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Per-window Private Browsing
Feature accessibility lead `  +
Feature accessibility notes `  +
Feature accessibility review `  +
Feature accessibility status `  +
Feature additional members Asa Dotzler, Ehsan Akhgari  +
Feature dependencies `  +
Feature engineering notes `  +
Feature engineering status `  +
Feature engineering team `  +
Feature feature manager Josh Matthews  +
Feature functional spec `  +
Feature health OK  +
Feature implementation notes Implementation is under way by volunteers
Implementation is under way by volunteers and paid contributors working in their spare time. Some patches have landed on mozilla-central. The metabug for this work is with individual bugs filed for existing consumers of the global service. Please see this bug to get a sense of the remaining items.
bug to get a sense of the remaining items.  +
Feature implementation plan has a discussion of various consumers of the existing service and the ways they will be modified. Unresolved design issues: * API design for consumers that don't have access to a channel or docshell - duplicate relevant Add/RemoveFoo APIs with Add/RemovePrivateFoo? Something else? Resolved design issues: * Open a new private mode window from command line: <code>-private-window</code> Can't we use a temporary profile in a separate Firefox instance instead? * It's assumed that we want things like extensions, history, bookmarks, etc. from the user's profile to continue to exist in the private window. A separate profile won't provide these, so this is not a feasible quick and dirty solution.
s not a feasible quick and dirty solution.  +
Feature landing criteria `  +
Feature lead engineer Josh Matthews  +
Feature list Desktop  +
Feature localization lead `  +
Feature localization notes `  +
Feature localization review `  +
Feature localization status `  +
Feature name Per-window Private Browsing  +
Feature non-goals We do not want to expose per-tab UI for enabling/disabling private browsing.  +
Feature open issues and risks The proposed design will break every addon that uses the existing privite browsing implementation in any way (even just attempting to play nicely with entering/existing).  +
Feature operations lead `  +
Feature operations notes `  +
Feature operations review ` +
Feature operations status `  +
Feature overview We want to move away from a global flag mo
We want to move away from a global flag model of PB being enabled to a per-window model more in line with other browsers. The implementation should support per-tab private browsing as an implementation detail, but that functionality will not be exposed by default.
ctionality will not be exposed by default.  +
Feature priority P2  +
Feature privacy lead `  +
Feature privacy notes `  +
Feature privacy review `  +
Feature privacy status `  +
Feature product manager Sid Stamm  +
Feature product marketing lead `  +
Feature product marketing notes `  +
Feature product marketing status `  +
Feature products notes `  +
Feature products status `  +
Feature project `  +
Feature qa lead Ioana Budnar  +
Feature qa notes [ Test Plan]  +
Feature qa review `  +
Feature qa status Signed off  +
Feature rank 999  +
Feature requirements `  +
Feature roadmap Privacy  +
Feature secondary roadmap Firefox Desktop  +
Feature security health `  +
Feature security lead Dan Veditz  +
Feature security notes  +
Feature security review `  +
Feature security status sec-review-complete  +
Feature stage Landed  +
Feature status Complete  +
Feature status note Landed in Firefox 20  +
Feature theme Contextual Identity  +
Feature users and use cases Users should be able to open up a new private browsing window without interacting with their existing browsing session in any way (especially through leakage of data from one context to the other).  +
Feature ux design `  +
Feature ux lead `  +
Feature ux notes `  +
Feature ux status `  +
Feature version Firefox 20  +
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