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Show PDF Inline

Feature Status Lead engineer QA Lead
Show PDF inline disabled until Firefox 19 Josh Aas or Andreas Gal Mihaela Velimiroviciu


We want to be able to show PDFs inline in the browser on at least the majority of the platforms we support, and be able to wrap our own UI around it to support things like viewing and saving to disk, etc.

Goal: Make viewing of PDF in the web browser as painless as possible.


Use Cases

  • PDFs are properly displayed with PDF Viewer
  • display PDFs with various formats (large, containing images, different font styles, different font colours, etc)
  • display embeded PDFs
  • display local PDFs
  • navigate document (using "Previous" and "Next" buttons, page number, scrolling)
  • zoom in/out (using buttons, picker)
  • print document
  • download document
  • bookmark
  • display document navigation panel (left side)
  • switch between docment navigation views
  • navigate trough the document using thumbnails/document outline
  • search in document
  • edit document (with forms)
  • text selection
  • copy/paste content (text, images, etc)
  • zoom

Test Cases

Manual tests

  • The test cases for this are added in MozTrap.


  • TBD

Important Bugs

  • Implementation bugs
    • 714712 - RESOLVED-FIXED - add built-in PDF support to Firefox with PDF.js

Other Bugs

Not Tested

  • other PDF viewers (like adobe/foxit plugins)

Sign off Criteria

  • All the test cases were executed.
  • All the major bugs have been fixed.


  • Pre-beta 15.0 sign off - 2012-08-24
  • Aurora 18.0a1 sign-off - 2012-10-12
  • Pre-Beta 19.0 sign-off - 2013-01-04