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Silent Update: Background updates

Release Target Status Lead Engineer QA Lead Status Health
Silent Update: Background updates Firefox 13 Ehsan Akhgari VladG In Progress


This feature is about moving the bulk of the update process to the current session so that when the user restarts, there's not much left to do to complete the update and it can make it appear as if not interruption actually happened.


Use Cases to Test

  • The update should be made in the current session so when the user restarts there is no waiting for the update to finalize.
  • Upon restart there is zero waiting and the user profile is as it was before updating (extensions, plug-ins, themes, etc)
  • If the update is performed by opening the About dialog, the following sequence of events need to happen:
    • The update should be downloaded, during which time the "Downloading update" message should appear.
    • The update should start to be applied, during which time the "Applying update" message should appear.
    • The update should be made ready, at which point the "Restart & Update" button should appear.
  • On Windows Vista/7, only one UAC dialog should appear (only when restarting Firefox). No UAC dialog should appear as Firefox downloads and applies the update in the background.

Test Cases

  • The list of testcases can be found in this spreadsheet - work in progress
  • For testing purposes always use the penultimate build from the oak branch
  • [DONE] MacOS X 10.5.8
  • [DONE] MacOS X 10.6.8
  • [DONE] MacOS X 10.7.2
  • [DONE] Windows XP
  • [DONE] Windows 7 x86
  • [DONE] Windows 7 x64
  • [DONE] Windows Vista x86
  • [DONE] Windows Vista x64
  • [DONE] Ubuntu 11.10 x86
  • [DONE] Ubuntu 11.10 x64

Related bugs

  • bug 307181 - Eliminate wait while restarting Firefox after update (apply update in background) [NEW]