RESOLVED
998071 implement test coverage for Yahoo search plugin -- RESOLVED
998072 implement test coverage for eBay search plugin -- RESOLVED
998073 implement test coverage for Amazon search plugin -- RESOLVED
999851 remove topN support from search service -- RESOLVED
1000857 search bar needs search for itself -- RESOLVED
1001093 Telemetry data for search suggestion usage -- RESOLVED
1001528 Evaluate additional potential search suggestion options for Yahoo search plugin. P4 RESOLVED
1001816 Add To Search Bar: Custom search engines are lost on restart -- RESOLVED
1001854 Search field length does not consistent after toggle "Hide the new tab page" and restart -- VERIFIED
1001874 Remove search bar -- RESOLVED
1002777 eBay search URLs are changing -- VERIFIED
1003172 Small artifact on Ubuntu when closing the search engine list from the new tab page -- RESOLVED
1003968 avoid Exists() calls for search plugin directories in the browser directory provider P2 RESOLVED
1004429 5% tart regression for linux 64 on fx-team (v32) April 24 -- RESOLVED
1005432 Ctrl-K (when the search bar isn't visible) should open the search-plugin-defined page instead of about:home -- RESOLVED
1006103 add speculativeConnect() method to search engines -- VERIFIED
1007979 refactor nsSearchSuggestions to use a reusable JSM -- VERIFIED
1007985 consider using speculativeConnect on about:home search -- RESOLVED
1007988 Searching through about:home should add searches to searchbar-history -- RESOLVED
1008182 remove the delay for searchbar autocomplete -- RESOLVED
1009061 lost window for search engines -- RESOLVED
1009299 Add Yahoo logo to search plugin so about:newtab can use it -- VERIFIED
1009313 ContentSearch.jsm should call nsIBrowserSearchService.init -- VERIFIED
1009318 Add Google search purpose for about:newtab -- VERIFIED
1010561 rethink backoff algorithm for search suggestions -- RESOLVED
1011610 Make the new tab search dropdown panel more consistent to Firefox's UI -- RESOLVED
1012370 Searchbar loses focus when sugestions appear -- RESOLVED
1012710 No same search engine in address bar and search bar -- RESOLVED
1013950 Add Opensearch preferences into the about:addons (feature request) -- RESOLVED
1015567 eBay searchplugin: change InputEncoding to UTF-8 to support non-ASCII characters (shows diamond character with question mark on results page) P3 RESOLVED
1016808 Use XMLHttpRequest's responseType = "json" for search suggestions P4 NEW
1017187 browser_yahoo_behavior.js leaks until shutdown when running components/search directory by itself -- RESOLVED
1017518 When you search something with a dot (.) character using the address bar, firefox automatically look for an address. -- RESOLVED
1019989 ContentSearch should pass images as shared ArrayBuffers instead of data URI strings -- RESOLVED
1021288 Focus URL bar instead of opening about:home when the search bar is customized away -- RESOLVED
1022903 in-product search diversion remediation -- RESOLVED
1024092 Your browser does not support OpenSearch search plugins. -- RESOLVED
1026298 Add Wikipedia logo to search plugin so about:newtab can use it -- VERIFIED
1026300 Add Twitter logo to search plugin so about:newtab can use it -- VERIFIED
1026301 Add eBay logo to search plugin so about:newtab can use it -- VERIFIED
1026486 Newtab page search field doesn't display some search icons (Google, others.) -- RESOLVED
1026568 about:newtab search should show placeholder text, even when logo is showing -- VERIFIED
1027303 Certain image URIs in search plugins break ContentSearch -- RESOLVED
1028880 Cannot replace search engine -- RESOLVED
1029148 store "current search engine" configuration outside of prefs -- VERIFIED
1029189 [UX] Design experience for new default search test -- RESOLVED
1029260 Breakdown: Search provider test in EN-US Beta -- RESOLVED
1029263 Breakdown: Search provider test: 5 Cells -- RESOLVED
