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Security/Tracking protection

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Lists: document all new lists added in bug 1258038 and mark old ones as legacy
== Lists ==
* Blacklist Current blacklists (Firefox 50 and later):** Base lists:*** <tt>base-track-digest256</tt>: non-DNT-compliant trackers*** <tt>baseeff-track-digest256</tt>: DNT-compliant trackers (EFF definition)*** <tt>mozstdbasew3c-track-digest256</tt>: DNT-compliant trackers (W3C definition)*** [ Upstream source]*** [ Our copy] (i.e. what we ship to clients in binary form)*** [ Submit feedback and track changes]** * '''Excludes ''' the <tt>Content</tt> and <tt>Legacy</tt> categories.* "Strict" blacklist (* Content lists:*** <tt>content-track-digest256</tt>: non-DNT-compliant content trackers*** <tt>mozfullcontenteff-track-digest256</tt>: DNT-compliant content trackers (EFF definition) *** <tt>contentw3c-track-digest256</tt>: DNT- Firefox 43 and latercompliant content trackers (W3C definition)*** Same upstream source as the default blacklist except that we also include base list.*** '''Only includes''' the <tt>Content</tt> category.* Legacy blacklists (Firefox 42 to 49):** Blacklist (<tt>mozstd-track-digest256</tt>)*** Same as the union of all of the base lists.** "Strict" blacklist (<tt>mozfull-track-digest256</tt>)*** Same as the union of all of the base '''and''' content lists.
* Entity whitelist (<tt>mozstd-trackwhite-digest256</tt>)
** [ Upstream source]

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