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More updates for Git
So, you want to help out with Bugzilla development! Great! Here's what you should do (most items have a link to more details):
1. [[Bugzilla:Developers:Introduction|Introduce yourself on the developers mailing list]].
2. If you don't know what you'd like to work on, look at the [ list of bugs we've marked as being good for newcomers]. If you already know what you want to work on, first [ check if a bug has already been filed for it], and then check that bug's [[Bugzilla:Priority_System|priority]].
9. [[Bugzilla:Review|Ask for review]]
10. Once your bug has passed review, the reviewer will ask for "approval". When approval is granted, you or the reviewer can commit push the patch to BazaarGit.
11. [[Bugzilla:Committing_Patches|Commit Push your patch]], or get somebody else to commit push it for you.
== Articles and Policies ==

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