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  • Application Update Service (nsIApplicationUpdateService)

User interface interacts primarily through this management service.

  • Update Object

An object which represents a patch file, as represented by the server.

  • Checker

Contacts the update server and determines if there are available updates. If there are, returns one or more Update Objects representing the sequence of actions needed to update the application

  • Downloader

Given one or more Update Objects, initiates or resumes download of each patch file. Synchronizes state with Update Manager

  • Manager

Manages metadata about current and previous updates. Provides an interface for adding and removing items, and updating item properties.

  • Verifier

Verifies the integrity of the downloaded Update Object using the supplied hashvalue/function

  • Installer

Extracts the downloaded items into the appropriate directories for discovery at the next startup.

  • Wizard/Manager UI

Shows progress notifications, requests decisions/input from user. Completion Notifier.

  • Browser UI

Menu item to invoke/view actions, status icon on toolbar to show processing update.