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Features/Jetpack/Add-on SDK Debugging
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Feature overview Debugging in the SDK is currently console.Debugging in the SDK is currently console.log, i.e. printf. Debugging in software development has come a long way since printf, and just as the Web Developer Tools team is building great web application debugging into Firefox Feature set might include: * Introspection * Memory profiling * Setting breakpoints * Stepping through code * Add-on performance measurement * Add-on start-up time measurement * about:addons having a "debug" button that might bring up a console, etcutton that might bring up a console, etc
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Feature status note Sorely, sorely needed. Somebody... please... help... us!
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Feature users and use cases The target audience is addon developers. TThe target audience is addon developers. The use case is an add-on developer using the Add-on SDK (either directly or via the Add-on Builder) to build an addon. Any debugging tools we build should resemble what it is like to debug other Mozilla projects. Therefore it is imperative that we work closely with the dev tools team to make sure that these tools are part of the greater package of Firefox debugging. the greater package of Firefox debugging.
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