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Idea Town

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[[image:IdeaTownSticker.png|border|baseline|right|600px]] = Welcome to Idea Town =
Idea Town is an opt-in platform that allows us to perform controlled tests of new high-visibility product concepts in the general release channel of Firefox.
* Idea town will empower Firefox UX to propose and validate product concepts with a large audience.
= Milestones = === Summary === * '''End of Q3 2015''': Build MVP and document process* '''Early Q4 2015''': Identify launch candidates and begin council planning meetings* '''End of Q4 2015''': Launch Idea Town internally* '''Early Q1 2016''': Launch Idea Town publicly = Developing Idea Town Add-ons = Coming soon == Available Services (preliminary) =Get Involved =
An opinionated hosting platform for addons is being designed* '''[ It will be easy and fast to deploy code to production and will likely include these features:com/forms/d/1ik_XwGc_5knDDKEmPRu8xK7qzHc-LBlZG5SmSNExod4/viewform Submit an idea!]'''
* centralized logging / metric services (TBD) * logging (mozlog => stdout => elasticsearch/kibana)* statsd (dogstatsd) * service hosting (docker => ?Looking for code? elastic beanstalk, aws)** includes a SQL database (mysql or posgresql) = Resources = === Repos ===* [ Main RepoThe website]* [ AddThe add-on]* [ Splash SiteThe splash site]
=== User Experience ===
* [ Mockups]
=== User Stories ==Get In Touch =
* Review our [[Idea_Town/meetings|public meeting notes]]* Join our [!forum/idea-town-dev Mailing List]* Chat with us on IRC in [irc:/products/ User Stories#ideatown #ideatown]
= People =
* Les Orchard
* Dave Justice
* Wil Clouser
=== QA Skull Cracking ===
* Peter deHaan
= Communication =
* email list (email to subscribe): [[]]
* irc: [[#ideatown]]
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