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Silme 0.9 is currently being developed

Download url: "hg clone"

This will be the last release before 1.0. We intend to make it as 1.0 ready as possible. Everything that has to be in 1.0 will land here.


The API will be fairly backward-compatible with 0.8, but we're adding a lot of new classes that are specialized versions of generic classes that we use.

For example for DTD/Properties we're going to use SimpleEntity, while for Gettext it'll be ListEntity (for plural support).

We also have OrderedEntityList (where OrderedDict is used) and SimpleEntityList ([id:value] instead of [id:entity] dict)

silme.diff should follow, should remain fairly untouched and silme.format will be cleaned up.

We may also want to add several new formats, including PHP lang format.


  • Introduce SimpleEntity, ListEntity, DictEntity, ComplexEntity and CustomEntity.
  • Introduce OrderedList, SimpleList
  • major code refactoring in silme.format to speed up common case (utf8)
  • major performance improvements
  • rework encoding to handle python3
  • silme.core is python3 compatible
  • silme.compatibility.v05 will be deprecated
  • full gettext support (context, meaningful comments)
  • pontoon integration
  • build a versioning strategy:
    • 1.0.x for fixes, 1.1.x for unstable, 1.2.x for the next stable
    • 1.x for fixes, 2.0 for next stable