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Mozilla Firefox and Frequently Asked Questions

Which localized versions of Firefox of will include will be included in the English release of Firefox and may be included in other locales as well. Local communities will be able to determine if including Bing is right for their specific locale. is currently localized for 35 different regions in a variety of languages, and provides country-specific indexes in North America, Western European, China and Japan (

Will replace Google or Yahoo! as a default search provider?

No. Mozilla is adding as an additional search service, in the third position after Google and Yahoo!.

Do Mozilla and Microsoft have a commercial relationship for

Yes. The arrangement includes revenue-sharing based on traffic sent from Firefox to Bing's search service.

How will this affect your relationship with Google as a whole?

Google is, and remains, one of Mozilla's strongest partners. Google and Mozilla are well aligned on most issues affecting the open web. We have worked collaboratively on many initiatives in the past and expect to continue to do so in the future.

How are default search plug-ins selected?

Firefox plug-ins are selected on a per locale basis based on a careful review of the market conditions and user experiences in that locale, and vetted by our localization teams. A limited number of plug-ins are included by default, and are intended to give Firefox users a choice of search providers for a variety of tasks.

What is a search plug-in?

A search plug-in is a small XML file that people can install in Firefox to access a given search service through the Search Bar, without visiting the search provider's website first.

What is the Search Bar?

The Search Bar is a feature of Mozilla Firefox that makes it easy to use a variety of search services directly from your browser. The Search Bar comes preloaded with several search services that users can add or remove at any time. By entering a search term in the Search Bar, users can get immediate results from a given search service, without having to visit the search provider's website first. For more information, please see

What happens if I have alternate search providers already in my search bar?

Alternative providers will remain in the search bar. Their order of presentation may change, but defaults will be maintained as well as any plug-ins installed by the user.