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Idea Town

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Idea Town is an opt-in platform that allows us to perform controlled tests of new high-visibility product concepts in the general release channel of Firefox.
Idea Town is not intended to replace trains for most features, nor is it a testbed test bed for concepts we do not believe have a strong chance of shipping in general release. Rather, it is reserved for features that require user-feedback, testing , and tuning before they ship with the browser.
= Goals =
=== Primary Goal ===
* Idea town will let us take larger risks with product concepts, giving us a cheap avenue to test and validate product concepts.
=== Secondary Goals ===
* Idea Town will create a single service experience for Firefox users interested in trying out cutting edge features.
* Idea Town will normalize the process for testing and iterating on new UI/UX in the browser.
* Idea Town will provide a stable channel to measure user interest in potential firefox Firefox features.
* Idea Town will establish a richer relationship for users with Firefox/Firefox Accounts.
* Idea Town will introduce a new viral component of into browser development.* Idea town will empower Firefox UX to propose and validate product concepts from with a larger large audience.
= Milestones =
=== Tentative Summary ===
* Milestone 1A: December 7-11th, 2015: Launch Idea Town to Moz Staff (@ Orlando all-hands)internally* Milestone 1B: December 7, 2015: Launch Publicly launch teaser site* Milestone 2: Mid-Q1, 216: Public release dateRelease Idea Town to the public
=== Milestone 1A ===
'''December 2015'''
=== Milestone 1B ===
'''December 2015'''
=== Milestone 2 ===
'''Q1 2016'''
= Resources =
=== Repos ===
* [ Main Repo]
* [ Server/Web]
* [ Add-on]
* [ Splash Site]
=== User Experience ===
= People =
=== Product Owner ===
* Nick Chapman
=== User Experience ===
* John Gruen (irc:jgruen)* Bryan Bell (irc:bryanbell) === Engineering ===* Jared Hirsch* Les Orchard* Dave Justice
= Communication =

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