Socorro:Rapid Betas:Implementation Plan

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Tracking bug


Owner: laura

  • Finalize requirements - done


bug 755297 Owner: jberkus

  • Refactor of daily graph view
  • Refactor of TCBS view
  • Create alternate daily graph view, based on build date
  • Create alternate TCBS view, based on build date
  • Migration of old releases to new data structures
  • (tentative) Change to format of version numbers


bug 755293 Owner: espressive / brandonsavage

  • UI for new main navigation (espressive)
  • UI for switcher from build time/calendar time (espressive)
  • UI for build time version of daily crashes (espressive, lonnen)
  • Signoff UI (kairo)
  • Implement new main navigation (brandonsavage)
  • Implement switcher (brandonsavage)
  • Implement new graphs view (brandonsavage)


bug 755301 Owner: adrian

  • Refactor TCBS functions
  • Refactor daily crash functions
  • Unit tests

cron jobs

bug 755304 Owner: rhelmer/peterbe

  • Audit ftp scraper cron job for changes


Owner: mbrandt

  • Create test plan
  • Update automated tests for new navigation and views

Release management

Owner: rhelmer

  • Create and manage branches as needed
  • Co-ordinate reviews
  • Manage staging of release