1029265 Breakdown -- Search Test: Design spike; change notification -- RESOLVED
1029266 Breakdown -- Search Test: Reporting, number of sessions -- RESOLVED
1029267 Breakdown -- Search Test: Reporting, changes default search provider -- RESOLVED
1029269 Breakdown -- Search Test: Reporting, length of sessions -- RESOLVED
1029270 Breakdown -- Search Test: Reporting, active ticks -- RESOLVED
1029271 Breakdown -- Search Test: Reporting, number of searches by partner and SAP -- RESOLVED
1029273 Breakdown -- Search Test: Drop down menu defaults -- RESOLVED
1029275 Breakdown -- Search Test: Test conclusion -- RESOLVED
1029725 breakdown: implement prompting API for search engine changes -- RESOLVED
1029735 ContentSearch sometimes leaks event listeners and their closures -- RESOLVED
1029746 [meta] Search experiment -- RESOLVED
1029776 [Search experiment] Create experiment add-on and define user group (cell) on installation -- RESOLVED
1029783 [Search experiment] Set alternate search provider -- RESOLVED
1029792 [Search experiment] Implement notification UI -- RESOLVED
1029799 [Search experiment] Define experiment parameters -- VERIFIED
1029807 [Search experiment] Host update manifest -- RESOLVED
1029810 [Search experiment] Add the search experiment to the experiments server -- VERIFIED
1029818 [Search experiment] QA experiment add-on and sign-off for deployment -- VERIFIED
1030232 Add low-DPI Yahoo logo to search plugin so about:newtab can use it -- VERIFIED
1030251 Add Google logo to search plugin so about:newtab can use it -- VERIFIED
1030790 Cannot search from address bar if internet connection drops -- RESOLVED
1030864 [Search experiment] Notify user about the end of the experiment -- VERIFIED
1030982 `` prefs make is difficult to diagnose search state of the browser -- RESOLVED
1031320 [Search experiment] Display notification UI for the correct groups -- RESOLVED
1035887 submitting a search in toolbar search field returns results from more then one search engine -- RESOLVED
1039456 eBay search URLs now require UTF-8 encoding -- RESOLVED
1040721 Add ability to parse search result URLs -- RESOLVED
1040931 API addition: add extensionID parameter to addEngineWithDetails -- RESOLVED
1041338 Hitting Enter twice in SearchBar triggers installing add-on P4 NEW
1041534 Refactor search tests to remove some code duplication -- RESOLVED
1041537 browser_Browser.js leaks windows frequently on linux and windows debug runs when running the fuel/test/ directory by itself -- RESOLVED
1041665 Robustly re-initialize nsSearchService when locale preference changes P4 RESOLVED
1041678 CTRL/Command K should goto search bar in new tab if open, rather than opening about:home -- VERIFIED
1041846 Measure impact of recent organic search improvements -- RESOLVED
1041977 Search taken over by Alexa search -- RESOLVED
1042604 Measure how many searches, for each engine, result in a final URL that can be parsed P4 NEW
1042938 Search service should remove extension-installed search plugins when the add-on is uninstalled/blocked/disabled P3 RESOLVED
1043379 In tests of the search component, clean up at the end of tests instead of the beginning -- RESOLVED
1043625 [proposal][feature] Add Disconnect to the list of search engines available in the Browser -- RESOLVED
1043627 Only re-initialize nsSearchService on locale change in Fennec -- VERIFIED
1044577 Create proof-of-concept hotfix add-on for overriding the list of known alternate domains for search engines -- RESOLVED
1045008 Manage search Engine option in new tab is not working (broken) if search bar is removed -- VERIFIED
1046214 Suggestions in search toolbox are not displayed all the time -- RESOLVED
1046943 SearchSuggestionController should move remote results that are also in form history to the local results P4 NEW
1047354 [UX] Unified design for autocomplete/suggest dropdowns -- RESOLVED
1047472 Make parseSubmissionURL return the string offset for each search term -- RESOLVED
