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  • kovash
  • lars
  • frank
  • austin
  • chofmann
  • daniel
  • blake
  • pedro
  • justin
  • morgamic
  • ss
  • aravind
  • ted
  • and You!



  • Discuss roadmap
  • Technical discussion about implementing solutions for Metrics objectives
  • Triage!
  • Attend crashkill meetings and talk/meet with Fx engineering
  • Work on creating critical reports
  • Synergize
  • [insert idea here]



  • 1030 introductions, kick-off
  • 1100 all-hands
  • 1500 crash-kill meeting
    • metrics goals and priorities
    • storage situation and retention policies
      • raw crash dumps/jsons (used as deferred storage)
        • 7 Days (no backups) - currently stored on a freebsd NAS server - disks are redundant, hardware not redundant.
      • storage of processed crash dumps and jsons (processed)
        • The jsons will be stored for 3 years (haven't deleted any yet) - Currently stored on a sun thumper, disks are redundant, hardware not redundant. Not being backed up currently, but we have a bug in place to back these up (should be done something in the next couple of weeks).
        • The processed raw dumps are on the same freebsd NAS as above. My current plan is to wipe them out after a week.
      • disk space for the database server
        • Currently on equallogic storage arrays.
        • The head is not redundant, but the disk is redundant.
        • This is backed up onto another eql storage volume every night, and WAL is played back on the backup server to keep things current. (not dumped to tape).
      • other storage?
    • Future Storage
    • socorro roadmap
    • two minutes talking about the hadoop/hdfs plan
  • 1600 triage


  • 1100 Python RESTful API/deployment (lars and whoever is interested)
  • hacking


  • 0900-0915 daily status
  • open, TBD


  • 0900-0915 daily status
  • open, TBD
  • 1900 team dinner


  • open, TBD