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Solution Providers

Mozilla Thunderbird email client is currently used within large organizations like schools, universities or large enterprises. As a free software and an open-platform developer, we are aware that we are not always providing the features or the tools that you would expect in those kind of environments. But groups of individuals or small organisations have filled the gap.

This list below is non exhaustive. Those solutions have not been tested or certified by us.

If you are aware of solutions that are not listed on this page and that you feel like to share the information with us, please send a mail to abourcier at but do not edit this page.


Name Solution Provider URL
Linagora OBM is an Open Source messaging and collaboration software developed by LINAGORA.

It incorporates the best free software components to manage and share information within an organization.
Inverse SOGo is a groupware server with a focus on scalability and open standards. SOGo features strong integration with Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning, synchronization with mobile devices and native Microsoft Outlook compatibility.