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Features/Firefox/In-content UI Visual Unification
Feature accessibility lead `  +
Feature accessibility notes `  +
Feature accessibility review `  +
Feature accessibility status `  +
Feature additional members `  +
Feature dependencies `  +
Feature engineering notes `  +
Feature engineering status `  +
Feature engineering team Desktop front-end  +
Feature feature manager Blair McBride  +
Feature functional spec `  +
Feature health OK  +
Feature implementation notes ==== Related Bugs ==== * [https://bugzilla
==== Related Bugs ==== * [https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=658431 bug 658431] - Move generic page styling into separate stylesheet for reuse in other in-content UIs * [https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=658530 bug 658530] - Update about:permissions style to use common in-content page styles * [https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=660726 bug 660726] - Implement breadcrumb trail for in-content UI ==== Next Steps & Open Issues ==== * Basic visual look ** Split out relevant styles from addons manager themes ** Adapt about:permissions to use new shared styles * Breadcrumbs ** Implement breadcrumbs in a way they can be used in any in-content page ** Integrate into about:addons ** Integrate into about:permissions ** Investigate which other existing pages should have a breadcrumb trail, and integrate into those *** Should error pages have a breadcrumb trail?
hould error pages have a breadcrumb trail?  +
Feature implementation plan `  +
Feature landing criteria `  +
Feature lead engineer Blair McBride  +
Feature list Desktop  +
Feature localization lead `  +
Feature localization notes `  +
Feature localization review `  +
Feature localization status `  +
Feature name In-content UI Visual Unification  +
Feature non-goals * Implement other UI as in-content UI, such as preferences (long-term goal, separate project)  +
Feature open issues and risks `  +
Feature operations lead `  +
Feature operations notes `  +
Feature operations review ` +
Feature operations status `  +
Feature overview Do preparation work for having new in-content UI have a consistent and unified visual appearance.  +
Feature priority P3  +
Feature privacy lead `  +
Feature privacy notes `  +
Feature privacy review `  +
Feature privacy status `  +
Feature product manager Asa Dotzler  +
Feature product marketing lead `  +
Feature product marketing notes `  +
Feature product marketing status `  +
Feature products notes `  +
Feature products status `  +
Feature project `  +
Feature qa lead Ioana Budnar  +
Feature qa notes [https://wiki.mozilla.org/index.php?title=Features/Firefox/In-content_UI_Visual_Unification/TestPlan Test Plan]  +
Feature qa review Breadcrumb trail should be fully testable via browser-mochitests. Visual styling can't be automatically tested, unless we get UI reftests.  +
Feature qa status active  +
Feature rank 999  +
Feature requirements Relevant in-content UI is able to use the shared resources to look consistent with other in-content UI.  +
Feature roadmap Firefox Desktop  +
Feature secondary roadmap `  +
Feature security health OK  +
Feature security lead `  +
Feature security notes [[Security/Reviews/Firefox8/InContentUIUnification|Notes]]  +
Feature security review `  +
Feature security status sec-review-complete  +
Feature stage Development  +
Feature status In progress  +
Feature status note Initial work done & landed, in process of getting reviews and converting additional pages. The feature here is to create a unified template so that future pages (add-ons, permission, etc.) have a consistent look and feel.  +
Feature theme `  +
Feature users and use cases Quoting from [http://blog.stephenhorlander
Quoting from [http://blog.stephenhorlander.com/2010/06/in-content-ui-visual-unification/ shorlander's blog post]: "The goal is to create something that looks appealing, connects the variety of different types of UI, is recognizably in-content UI and can be styled per platform." This feature falls primarily in the '''Experience''' category (from the "Discover, Experience, and Connect" vision statement.)
xperience, and Connect" vision statement.)  +
Feature ux design * [http://stephenhorlander.com/pages/incon
* [http://stephenhorlander.com/pages/incontent-ui-mockups/incontent-ui-mockups.html General in-content mockups] * [http://blog.stephenhorlander.com/2010/06/in-content-ui-visual-unification/ Blog post on in-content UI visual unification] * [http://www.cl.ly/3s0F1W2U3m37083d121M Breadcrumb trail mockup]
F1W2U3m37083d121M Breadcrumb trail mockup]  +
Feature ux lead Stephen Horlander  +
Feature ux notes `  +
Feature ux status `  +
Feature version `  +
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30 November 2011 19:41:36  +
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