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* Instant Messaging / Video (up to Mentors and Applicants to decide) for the interview
* Reps Portal to create an account
* Wiki for information about SOPs
= Experiment with Webinar =
== Hypothesis ==
* With a common Webinar we can reuse material used for on-boarding and educate Reps about the Reps Program and responsibilities
* With a common Webinar we can reduce the resources needed on the Coaches/Mentors side
* With a straight-forward screening process we can quickly identify good applicants and therefore reduce the time needed for the processing of an application
== Workflow ==
== Situation about Coaching ==
Currently we have a bottleneck in terms of available Coaches/Mentors. We want to assign one Coach per Rep to enable personal development and having someone to talk to about possible questions Reps might have. We have on-boarded new Coaches in November 2016, and we will continue to do so in Q1 and Q2 of 2017. This will help us to get out of this bottleneck and enable us to have a good base for personal growth of Reps.
Right now, we will be assigning the Reps Council as Coach for new Reps during this experiment, until on-boarded Coaches have enough capacity to take on new Reps. At that point we will transfer the new Reps to the Coaches. We are still working on details for the Coaching training to make sure that this bottleneck can be solved and we can on-board new Coaches regularly.
In this time, Reps can contact the Reps Council for any questions around the Program and Mozilla. Additionally we will encourage Reps to talk to other Reps through the Telegram group as well as Discourse.
== Detailed workflow of an application ==
== Step 1 - Submit application ==
Fill out and submit the [ MozillaReps application form]. We require all applicants to have at least [ one vouch] from another Rep in the application bug. We would recommend to include 3 vouches, but we value quality over quantity. Also please make sure that your [ Mozillians] profile is vouched. Once these vouches have been verified by the Reps Council, you will be put in the queue to be screened.
== Step 2 - Screening ==
Based on the [[ReMo/Application_Process/Selection_Criteria|selection criteria]] a group of Council members will screen the pending applications regularly. Qualifying applicants will be marked as "Webinar" to be included in the next round of the Webinar. Applicants that do not show a strong track record will be rejected with an appropriate explanation and their application will be closed.
For future rounds of Webinars we are considering creating a dedicated group of Reps to do this screening.
== Step 3 - Webinar ==
Once we have a good number of applicants, we will run a Webinar. This will teach all applicants about the Reps program, it's role, and Reps' responsibilities.
'''The exact content will be linked here later. Check the [ GitHub issue] for progress in the mean time.'''
== Step 4 - Orientation period ==
* Return the Mozilla Rep Agreement signed and sent by email
* Council invites Rep to create a profile on the Reps Portal
* Council subscribes Rep to ReMo mailing list
* Creation of Bugzilla account (if they don't have one already)
Once these steps are done, the [[ReMo/SOPs/Mentoring/Orientation]] Period starts. The Orientation Period will last 3 months, to make sure that Reps are well fitted for their responsibilities. Reps will need to create Reports on the Reps Portal to document their work. The Reps Council will decide who will proceed to being an official Rep after those 3 months according to the submitted reports.
The application bug on Bugzilla will be marked as "Orientation Period" to keep track of this.
== Measurements for the Experiment ==
* ROTI for Webinar participants > 4
* The second round of the Webinar requires less than 5 hours of preparation in total including the follow-up
* The general time to process new applications is reduced by at least 50% compared to 2016 (not including already open, pending applications)
== Tools used in the Webinar workflow ==
* Webinar (YouTube Live)
* Bugzilla for applications
* profile
* eMail for coordination
* Reps Portal for the Reps profile
* Wiki for information about SOPs

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