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Agenda <- please allow comments in the doc (done! try again)

  • [psiinon] test vulnerable apps
  • plug-n-hack
    • ZAP Add-on
    • Firefox Add-on
    • Kali are interested
    • BURP is going to implemented support
    • aim to announce at AppSecEU
  • ZEST
    • runs in ZAP scripting console
    • loops implemented
    • transformations changed to assignments

[ulfr] whattheheck is opsec working on!

       [yeukhon]: wonder if we could convert that into a minion plugin :D
       [freddy]: I think we should! <- the ZAP add-on, which is based on a cmd line tool?

  • freddyb: (META) - is this a public meeting, can we share the vidyo url in the #websectools channel (I already shared this etherpad's URL)
    • Yes, but not until the beginning of september. I want to have a consistent meeting format, and then drive 3rd party attendance and participation, but no harm in sharing in channel
  • [yeukhon] theXman in #websectools is trying to incorporate his project into minion.We asked him to wait until yvan / st3fan is back.