1047687 Add nsIBrowserSearchService.selectEngine P4 RESOLVED
1047688 implement UI for nsIBrowserSearchService.selectEngine P4 RESOLVED
1048127 addEngine "dataType" parameter documentation is potentially confusing P4 NEW
1048198 SearchBar Search Suggestion is no longer able to disable -- VERIFIED
1048214 Search suggestion box is moved down when "Choose What I Share" infobar opens P5 NEW
1048225 Search suggestion box doesn't follow the search bar when resizing the browser P3 RESOLVED
1048237 Ability to remove form history/previous searches from autocomplete/suggestion popups isn't discoverable P3 RESOLVED
1050596 Firefox UI has too many ways to search? -- RESOLVED
1051553 Searching from Search Bar now creates new tab even when an empty new tab is available -- RESOLVED
1051873 Cannot reach the New Tab Page Search Provider button via keyboard navigation, nor select a provider from the list P4 RESOLVED
1052734 nsSearchService.js:38 - octal literals and octal escape sequences are deprecated -- RESOLVED
1053604 Firefox Nightly; Google search bars are too short. P2 RESOLVED
1053893 [UX] mockup for selected search engine prompt -- RESOLVED
1053914 [UX] define next short/mid term plan for search ux improvements -- RESOLVED
1053921 breakdown: mechanism for shipping search engine additions off-cycle -- RESOLVED
1054411 cache2 automation: browser_keywordSearch.js tries to connect to with cache2 enabled -- RESOLVED
1054516 uplift about:home/about:newtab search suggestions to Firefox 33 -- VERIFIED
1054600 Refactor AboutHomeListener & browser.js document URI checks (followup from bug 1041678) -- RESOLVED
1054776 Ctrl+K should focus the search bar if it is in the toolbar -- VERIFIED
1054931 Ctrl-K focuses an invisible search bar in about:newtab in "blank" mode -- VERIFIED
1054933 Visual glitch when hitting Ctrl-K in about:newtab -- VERIFIED
1054951 Breakdown: Implement unified look for autocomplete dropdowns -- RESOLVED
1055030 Search box doesn’t clear when hitting ESC key -- RESOLVED
1055492 Add test for XML serialization of extensionIDs that help track search engines added by add-ons P5 NEW
1055879 Use HiDPI ICO favicons at the "manage search engines" modal dialog -- RESOLVED
1056152 Console spew: System JS : ERROR chrome://browser/content/content.js:224 - ReferenceError: event is not defined -- RESOLVED
1056611 SearchSuggestionController.jsm's NS_ASSERT(this._searchString !== null, ...) can fail, resulting in "'caller', 'callee', and 'arguments' properties may not be accessed on strict mode functions" P5 NEW
1056799 Shipped DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia, Amazon searches have no icons -- RESOLVED
1059328 about:home search suggestions should reverse bolding pattern -- RESOLVED
1060367 [e10s] Search engine add-ons using POST do not work with e10s P1 RESOLVED
1060639 mach mochitest-browser --repeat does not work -- RESOLVED
1060675 SearchBar formhistory drop down only shows 7 items when only searching form history -- VERIFIED
1060845 In search field of about:home and about:newtab, form history is lost when updated browser from Firefox32 to Aurora33/Nightly34 -- RESOLVED
1060846 Form history dropdown shows only 2 items in search field of about:home/about:newtab -- VERIFIED
1060847 Form history dropdown does not pop up by double click/up arrow key in search field of about:home/about:newtab P4 NEW
1060887 In about:home and about:newtab, autocomplete drop down item -- RESOLVED
1060888 Autocomplete drop down list item should not be copied to the search fields when mouse over the list item -- VERIFIED
1061394 Yahoo! search engine cannot be removed, returns on restart -- RESOLVED
1061736 Add DuckDuckGo to default search engine list -- VERIFIED
1062525 Implement "Change Search Engine?" notification bar prompt -- RESOLVED
1063530 Use `keyword` purpose when using the autocomplete popup for the default search engine P4 NEW
