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We hold open weekly meetings for the Automation folks within the Security Assurance team to discuss status and progress. All are welcome to attend, and see the call-in details below:

  • Time: (Weekly) Tuesday at 15:00 PM UTC /
  • Place: SecAutomation on Vidyo @
  • Phone (US/Intl): 650 903 0800 x92 Conf: ??? TBD
  • Phone (Toronto): 416 848 3114 x92 Conf: ??? TBD
  • Phone (US): 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf: ??? TBD

Please mute yourself with '* 1' upon joining to prevent needless noise and feedback. You can unmute yourself with '* 1' again to speak.

Meeting Agendas

Feel free to add an item to the agenda for the next meeting if there is something you would like to discuss.