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Silme 0.8 has been released on October 16th 2009.

Download url: "hg clone"


  • silme.compatibility.v05 improvements
  • silme.core.list pythonization (for entity in list: etc.)
  • silme.core.list.entities returns dict(), not list()
  • silme.core.structure iterations (for elem in package:) and len(package)
  • silme.core.structure:
    • structure[3] will return third element
    • structure['entity_id'] will return the entity
  • silme.diff.list iterations (for chunk in listDiff)
  • silme.core.List.diff() will now store entity order if its stored in the compared Lists
  • silme.diff.package:
    • iterations
    • if elem in packageDiff
    • for elem in packageDiff
  • fixes to the bug that cause silme not to be able to discover formats/io's on Ubuntu
  • utf_8_sig (BOM) added as a default fallback to dtd/properties
  • be more verbose when throwing an exception while reading a file
  • bring back reader
  • more unit-testing