1063542 De-duplicate any entries from the autocomplete popup that differ only by purpose parameter for the default search engine P4 NEW
1064098 Mac OS X: cmd-alt-F and cmd-K do not open a new window when no window is available P3 NEW
1065324 Make the search field on about:home behave the same as the one on about:newtab -- RESOLVED
1065997 Update localized search plugins to use rel="searchform" P4 RESOLVED
1066002 Out-of-the box, Firefox search should offer search P5 NEW
1066739 [UX] Revision - Mockup for selected search engine prompt -- RESOLVED
1066787 Investigate converting about:home/about:newtab search suggestions to use the usual search autocomplete back-end P5 NEW
1067549 Context menu's "Open link in new tab", and toolbar's search field do not work (no search engines in the latter) -- RESOLVED
1068186 [e10s] Add search engine button on mozilla website does not work -- RESOLVED
1068437 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | e10s/main.testTabIsRemote | There was an uncaught Promise rejection: JS frame :: resource://gre/components/nsSearchService.js :: onSuccess :: line 3832 -- RESOLVED
1068456 [en-US] Remove unused searchplugins (Answers, Creative Commons) P5 RESOLVED
1070223 Ignore exceptions thrown from nsIBrowserSearchInitObserver -- RESOLVED
1071361 Change the search purpose for current search engine and aliased search engine autocomplete results P4 NEW
1071558 Middle and right click on search suggestions perform the search in the same tab on about:home/newtab -- VERIFIED
1073603 can't order newly added default search engines P4 NEW
1073692 Search suggestions popup on about:home/about:newtab should show each result according to its text direction -- RESOLVED
1074556 Intermittent browser_amazon_behavior.js | uncaught exception - NotFoundError: The operation failed because the requested database object could not be found. For example, an object store did not exist but was being opened. at aboutHome.js:256 -- RESOLVED
1078213 Search bar binding shouldn't unsafely set IDs for menuitems -- RESOLVED
1078310 Implement notification bar prompting users to choose default search engine -- RESOLVED
1079452 Create an experimental Firefox build to test Awesomebar search suggestions based on UX design assets -- RESOLVED
1079457 User testing for experimental Firefox Awesomebar search suggestions build P5 RESOLVED
1082078 Add additional search engines for the Developer Edition (formerly Aurora) P4 NEW
1083167 FormHistory.jsm: "update op='bump' does not correctly reference a entry" for empty search terms -- VERIFIED
1083990 Deletion of SearchBar history by DEL key appears to delete another entry and extra empty item appears -- VERIFIED
1084260 Intermittent browser_bing_behavior.js | uncaught exception - NotFoundError: The operation failed because the requested database object could not be found. For example, an object store did not exist but was being opened. at chrome://browser/content/aboutho -- RESOLVED
1087120 Intermittent browser_ContentSearch.js | Checking message - Structures begin differing at: -- RESOLVED
1088072 [UX] Design Spike: Improve support for one-off searches -- RESOLVED
1088646 Context menu's "Open link in new tab", and toolbar's search field do not work (no search engines in the latter) -- RESOLVED
1088660 Improve the search bar UI to support one-off searches -- RESOLVED
1088703 [UX] Automatically offer custom search for websites that the user visits often P3 RESOLVED
1089727 Noisy Exception error from ContentSearch.jsm -- RESOLVED
1091048 DDG is not present on Mac 10.10 build -- RESOLVED
1092357 Update search tests to check search telemetry -- RESOLVED
1093161 [e10s] Searching from a new tab's address bar does not work the first time when e10s is enabled -- RESOLVED
1093571 Delay when using search bar on New Tab screen P3 VERIFIED
1094761 e10s - fix browser_contextSearchTabPosition to not hit the network in e10s mode P4 RESOLVED
