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  • cpeterson and dougt working with Legal and PR about privacy notice
  • Play Store release is delayed a few weeks, waiting for updates for privacy notice and PR
  • Guilherme implementing "battery low" intent handling


  • Switched local testing from sqlite to mysql to better match RDS and use some mysql specific functionality
  • Reworked sql connection pooling and test db isolation
  • Added explicit master/read-replica connections and use read-replica for all read-only functionality
  • Bunch of minor website updates, changed map to a heatmap
  • Started reading up on celery as a potential async worker / timed job scheduler with configurable backends (probably mysql at first to avoid additional ops-complexity)


Next Actions

  • Post stumbler apk builds in a semi-official Dropbox URL and email dev-geolocation when the apk builds are updated.
  • Do we need to filter (some) duplicates from stumblers? Stats page says we have ~20 measurements per AP and ~200 measurements per cell tower. Hanno says no because having even 100-1000 measurements for the same wireless network is still useful. The main reason being, that a lot of environmental factors can influence the measurements (cell towers / AP's dynamically adjusting power levels based on devices in range, different data accuracy from device sensors, different levels of interference / blockage, ...)
  • Hanno planning to visit MV and SF for the first two weeks of September. \o/