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This site is a starting point for collecting up ideas, links and any draft API suggestions for the CommonJS group. Discussions occur on that mailing list and on IRC (#serverjs on freenode).


Current Efforts

This is a list of issues currently being discussed / standardized. They come from the "Low level" department, as we need to have a solid basics prior to building a tower.

  1. Modules
  2. Filesystem API
  3. Binary Data Objects (byte arrays and/or strings)
  4. I/O Streams
  5. Encodings and character sets
  6. System Interface (stdin, stdout, stderr, &c)
  7. C unified API to our Target Platforms
  8. Unit testing

Pending Business / Calls for Action / Status Report

Future Efforts

Low-level APIs

This is the collection of APIs that we'd like to see behaving consistently across JavaScript interpreters.

High-level APIs

This is the collection of APIs that implement common functionality on top of the low-level API.


In development:


Further Reading