1095467 Intermittent browser_google_behavior.js | uncaught exception - NotFoundError: The operation failed because the requested database object could not be found. For example, an object store did not exist but was being opened. at chrome://browser/content/about -- RESOLVED
1096442 [e10s] Installation of search engine doesn't work, permissions prompt doesn't pop up/shown -- RESOLVED
1096534 ContentSearch should load the search URL in the browser/tab sending the search message, not the current/selected browser in the top-level chrome window -- VERIFIED
1096688 build search experiments -- RESOLVED
1096922 search engine cache should be invalidated when removing engines (built-In DuckDuckGo doesn't come back after uninstall of previous DuckDuckGo) P4 NEW
1097066 [UX] plan/design search experiments -- RESOLVED
1097133 Developer Edition should include Bugzilla and MDN in default search engines. -- RESOLVED
1097542 Unclear order logic for searchplugins in Firefox for Android -- VERIFIED
1097562 Double select in search bar in Firefox developer edition with light theme -- RESOLVED
1097954 Intermittent browser_yahoo_behavior.js | uncaught exception - NotFoundError: The operation failed because the requested database object could not be found. For example, an object store did not exist but was being opened -- RESOLVED
1099617 e10s: Search from the toolbar using Startpage HTTPS doesn't work. -- RESOLVED
1100020 Search Engine dropdown history list is broken -- RESOLVED
1101270 Tests in toolkit/components/search should be independent from firefox so we can run those tests properly from comm-central. -- RESOLVED
1101648 UITour needs a way to detect which engine is currently selected -- RESOLVED
1101654 first-use tour for new one-off search UI -- VERIFIED
1101757 installing an open search plugin fails -- RESOLVED
1101792 Add same OpenSearch plugins endless -- RESOLVED
1101908 validate that bug 1029148 doesn't have any negative effects on a default search engine change -- RESOLVED
1101996 Add icons to history-based suggestions in search bar dropdown -- VERIFIED
1101999 Fix UITour highlighting of search -- RESOLVED
1102024 hover state of the "change search setting" button is really very light -- RESOLVED
1102032 panel not appearing when clicking on the search toolbar the second time around while its focused -- VERIFIED
1102038 the "Change Search Settings" button and the open search items cannot be used via the keyboard -- VERIFIED
1102045 minimizing/maximizing fx via taskbar while search toolbar is focused will dismiss/slide in panel -- VERIFIED
1102050 when the panel is opened, the minimized button needs to be pressed twice -- VERIFIED
1102051 blank entry being displayed after new UI is disabled via pref -- RESOLVED
1102055 icons disappearing from about:preferences#search -- RESOLVED
1102056 the default search providers dropdown menu missing icons in Win/Linux -- RESOLVED
1102057 spacing missing between the toolbar and icon when reverting back to the old UI -- RESOLVED
1102058 crash in -- RESOLVED
1102416 make Yahoo default for builds in North American timezones -- VERIFIED
1102511 [UX] Do something sensible when many search engines are installed -- RESOLVED
1102513 need to re-add ability to remove search engines -- VERIFIED
1102856 In countries where we do not have a search agreement, let users pick a search engine -- RESOLVED
1102903 [Linux ] Resizing the Firefox window will cut the searchbar if the search bar is added to the menu bar -- RESOLVED
1102909 No ability to move (up/down) the search engine position -- VERIFIED
1102911 The search engine favicons are distorted in search preferences on Linux -- VERIFIED
1102912 [Linux][Mac] Preferences->Search is not automatically updated when a new search engine is added. -- VERIFIED
1102918 Bringing the window back into focus after selecting the search bar results in an overlapping search pane -- RESOLVED
