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Client software
===Client softwareSoftware===
====[ Firefox for Android]====* Firefox for Android includes a way to contribute data and enhance the service. You can enable the feature by opening the Settings menu and in the Mozilla section under Data Choices check the Mozilla Location Services option. ====Mozilla Stumbler for Android====* Mozilla Stumbler is an open-source wireless network scanner that collects GPS and wireless network data for our crowd-sourced location database. * Available in the [ Google Play Store]* There are some official clients mentioned Available on [ F-Droid]* [ GitHub code repository] ====Firefox Desktop==== * Firefox Desktop 36 and later allow you to use the service instead of the default location provider. In ''about:config'' change the [''geo.wifi.uri'' setting to: services apps page].v1/geolocate?key=%MOZILLA_API_KEY%
====Firefox OS====

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