1102919 The static strings displayed in the search pane are too small -- VERIFIED
1102922 Difficulty in noticing what the default search engine is -- RESOLVED
1102932 Text color of open search providers should be white on hover -- VERIFIED
1102933 The search pane is being dismissed with each window drag -- RESOLVED
1102934 No neterror page or any feedback displayed if a search request times out P5 NEW
1102935 Intermittent browser_urlbarSearchSingleWordNotification.js | application crashed [@ nsSocketTransport::InitiateSocket()] -- RESOLVED
1102937 Add UITelemetry for the improved search bar UI. -- VERIFIED
1102940 Open search providers have wrong styling in new search UI -- VERIFIED
1102942 The "Add <search provider>" button is displaying an unaesthetic shadow/border -- RESOLVED
1102948 Pressing tab no longer results in an autofill of the first suggestion displayed in the search pane -- RESOLVED
1102950 When using Google search, selecting the Back button will cause the webpage to not render properly -- RESOLVED
1103119 Search drop down fails to display properly if a search engine has no icon -- VERIFIED
1103163 need to not show "manage search engines" dropdown on about:home/about:newtab if is false -- VERIFIED
1103190 land Flare strings in Firefox 36 and enable it for all locales -- RESOLVED
1103194 need to adjust "Manage Search Engines" string for new about:home/about:newtab dropdown -- RESOLVED
1103197 strings needed in 36 -- RESOLVED
1103216 Remove affiliate codes from default Google plugin in en-US P1 RESOLVED
1103315 [UX] hard to differentiate multiple engines with the same icon with only a tooltip -- RESOLVED
1103317 Add ability to reorder search engine -- RESOLVED
1103318 Cannot manage keyword for search engine -- RESOLVED
1103320 Difficult to read label of "Add search engine" -- RESOLVED
1103321 Left mouse click / middle mouse click "go" button does not work in searchBar after mouse over doropdown -- VERIFIED
1103326 "Second Search" addon stops working since Firefox34 b11 -- RESOLVED
1103455 Context menu click on search box opens suggestions -- VERIFIED
1103456 Conflict between panelUI menu and Searchbar autocomplete popup -- RESOLVED
1103457 Unexpected popup from SearchBar -- VERIFIED
1103931 eBay icon almost illegible in new search URI P5 RESOLVED
1103992 Placeholder text on about:home should be hidden -- VERIFIED
1104114 Change strings for explanatory bubbles for one-off searches -- VERIFIED
1104142 Shift-tab doesn't go back to location bar if there is text in the search field -- VERIFIED
1104218 Yahoo search plugin changes for 34.0 -- RESOLVED
1104221 Search drop down shows the icon of the previous default engine if the new default doesn't have an icon -- VERIFIED
1104315 firefox add-ons button appears as a push button which doesn't match the UI -- RESOLVED
1104325 [Windows HiDPI] search engines appearing in the incorrect row when resizing P3 VERIFIED
1104705 GenScript search icon size is inappropriate when set as default search engine -- VERIFIED
1104716 Cannot use search engine keyword alone anymore -- RESOLVED
1104738 The search bar blocks the overflow toolbar panel's dismissal if a search is performed via the arrow P5 NEW
1104748 A long default search provider name can mess up the layout of the one-off buttons when the panel is small -- VERIFIED
1104781 Up/Down arrow keys should only navigate through suggestions list and not one-off search engines -- RESOLVED
1104846 The search engine favicons are distorted in search preferences on Windows -- VERIFIED
1104889 [E10S] Cannot add StartPage HTTPS to Firefox with E10S enabled -- RESOLVED
1104925 Update Yahoo! Search Plugin for en-US P1 RESOLVED
1104971 Ctrl+up/down should cycle through one-off search buttons -- RESOLVED
1105092 properly add ddg to list.txt P3 RESOLVED
1105259 Change search settings button/search suggestions overlap the Context Menu -- RESOLVED